68 10 Doomben 9 Flaming Conquest (Blks) R82 (16) 58.5kg David Murphy (Eagle Farm) Cejay Graham (a2/50kg) 4yo ch m Love Conquers All-It’s Gonna Be Good (Exceed And Excel) BREEDER Bahrinna Thoroughbred Services Pty Ltd Owners Mrs N M Zimmerle & B A Armstrong Gold, Navy Blue Halves, Sleeves And Cap, Gold Cuffs (wt) 12 Starts 5-2-1 $337,800 TECHFORM 91 Track 4:1-0-0 Dist 1:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 7:3-1-0 1st Up 4:1-1-0 2nd Up 4:2-1-1 3-8 E FMm Sat 29Apr23 1000 G4 CL6 G J Cartwright (3) 52 $9.50 1-Richon 52.5 0.4L 57.85 R75 9-11 DOOMm Sat 20May23 1110 S5 3Y-SWP G J Cartwright (11) 54 $41 1-Golden Boom 56 6.7L 1:04.25R76 1-11 IPSW Fri 15Sep23 800 S5 BM75 G J Cartwright (2) 57.5 $2.80ef 2-Underhand 52 0.8L 45.19 R76 2-9 E FMm Sat 30Sep23 1000 G4 BM75 G J Cartwright (8) 59.5 $8.50 1-Maximum Output 55.5 0.1L 56.86 R80 11-12 SCSTN Fri 27Oct23 1000 G4 Qlty G J Cartwright (11) 54 $16 1-You’ll Be Mist 54 5.3L 58.10 R82 Led, just missed the bob 0.1L at Eagle Farm Bm75 over 1000m. Found a nice spot behind the speed but did little in the run home 5.3L at Sunshine Coast Qlty over 1000m. 10 Self Indulgent (Blks) R82 (20) 58.5kg Tony Gollan (Eagle Farm) 5yo ch m Foxwedge-Indulgent (Stravinsky (USA)) BREEDER Mr M Moore Owners D P Azzopardi, M B E Moore, M Porter, J D Sheather, M J Elliott, P L Nicholls, C Hughes, G McClurg, C D Hewitt, D G Fitzpatrick, D L Todd, Mrs J M Hewitt, R J Inskip, G W Dingle, J T Meigan, R Park, M D MacNellie, S Richter, J B M R (Mgr: R Ivancevic) & Cool Drinks Racing (Mgr: D L Howard) Black, Hot Pink And White Ribbons, White Stars Sleeves, Hot Pink Cap (wt) 17 Starts 5-3-1 $311,200 TECHFORM 92 Track 13:4-3-1 Dist 2:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 10:3-1-1 1st Up 4:1-0-0 2nd Up 3:1-1-0 1-12 DOOMm Sat 22Apr23 1200 G4 BM72 C Graham(a) (11) 59(56) $10 2-Hatchet 57 1.2L 1:09.41R76 2-11 DOOMm Sat 13May23 1200 G4 CL6-SW C Graham(a) (8) 55.5(52.5) $3.90f 1-Arentee 56 0.4L 1:09.67R81 7-13 E FMm Sat 27May23 1200 G4 COUGHLAN-LR B E Thompson (1) 55.5 $9.50 1-Comrade Rosa 55.5 2.4L 1:10.71R82 4-13 IPSWm Sat 17Jun23 1200 G4 WATERHOUSE-LR S T Collett (10) 54 $19 1-Chassis 55 1.6L 1:10.25R82 10-10 DOOMm Sat 8Jul23 1200 S5 F&M BM78 C Graham(a) (10) 61(58) $8 1-Skidamarink 54 5.7L 1:09.95R82 Settled on speed, held position nicely to the line 1.6L Waterhouse Listed over 1200m. Leaders flank, weakened before turn never in it 5.7L at Doomben F&M Bm78 over 1200m Soft 5. Is a first-up winner. 