48 7 Doomben 2 Extremist (Blks) R95 (9) 57kg Robert Heathcote (Eagle Farm) Robbie Dolan 5yo b m Extreme Choice-Rubinacci (Johannesburg (USA)) BREEDER Eureka Cambooya Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd Owners V A Heathcote, K A Perz, A Richardson, S Schatz, C A Bournon, M L Condon, K L Chudziak, Mrs A J Wildie, C D Hampson, K S James, L J Yates, H A Atchison, D De Pasquale, L Eastaughffe, L Conroy, S A Gagel, C J Scheers & Robins Girls Racing Pink, Black Checks And Sleeves, Checked Cap (dwc) 20 Starts 6-5-3 $346,500 TECHFORM 99 Track 7:4-2-1 Dist 12:5-3-2 Trk/Dist 6:4-1-1 Wet 6:2-1-1 1st Up 6:2-2-1 2nd Up 5:2-1-1 2-13 DOOMm Sat 13May23 1110 G4 BRIGHT SHADOW-LR A Jones (1) 54 $5.50 1-Majestic Shot 54.5 0.4L 1:03.55R84 12-13 E FMm Sat 27May23 1200 G4 COUGHLAN-LR A Jones (9) 55.5 $5f 1-Comrade Rosa 55.5 4.3L 1:10.71R86 4-11 IPSWm Sat 17Jun23 1100 G4 CL6 D Thornton (4) 57.5 $5 1-Deepour 57 3.6L 1:03.69R86 2-12 SCSTN Fri 27Oct23 1000 G4 Qlty B Spriggs (1) 54 $9 1-You’ll Be Mist 54 0.1L 58.10 R85 1-12 DOOMm Sat 11Nov23 1200 S5 KEITH NOUD-LR R Dolan (9) 53 $14 2-Zarastro 53.5 1.2L 1:09.11R86 Settled a long way back and grew wings late to just miss for second 0.1L at Sunshine Coast Qlty over 1000m. Positioned ready to pounce and took over late for an easy win 1.2L Keith Noud Listed over 1200m Soft 5. Has a history of running well at this track/distance. 3 Better Get Set R91 (3) 57kg Steven O’Dea & Matthew Hoysted (Eagle Farm) Ben Thompson 6yo b m Better Than Ready-Ridolfi (Fastnet Rock) BREEDER Lyndhurst Stud Farm Owners Proven Thoroughbreds (Mgr: A J Walter), J T Grant, T D F Hughes, S J Roberts, M A Rolfe, Mrs M L Rolfe, Mrs J A Peck, A J Norman, D G Hogan, R Fiorentino, D J Minton, W A Wilkins, I F Matheson, Mrs G P Donaldson, M A Gray-Spencer, A Pendleton, S M Guy, Ms J Hourigan, L F Robins & L Stanza Black, Lime Green Disc And Armbands, Quartered Cap (dw) 27 Starts 6-6-5 $430,850 TECHFORM 91 Track 5:0-1-2 Dist 14:4-3-1 Trk/Dist 2:0-0-1 Wet 11:1-2-3 1st Up 8:1-1-2 2nd Up 7:1-3-0 1-12 E FMm Sat 10Dec22 1300 G4 JUST NOW-LR B E Thompson (7) 54 $4.40 2-Juan Diva 59 0.7L 1:15.55R83 5-12 E FMm Sat 3Jun23 1000 G4 Qlty-LR B E Thompson (10) 54 $21 1-Petronius 54 5.7L 57.22 R91 2-13 IPSWm Sat 17Jun23 1200 G4 WATERHOUSE-LR B E Thompson (7) 57 $14 1-Chassis 55 1.0L 1:10.25R91 5-16 GRAF Wed 12Jul23 1200 G4 RAMORNIE-LR J J Lloyd (8) 54 $26 1-The Big Goodbye 57 2.2L 1:09.96R90 3-8 E FMm Sat 5Aug23 1400 S5 HCP B E Thompson (6) 55 $3.30f 