Australian Stud book

2015 Stallion Returns Now Available Online

The Online Stallion Return facility is now available for stallion proprietors to lodge stallion returns for the 2015 covering season.

Accessible via select ‘Australian Stud Book’ to complete Online.

Upon acceptance of payment, your stallion will be advertised on the website with stud or contact name, phone number and 2015 service fee, and also displayed in the 'Stallions Standing in Australia' listing.

A 5% discount applies for Stallion Returns lodged Online by 30 June 2015.

If your stallion has died or you have retired him from breeding, please advise us to enable his records to be closed.  This can be completed Online via the Australian Stud Book link.

First Season Imported Stallions

Please ensure all first season imported stallions have completed the import and DNA typing process.  If your stallion requires DNA typing, please submit an Import Application to enable a DNA kit to be dispatched.  Import Applications can be downloaded from the ‘General Information/Forms’ header.

If you require any assistance, please contact our office.

Jacqueline Stewart
Manager Owner & Breeder Services
(Keeper of the Australian Stud Book)