The Valley

67 7 5 Ho Ho Khan (NZ) R100 (LATE: Mulanchi) (2) 60kg Mitchell Freedman (Ballarat) Tahlia Hope 9yo b h Makfi (GB)-China Choice (Encosta de Lago) BREEDER G Harvey Owners Mrs J R Freedman Navy, Silver Band, Silver And White Striped Sleeves, Navy Cap, White Pom Pom (dw) 37 Starts 7-1-5 $1,759,232 TECHFORM 91 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 10:1-0-1 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 6:2-0-3 1st Up 7:0-0-2 2nd Up 7:2-0-0 1-12 HOBm Sun 13Feb22 2400 G4 HOBART CUP-G3 T J Hope (11) 59 $5.50 2-In a Twinkling 57 4.0L 2:32.50R101 2-10 LAUNm Wed 23Feb22 2400 G4 LAUN CUP-G3 T J Hope (5) 61 $2.90f 1-Aurora’s Symphony 54 1.5L 2:30.55R106 4-12 FLEMm Sat 12Mar22 2000 G4 AUST CUP-G1 T J Hope (12) 59 $61 1-Duais 57 3.0L 2:00.82R103 11-12 FLEMm Sat 5Aug23 1410 G3 BM100 T J Hope (10) 61.5 $61 1-Edison 53.5 10L 1:22.86R103 13-15 CAULm Sat 19Aug23 1600 G4 BM100 T J Hope (9) 61 $201 1-Jimmy The Bear 56 5.0L 1:36.55R102 Restrained back, first one beaten, never in it 10.4L at Flemington Bm100 over 1410m. Restrained back, passed a couple late, poor run 5L at Caulfield Bm100 over 1600m. 6 Bear Story (IRE) R99 (9) 59.5kg Clinton McDonald (Cranbourne) Ben Melham 6yo b or br g Kodiac (GB)-Angels Story (IRE) (Galileo (IRE)) BREEDER John Connaughton Owners Harbour Racing (Mgr: S J McGrath), Mrs J R McGrath, J P M Ma, A K Y Leung, Northerly Holdings Pty Ltd , Mrs S Cummings, T A Hartley, Mrs B R Johnstone, D Painter, M A Burgio, W F Johnstone, T M Board, Mrs J M Board, Miss M L Adams, M S Gardiner, Mrs J L Gardiner, R S Gardiner & K Heffernan Turquoise, White Harbour Racing Logo And Collar, Striped Cap 21 Starts 3-6-3 $207,172 TECHFORM 87 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 11:0-4-2 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 6:0-2-2 1st Up 6:1-1-1 2nd Up 4:0-2-1 2-6 LEOPm Thu 14Jul22 1811G MELD STKS-G3 R Whelan (1) 62.5$6.501-Boundless Ocean (IRE) 56.53.3L 2:00.49 1-10 DUNDm Fri 23Sep22 2149Syn DUBAI DIAMOND-LRR Whelan (1) 60.5$7f 2-Freescape (GB) 60.5 0.4L 2:15.26 11-14FLEMm Sat 4Mar23 1600G4 BLAMEY-G2 B J Melham (13) 56 $21 1-Nonconformist 55 5.9L 1:35.53R100 14-16FLEMm Sat 25Mar232000G4 AUST CUP-G1 D W Stackhouse (14) 59 $26 1-Cascadian (GB) 59 7.5L 2:01.43R100 12-15CAULm Sat 19Aug231600G4 BM100 B J Melham (10) 60 $20 1-Jimmy The Bear 56 4.5L 1:36.55R100 Worked forward to sit on pace, run told late 7.5L Aust Cup Group 1 over 2000m. Settled midfield, one paced, kept on trying late 4.5L at Caulfield Bm100 over 1600m. Second-up. 7 Berkeley