42 6 Doomben 2 Porky (Blks) R66 (6) 60kg Tony Gollan (Eagle Farm) Ryan Maloney 4yo br g Better Than Ready-Mostly Lucky (Freeze) BREEDER Yarramalong Owners T J Harry, P R Latham, W J Ouston, S G Bizzell, C J Bloxsom, J M Carlos, M J Duffy, T W Roberts, R Hopsick, B Sheahan, P Clarke, P C A Shepherd, R F Gibson, B Hatcher, T B Crommelin, C J Dimitriou, M E J Clarke, B W Buchanan, D Knox & T Washington White, Orange Diamond, Black Sleeves, Orange Cap (dc) 14 Starts 3-3-0 $117,075 TECHFORM 93 Track 4:1-0-0 Dist 4:2-1-0 Trk/Dist 1:1-0-0 Wet 4:0-0-0 1st Up 3:0-0-0 2nd Up 3:1-0-0 4-14 E FMm Wed 6Sep23 1500 G4 CL2 A Jones (12) 55 $6 1-Sunset Soiree 55 2.1L 1:30.82R58 4-12 SCST Sun 24Sep23 1400 G4 BM62 B E Thompson (8) 57 $3.20f 1-Finsceal 59.5 1.3L 1:24.85R58 1-9 TWBAN Sat 7Oct23 1625 G3 BM60 A T Allen (7) 58 $1.75f 2-Drop The Pilot 59 4.3L 1:39.54R58 2-10 IPSW Thu 26Oct23 1710 G3 BM58 E P Lang(a) (9) 61(59) $1.85f 1-Happisburgh 58 3.5L 1:43.43R62 1-8 DOOMm Wed 15Nov23 1650 G4 CL2 R Maloney (7) 59.5 $4.40 2-Dark Chill 58.5 0.7L 1:39.07R62 Found the lead early but was run down and had to settle for second prize 3.5L at Ipswich Bm58 over 1710m. Gallant effort to hold on for a win after sitting with the leaders in-running 0.7L at Doomben Cl2 over 1650m. Each Way. 3 Talk Time R64 (15) 60kg Lindsay Hatch (Toowoomba) 4yo b g Spill the Beans-Kumali (Easy Rocking) BREEDER Mr J Dann Owners Ms M Robbins & Mrs T A Hatch Royal Blue, White And Gold Sash And Armbands, White Quartered Cap 5 Starts 3-0-1 $48,700 TECHFORM 92 Track 1:0-0-0 Dist 1:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 0:0-0-0 1st Up 2:1-0-1 2nd Up 1:1-0-0 3-11 WARW Tue 7Feb23 1200 G4 3Y MDN J Stanley (11) 59 $4.80 1-Mishani Kingdom 57.5 0.3L 1:09.97 1-14 TOWN Sun 6Aug23 1200 G4 MDN-SW L J Morrison (1) 57.5 $2.70f 2-Luvin’ Our Grace 56.5 1.8L 1:08.82 1-9 TWBAN Sat 9Sep23 1300 G4 CL1 M Wishart (4) 56.5 $2.35f 2-Take A Picture 59 2.0L 1:18.64R55 1-10 TWBAN Sat 30Sep23 1300 G4 BM62 J D Molloy(a) (8) 57.5 $1.95f 2-Tuhinga 59.5 2.0L 1:18.47R59 5-9 DOOMm Sat 28Oct23 1600 G4 CL3-SW J D Molloy(a) (2) 59(56) $4.20 1-Rising Pacific (NZ) 59 2.3L 1:37.20R64 Must watch the footage of this win coming from an impossible position 2L at Toowoomba Bm62 over 1300m. Midfield, worked home nicely, solid performance 2.3L at Doomben Cl3-Sw over 1600m. 4 Alberich R67 (1) 58.5kg Chris Waller (Gold Coast) James Orman 4yo br g Snitzel-Seeking (USA) (Mizzen Mast (USA)) BREEDER Gooree Park Stud Pty Ltd Owners G & C Pastoral Co Pty Ltd (Mgr: V Oldfield) Lilac, Red Spots And Red Cap (wc) 10 Starts 2-1-0 $85,150 TECHFORM 94 Track 1:1-0-0 Dist 2:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:1-0-0 Wet 7:1-1-0 1st Up 4:1-0-0 2nd Up 3:1-1-0 9-12 CANTm Wed 3May23 1250 S6 BM72 K McEvoy (8) 57.5 $15 1-Conceited 57 3.4L 1:15.60R65 5-7 W FMm Wed 17May23 1600 S6 GRAD BM68 B Prebble (1) 59 $17 1-Grebeni 58.5 3.7L 1:38.08R64 4-12 CANTm Wed 24May23 1900 S6 BM64 N Rawiller (12) 59.5 $11 1-Queenmaker 59 4.7L 1:59.59R63 4-12 IPSWm Wed 11Oct23 1350 G3 BM70 D Thornton (2) 55.5 $11 1-Too Hard To Refuse 57.5 1.4L 1:19.85R63 1-7 DOOMm Wed 1Nov23 1640 G4 CL1 J M Orman (3) 59 $1.85f 2-Miliarense 56 1.1L 1:39.48R63 Ran on nicely from midfield but was surpassed 1.4L at Ipswich Bm70 over 1350m. Settled on pace and proved too good winning 1.1L at Doomben Cl1 over 1640m. Should get the right run to go back to back wins here. 5 Carbonetti (IRE) R72 (LATE: Carbon) (8) 58.5kg Chris Waller (Gold Coast) Damien Thornton 5yo b g Kodiac (GB)-Mzyoon (IRE) (Galileo (IRE)) BREEDER H I Investents Group Owners Star Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd (Mgr: Ms D J Martin), Paramount Racing (Mgr: Ms K M Wood), M I Ive, Mrs R A Ive, G E Ardill, Mrs M T Ardill, McLeish Family Racing (Mgr: D M Mcleish), S J Maybury & D G Eaves White, Celtic Green Jewel, Armbands And Cap 19 Starts 2-5-4 $126,643 TECHFORM 86 Track 3:0-2-0 Dist 2:0-0-1 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 8:0-3-2 1st Up 3:0-0-0 2nd Up 3:0-0-2 5-7 IPSWm Wed 10May23 2170 G4 CL2 J M Orman (1) 57.5 $2.05f 1-Amalgamation 53.5 2.0L 2:17.30R64 2-10 DOOMm Wed 31May23 2040 G4 CL3 J M Orman (6) 55.5(56) $11 1-Fawkner Park (IRE) 59 2.7L 2:06.86R63 2-8 DOOMm Sat 8Jul23 2000 S5 BM72 L Cassidy (1) 54.5 $4.20 1-Atlantic Eagle (NZ) 58.5 0.9L 2:03.27R63 1-11 E FMm Sat 15Jul23 2200 G4 BM78 L Cassidy (3) 54 $4f 2-Readily Availabull 57 0.9L 2:19.81R64 5-11 E FMm Sat 12Aug23 2206 G4 BM78 J M Orman (2) 56.5 $4.20f 1-Chernak (FR) 53.5 2.9L 2:19.42R72 Led throughout, gripped on for a gutsy win 0.9L at Eagle Farm Bm78 over 2200m. Handy the rail, hit the front, didn’t finish off 2.9L at Eagle Farm Bm78 over 2206m.