1-Stampe 56 0.2L 1:24.63R91 Tracked into the race well from a forward position but was no match fifth 2.2L Ramornie Listed over 1200m. Sat outside leader, loomed up in straight, solid 0.2L at Eagle Farm Hcp over 1400m Soft 5. Can win first-up. 4 Ekaterina (Blks) R94 (8) 56.5kg Robert Heathcote (Eagle Farm) Michael Rodd 4yo b m Russian Revolution-Funtantes (Easy Rocking) BREEDER Mr R Heathcote Owners Mrs V A Heathcote, T J Altass, N J Brownlow, R S Ciobo, G N Elliott, B W Harry, C L Lagerroth, W R Mellish, R A Ryan, G Shreeve & T A McPherson Pink, Black Checks And Sleeves, Checked Cap (dwtc) 20 Starts 8-0-4 $679,050 TECHFORM 100 Track 7:2-0-1 Dist 11:4-0-2 Trk/Dist 5:1-0-1 Wet 4:1-0-1 1st Up 4:0-0-2 2nd Up 4:4-0-0 7-15 E FMm Sat 10Jun23 1300 G4 DANE RIPPER-G2 M J Dee (14) 54 $20 1-Comrade Rosa 56 1.4L 1:17.73R83 1-11 E FMm Sat 24Jun23 1200 G4 3YF-SW T Clark (4) 56.5 $2.35f 2-Ghaanati 56.5 1.0L 1:11.09R86 12-12 E FMm Sat 30Sep23 1200 G3 BM85 B Wheeler(a) (4) 58(55) $3.90 1-Zarastro 58.5 7.9L 1:09.39R88 1-10 E FMm Sat 14Oct23 1200 G3 CL6-SW M Harley (1) 57 $2.70f 2-Destination 56 0.2L 1:09.74R88 1-11 E FMm Sat 4Nov23 1400 G4 Qlty M Harley (1) 57 $2.30f 2-Dune Forty Five 58 0.7L 1:23.20R90 Midfield, held up, burst through late to score 0.2L at Eagle Farm Cl6-Sw over 1200m. Two pairs back rail, shot up rail to win 0.7L at Eagle Farm Qlty over 1400m. On a winning streak. 5 Eagle Nest R80 (6) 56.5kg Gerald Ryan & Sterling Alexiou (Rosehill) James Orman 4yo br m Shalaa (IRE)-Rough Ride (Flying Spur) BREEDER Segenhoe Thoroughbreds Australia Pty Ltd Owners IRON (Mgr: D P Boehm) Black, Red Crossed Sashes And Cap (w) 10 Starts 4-3-0 $185,825 TECHFORM 88 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 1:0-1-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 4:1-2-0 1st Up 3:1-2-0 2nd Up 3:2-0-0 2-7 W FMm Wed 17May23 1100 S6 3Y BM64 T Clark (7) 57.5 $4.20f 1-Waikiki 56.5 0.4L 1:04.58R61 6-10 KENSm Wed 14Jun23 1000 G4 3&4Y BM64 T Clark (7) 58.5 $2.90f 1-Bubba’s Bay 57 3.9L 56.90 R63 1-8 GOSF Thu 5Oct23 1100 G4 F&M BM64 B Prebble (5) 59.5 $4.20 2-Perfect Proposal 59 1.1L 1:04.80R61 1-10 KENSm Wed 1Nov23 1100 G4 F&M BM72 B Prebble (1) 57.5 $3.30f 2-Divine Vicky 56.5 2.9L 1:03.31R65 1-5 RHILm Sat 11Nov23 1100 G4 F&M BM78 B Prebble (5) 57 $3.70 2-Dollar Magic 58 1.4L 1:03.27R72 Led, skipped away, did it easy 2.9L at Kensington F&M Bm72 over 1100m. Led and kicked clear for nice win 1.4L at Rosehill Gardens F&M Bm78 over 1100m. Yet to falter this prep.