11 Jemeldi R76 (1) 58kg Ryan Tyrell (Gold Coast) Kyle Wilson-Taylor 4yo br g Winning Rupert-Schipper (Elusive Quality (USA)) BREEDER Daandine Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Owners T C Button, J L Piccone, P A Piccone, Livinadream Racing (Mgr: B A Samuelsson), A B Bauman, S Assink, G P Moustaka, B E Ryan, McWoodleod Racing (Mgr: Mrs J M Mcleod), Mrs S J Watts, J N Kele, N A Meltzer, Mrs C J Ryan, Mrs B C Gibbs, G N Collins & Findyabookie (Mgr: R D Adams) Silver, Black Epaulettes And Cap, Silver Star (dwc) 21 Starts 4-2-5 $187,735 TECHFORM 83 Track 5:1-1-0 Dist 4:3-0-1 Trk/Dist 1:1-0-0 Wet 10:3-1-3 1st Up 4:2-1-0 2nd Up 4:1-0-0 3-12 SCSTm Sat 1Jul23 1200 G4 BM80 K Wilson-Taylor (2) 55.5 $26 1-Win Burn 54 1.0L 1:11.02R75 2-10 DOOMm Sat 22Jul23 1050 S5 3Y HCP K Wilson-Taylor (9) 59 $26 1-Vodka Martini 53.5 0.4L 1:00.11R75 3-9 E FMm Sat 5Aug23 1000 S5 BM85 K Wilson-Taylor (3) 54 $4.60 1-Dalavin 56.5 1.0L 57.70 R75 3-10 E FMm Sat 12Aug23 1200 G4 CL6 K Wilson-Taylor (3) 54 $3.50ef 1-Ned’s Gully 55.5 0.8L 1:10.51R75 4-8 SCSTm Wed 23Aug23 1000 G4 CL6-SW B E Thompson (7) 56 $2.50f 1-Burnish Gold 54 2.5L 56.96 R76 Raced keenly, fought on well, not far away, 3rd 0.8L at Eagle Farm Cl6 1200m. Didn’t make ground on place getters but nonetheless managed fourth 2.5L at Sunshine Coast Cl6 1000m. Won three of four at the trip. Winkers first time. 12 Burnish Gold (Blks) R79 (12) 57.5kg Rex Lipp (Toowoomba) Mark Du Plessis 4yo b m Defcon-Auburn Gold (Red Dazzler) BREEDER Celebrus Enterprises Pty Ltd Owners T R Stephan, Mrs A C Stephan, S Hinks, Mrs D Hinks, W K Thurlow, A C Baker & Mrs D Hinks Red, Yellow Crossed Sashes, Sleeves And Cap (dwc) 17 Starts 5-2-1 $369,025 TECHFORM 90 Track 7:1-1-1 Dist 3:2-1-0 Trk/Dist 1:1-0-0 Wet 5:2-1-0 1st Up 4:2-0-0 2nd Up 4:2-1-0 9-9 DOOMm Sat 1Apr23 1200 S6 3Y-Qlty J P L Byrne (6) 57.5 $11 1-Ekaterina 56.5 12L 1:09.94R74 12-12 E FMm Sat 29Jul23 1200 G4 3YF HCP J M Orman (5) 59 $10 1-Blue Spinel 53.5 16L 1:11.05R74 1-8 SCSTm Wed 23Aug23 1000 G4 CL6-SW M R Du Plessis (2) 54 $13 2-Kingston’s Here 57.5 0.3L 56.96 R74 13-14 TWBAm Sat 23Sep23 1200 G3 WEETWOOD-LR C Graham(a) (14) 54 $151 1-All That Pizzazz 54 11L 1:11.33R78 5-12 SCSTN Fri 27Oct23 1000 G4 Qlty J P L Byrne (9) 54 $41 1-You’ll Be Mist 54 1.6L 58.10 R78 On speed, weakened and lost ground, beat one home 10.6L Weetwood Listed over 1200m. Awesome effort to run on late for fifth after settling a long way in the running 1.6L at Sunshine Coast Qlty over 1000m. Great run in the Wentworth.