56 8 Doomben 10 Azzareach R80 (1) 54kg Danny Bougoure (Gold Coast) Jake Bayliss 6yo b g Outreach-Mini (Reset) BREEDER Mr C Zammit Owners Ms M M Lepine, D C Adams, Ms M Bobeldyk, Mrs T L Connolly, D J Connolly, D Evans, R L Emery, Mrs B C Gibbs, R A Hunter, C Low, Mrs S J Low, Miss A R Low, Winning Friends, P A Robertson, Ms K Shearsmith, D M Verrenkamp, Mrs M A Verrenkamp, E L Waters & Mr R Blunson Red, White Band And Armband, Black Cap (dwc) 22 Starts 7-3-0 $186,730 TECHFORM 83 Track 8:1-2-0 Dist 5:3-0-0 Trk/Dist 2:1-0-0 Wet 12:5-0-0 1st Up 7:1-2-0 2nd Up 5:2-0-0 1-9 BDST Sat 17Jun23 1400 G4 CL5 N T Callow (3) 59 $5 2-Philly Special 56.5 2.0L 1:22.20R73 5-9 DOOMm Sat 8Jul23 1350 S5 CL6-SW M J Cahill (3) 59 $31 1-Blaze A Trail 57.5 1.3L 1:19.18R76 4-10 DOOMm Sat 22Jul23 1615 S5 CL6 K Wilson-Taylor (8) 55.5 $13 1-Seleque 57.5 2.1L 1:36.44R76 1-14 DOOMm Sat 19Aug23 1350 G4 CG&E BM75 M J Cahill (5) 59 $6.50 2-Our Magnus 57 0.1L 1:19.59R75 6-12 DOOMm Sat 28Oct23 1200 G4 BM78 J L Bayliss (1) 59.5 $21 1-Outlawed 55 5.5L 1:09.64R80 Led, kept fending them off, fell in 0.1L at Doomben Cg&E Bm75 over 1350m. Led, tired and weakened, kept on fighting, OK 5.5L at Doomben Bm78 over 1200m. Fitter for run. 11 Five Oxford R71 (5) 54kg Kevin Kemp (Toowoomba) Taylor Marshall 6yo ch g Golden Archer-Valerie D’amour (NZ) (Iffraaj (GB)) BREEDER Mr J Spillane Owners C E R Searle Red, Yellow Sash, Hooped Sleeves (wtc) 36 Starts 6-4-6 $191,725 TECHFORM 73 Track 10:2-0-2 Dist 4:1-0-1 Trk/Dist 2:1-0-1 Wet 11:2-1-5 1st Up 5:2-1-0 2nd Up 5:1-0-1 7-10 SCST Sun 30Jul23 1000 G4 HCP T Marshall (7) 54 $41 1-Superare 56.5 3.8L 57.32 R74 8-9 DOOMm Sat 19Aug23 1110 G4 BM85 T Marshall (3) 54 $101 1-Orbisyn 60 4.4L 1:04.06R74 6-9 SCST Sun 10Sep23 1200 G4 CL6 T Marshall (7) 56.5 $61 1-Kingston’s Here 59.5 2.9L 1:11.93R73 3-12 TWBAm Sat 23Sep23 1200 G3 CG&E BM75 T Marshall (8) 57.5 $61 1-Pocket Full 57.5 0.6L 1:12.65R72 10-10 E FMm Sat 7Oct23 1200 G4 BM75 T Marshall (10) 57.5 $81 1-Pocket Full 57 5.6L 1:10.55R72 In behind the speed, charged home late, good 3rd 0.6L at Toowoomba Cg&E Bm75 over 1200m. Always well back in the run, never really involved 5.6L at Eagle Farm Bm75 over 1200m. Has a history of running well at this track/distance. 