Square R97 (6) 58.5kg Dan O’Sullivan (Ballarat) Jye McNeil 4yo b g Territories (IRE)-Bahamas (Teofilo (IRE)) BREEDER Mr D Peacock Owners D G Peacock, Mrs P M Loxton, Mrs K D Appleton, V A Lianos, Ms L Yialas, T J Sullivan, C A Sargent, Dr M J Edwards, D L Field, Dr R L De Ross, J M Sullivan, Mrs F J Sullivan, Mrs H M Butler, M C Butler, R J Butler, S M Frederick, P J Francis, B A Keys, Mrs J F Keys & Terrace No 3 (Mgr Dr W J Marmion) Lime Green (wc) 9 Starts 4-1-1 $801,150 TECHFORM 100 Track 1:1-0-0 Dist 1:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:1-0-0 Wet 7:4-1-0 1st Up 3:1-1-0 2nd Up 2:1-0-1 4-16 CAULm Sat 8Oct22 1600 S5 CAUL GUINEAS-G1 C Williams (6) 57 $4.80 1-Golden Mile 57 0.6L 1:38.21R82 1-9 M Vm Sat 22Oct22 2040 H8 VASE-G2 C Williams (5) 57 $2.60f 2-Virtuous Circle (NZ) 57 0.8L 2:10.35R88 6-16 FLEMm Sat 29Oct22 2500 S7 VIC DERBY-G1 C Williams (5) 57 $3.30 1-Manzoice 57 3.6L 2:40.86R96 4-12 FLEMm Sat 5Aug23 1410 G3 BM100 J McNeil (5) 58 $4.80 1-Edison 53.5 1.8L 1:22.86R96 3-15 CAULm Sat 19Aug23 1600 G4 BM100 J McNeil (15) 58 $3.60f 1-Jimmy The Bear 56 1.0L 1:36.55R96 Worse than midfield, showed best work final 200m 1.8L at Flemington Bm100 over 1410m. Midfield, kept on finding late, not far away, 3rd 1L at Caulfield Bm100 over 1600m. Wasn’t beaten by much last start. 8 Jimmy The Bear R96 (8) 58kg Patrick Payne (Plumpton) John Allen 5yo ch g Jimmy Creed (USA)-Belvedere Road (Street Boss (USA)) BREEDER Mr M J Hirst Owners M J Hirst, J Bruin, N Wright, Ms E Sweetnam, PROF S Hawkins, Ms G Crowe & C Wright Royal Blue, Gold Hoops, White And Red Seams Sleeves, Black Cap (wt) 21 Starts 7-3-3 $699,550 TECHFORM 95 Track 2:1-0-0 Dist 0:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 11:3-3-2 1st Up 3:1-0-0 2nd Up 3:2-1-0 4-12 FLEMm Sat 17Jun23 1620 G4 DAVIDBOURKE L Lafferty(a) (3) 61.5(58.5) $4.20 1-Unusual Culture (NZ) 53.5 3.5L 1:37.90R93 5-15 FLEMm Sat 1Jul23 1600 S5 WINTER CSHIP-LR W J Egan (8) 54 $2.80f 1-Riddle Me That 54 3.2L 1:36.60R93 4-12 M Vm Sat 29Jul23 1600 S5 BM100 B Shinn (11) 56 $3.60f 1-The Summit (FR) 55 2.4L 1:37.82R92 1-15 CAULm Sat 19Aug23 1600 G4 BM100 W J Egan (14) 56 $5.50 2-Right You Are 60.5 0.2L 1:36.55R92 3-14 CAULm Sat 2Sep23 1700 G4 HEATHERLIE HCP-LR W J Egan (8) 55 $4.60f 1-Soulcombe (GB) 58.5 1.5L 1:43.90R96 Forward of midfield, quickened smartly, too good 0.2L at Caulfield Bm100 over 1600m. Ran on well and looked a winning chance but was edged out into third spot 1.5L Heatherlie Hcp Listed over 1700m. Like chances back to this level.