Warwick Farm

13 Carpaccio Jumped awkward outwards and bumped. Inclined to lay out when placed under pressure rounding the home turn and in the early part of the home straight. WYNG 18/01/2024 Llanddwyn COT: If begins well to settle further forward; led. Shifted out on jumping and made contact with another rnr. Near the 50m shifted in under pressure, resulting in its rdr having to correct his mount. CANT 19/01/2024 Battlefield Passing the 200m was crowded, and as a result made contact with the running rail. For some distance thereafter raced in restricted room. KENS 31/01/2024 Race 6 OLE KIRK FIRST YEARLINGS HANDICAP 1400M Kokoro Shortly after the start shifted out and bumped. Raced wide and without cover for the majority of the event. RHIL 23/09/2023 Givara Shifted in on jumping and made contact with another rnr. RAND 30/12/2023 Island Press Laid out under pressure passing the 50m. PRKS27/01/2024 Spaltet (NZ) From outside barrier was shifted behind rnrs in early stages. Held up from 200m until near 100m where it was directed to inside of another rnr to continue into clear running. The gelding then was unable to be fully tested when improving towards heels. W FM 26/01/2024 Cadetship On jumping shifted out & made contact with another rnr. Held up for clear running for most of home straight before improving into tight running at 100m. After making contact with another rnr, remained racing in tight room & was not able to be fully tested.RAND 27/01/2024 Stylised Slow into stride. Held up rounding home turn. W FM 26/01/2024 Growl Began awkwardly and lost ground. Overraced in the early stages. W FM 10/01/2024 Venelope COT: To settle further forward; settled back. Rdr reported that with blinkers on for the first time, he intended to settle further forward, however, after beginning only fairly the mare did not respond to his riding in the early stages and, as a consequence, settled behind midfield. He added that the mare travelled satisfactory in the early and middle stages, however was disappointing in the manner in which it closed off the event. A post-race vet exam revealed no abnormalities. RHIL 09/09/2023 Race 7 TAB HANDICAP 1200M Huon Over final few strides raced tight and made contact with another rnr. CANT 19/01/2024 Introducing Replated at the start after casting its off fore plate. Underwent a veterinary examination and was passed suitable to race. Rider reported shortly after the start the colt attempted to buck. Stable advised a warning would be placed on the colt. M V 09/09/2023 Silentsar Obliged to shift wider passing the 250m to avoid heels GCST 06/01/2024 Shalailed COT: To be ridden further forward; led. CANT 19/01/2024 Shines Rdr reported it was his intention to settle in a prominent position, however his mnt failed to show the necessary early speed to obtain a prominent position and rather than risk being caught wide, he elected to shift behind runners from outside. W FM 10/01/2024 Deep Romance Underwent a pre-race vet exam after sustaining superficial abrasions to its left eye and was deemed suitable to start. CANT 19/01/2024 Oakfield Duke Began only fairly and from the outside barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. CANT 19/01/2024 Putt For Dough From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Raced keenly throughout early & middle stages and near 700m steadied off heels. RHIL 09/09/2023 Lancaster Bomber Began awkwardly. CANT 01/01/2024 Thunderlips Shifted out on jumping and bumped. Near the 700m got its head up when being restrained.RHIL 20/01/2024 Tamaroa Shortly after the start was inconvenienced. Raced wide and without cover until the 600m. K GR 20/01/2024 The Extreme Cat Began awkwardly. WYNG 06/01/2024 Demanding Mo Badly held up rounding the home turn and, near the 450m, had to be steadied when awkwardly placed at heels. Continued to be held up until approaching the 350m when being shifted to the outside to obtain clear running. K GR 20/01/2024