12 Animate (Blks) R88 (15) 53.5kg Kris Lees (Gold Coast) Jim Byrne 7yo b g Animal Kingdom (USA)-Flowerchild (Redoute’s Choice) BREEDER Arrowfield Pastoral Pty Ltd Owners Australian Bloodstock, J Lovett, Dr J R Loughman, G J P Van Ameyden, J K Muirhead, P D Newland, Crikerbush Racing, Stumpy Moose, S Camilleri, G F McDonald, B M Emmitt, B W Loder, D P Gray, Shout The Bar, Dynasty No 35, S P Seifert, G D S Fiedler, Mrs J T Toohey, J Hart & C Liu Royal Blue, White Horseshoe, Black And White Checked Sleeves And Cap (dwc) 41 Starts 8-3-5 $750,965 TECHFORM 93 Track 6:2-0-0 Dist 21:5-1-2 Trk/Dist 4:2-0-0 Wet 17:4-1-1 1st Up 9:0-2-1 2nd Up 8:3-0-0 5-7 SCST Sun 6Aug23 1200 S5 HCP M J Cahill (7) 61.5 $14 1-Snowzone 61.5 1.9L 1:12.59R91 8-12 DOOMm Sat 19Aug23 1350 G4 HCP A J Mallyon (5) 56 $9.50 1-Arentee 54 5.0L 1:18.41R91 3-10 E FMm Sat 2Sep23 1400 G4 TATTS MEMB CUP-LR S N Cormack (1) 54 $26 1-Irish Songs 57 2.5L 1:22.96R90 8-14 E FMm Sat 7Oct23 1400 G4 OPEN R Wiggins (9) 56 $18 1-Steely 56 4.2L 1:23.31R90 4-11 E FMm Sat 4Nov23 1400 G4 Qlty J P L Byrne (11) 58.5 $13 1-Ekaterina 57 2.2L 1:23.20R89 Posted wide no cover, laid in, must forgive 4.2L at Eagle Farm Open over 1400m. Caught wide rolled forward, reeled in 100m mark 2.2L at Eagle Farm Qlty over 1400m. Not much luck in recent starts. Wide draw a concern again. 13 Zarastro R90 (13) 53kg Tony Gollan (Eagle Farm) Angela Jones 5yo b or br g I Am Invincible-Adrift (NZ) (Zabeel (NZ)) BREEDER Fairway Thoroughbreds Owners Executive RC (J Haimes), H Richardson, N Stafford, H Carlyle, J Cameron, R Albert, R Cowan, A Shead, E Jacobson, A Marmotta, K Llora, M Dowl, C Grimmett, N Walters, C Banner, Haimes Racing (J Haimes), Smeath Racing (D Smeath), Tuivaiti Racing, S Gummerson & Cloudy With a Chance of Schooners (D Dick) Black, Gold Spots, Black Sleeves And Cap (dw) 14 Starts 5-3-0 $310,550 TECHFORM 100 Track 2:0-2-0 Dist 1:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 6:1-2-0 1st Up 5:1-2-0 2nd Up 4:2-0-0 2-12 DOOMm Sat 8Jul23 1200 S5 CG&E BM78 R Maloney (1) 56.5 $2.10f 1-Hatchet 56.5 0.1L 1:09.85R73 1-10 E FMm Sat 5Aug23 1200 S5 CG&E BM72 J M Orman (2) 60 $1.65f 2-Brocky 54.5 2.3L 1:10.68R74 1-9 E FMm Sat 2Sep23 1200 G4 CG&E CL6-SW A Jones (7) 54.5 $2f 2-All That Pizzazz 57.5 2.0L 1:09.86R79 1-12 E FMm Sat 30Sep23 1200 G3 BM85 J M Orman (3) 58.5 $1.60f 2-Munitions (USA) 58 0.8L 1:09.39R84 2-12 DOOMm Sat 11Nov23 1200 S5 KEITH NOUD-LR A Jones (3) 53.5 $2f 1-Extremist 53 1.2L 1:09.11R90 Led, kept pulling away for first 0.8L at Eagle Farm Bm85 over 1200m. Led, gave everything to hold on however found one better finishing second 1.2L Keith Noud Listed over 1200m Soft 5. Just missed in tough race fresh. Fitter for the run.