4 Useful Information Food & Beverage Locations Saturday Racedays Eagle Farm Bar Outlets – Public Lawn Bar, Legends Bar, Ladbrokes Rough Habit, Stradbroke Plaza, Owners & Trainers Bar, Members’ Derby Bar, Champagne Bar, Ascot Bar, Buffering Bar. Food Outlets – Stradbroke Plaza, Members’ Derby Bar, Champagne Bar, BRC Food Van. Doomben Bar Outlets – Whips & Spurs Bar, Ladbrokes Chief De Beers, Champions Bar, Vo Rogue Bar, Bookies Can Bar, Falvelon Bar, Bernborough Bar, The Pavilion, Trainers Bar. Food Outlets – Champions Bar, Champions Take Away, Bookies Coffee Shop, Apache Cat Café, 10,000 Room. Responsible Service of Alcohol The Brisbane Racing Club Ltd promotes and practices the Responsible Service of Alcohol. A key objective of the Brisbane Racing Club Ltd is to ensure that the behaviour of our racegoers does not adversely impact on other patrons, staff, our neighbours and the community at large. All staff members have been trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol and are instructed not to serve any alcoholic beverages to guests under 18 years or to guests in a state of intoxication. Patrons deemed to be unduly intoxicated will be refused service and may be asked to leave the premises. Under 18’s Minors must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult (i.e. parent or guardian) exercising parental control and who actively supervises the minor at all times. DRESS MEMBERS’ RESERVE Ladies Ladies are required to be dressed neatly in keeping with contemporary standards; no bare midriffs Gentleman 1 May to 31 July Collared long-sleeved shirt tucked into tailored trousers with covered dress shoes and either a tie or tailored suit-style jacket or blazer. 1 August to 30 April Collared long-sleeved shirt tucked into tailored trousers and covered dress shoes. Midweek: The Members’ Reserves are open to all with patrons requested to dress in a neat and tidy manner. In the Derby Bar at Eagle Farm, gentlemen are required to wear a collared long-sleeved shirt tucked into tailored trousers and covered dress shoes.* *Denim, joggers, thongs and shorts are not permitted in Members’ reserve areas In times of hot weather, as determined by the Club, the summer dress code may be applied.