38 5 Doomben 10 Twice On Sunday R69 (1) 55.5kg Jack Bruce (Deagon) Damien Thornton 6yo b m Real Impact (JPN)-Any Other Day (Redoute’s Choice) BREEDER Arrowfield Pastoral Pty Ltd Owners Jack Bruce Racing (Mgr: J P Bruce), C R Butcher, D J Walter, J H Batchelor, S R Bache, I J B Gray, T P Stewart, M J Keys, Ms A Prance, B J Coughlin, B P Abrat & C J Walker White, Black Stars, Emerald Green Sleeves And Cap (dw) 30 Starts 3-6-5 $148,185 TECHFORM 86 Track 2:0-1-0 Dist 12:2-2-1 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 15:2-5-2 1st Up 5:0-1-0 2nd Up 5:2-1-1 4-12 IPSW Sat 26Nov22 1666 G4 BM65 Y Lewis(a) (2) 58(55) $3.70f 1-Circling 57.5 0.8L 1:40.61R67 2-13 DOOMm Fri 9Dec22 1640 S5 BM68 B E Thompson (4) 56.5 $6 1-Green Flash 58 0.4L 1:39.15R67 5-12 DOOMm Wed 30Aug23 1350 G4 CL3-SW J L Bayliss (5) 57 $21 1-Arnaqueur 59 2.6L 1:19.72R68 2-10 E FMm Sat 16Sep23 1400 G4 F&M BM70 D Thornton (4) 58 $15 1-Poetic Drama (NZ) 57 1.5L 1:24.01R68 5-15 E FMm Sat 30Sep23 1400 G4 NMW M Castle(a) (6) 53.5(50.5) $7.50 1-Drammatica 50.5 2.2L 1:22.67R69 2nd throughout, mowed down very late 1.5L at Eagle Farm F&M Bm70 over 1400m. Box seat, found a few better in the straight 2.2L at Eagle Farm Nmw over 1400m. 11 Sizzling Gal (Blks) R63 (11) 54kg Liam Birchley (Sunshine Coast) 4yo ch m Sizzling-Inthemix (Easy Rocking) BREEDER Eureka Cambooya Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd Owners Wessel T’breds (Mgr: C J Wessel), M A McLean, T J Lynch, J R C Hickey, Obes Nobodies (Mgr: G J O’Brien), G P Boonkkamp, C Witherspoon, D E Oates, Marshall T’breds (Mgr: P W L Marshall), Mrs A M Hickey, Mrs A Tucker, Mrs A B Speers,Mrs L A Jones, I McLean,T L Carmichael,Ms H Stewardson & P J Mccarthy White, Blue Stars, Blue Sleeves, White Stars (dw) 20 Starts 3-4-1 $127,115 TECHFORM 86 Track 1:0-0-0 Dist 11:1-3-1 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 6:2-1-0 1st Up 3:1-0-0 2nd Up 3:1-1-0 2-10 SCST Sun 27Aug23 1300 G4 F&M BM58 B Wheeler(a) (7) 61.5(60) $2.60f 1-Simply Refuse 60 0.8L 1:18.99R63 2-11 SCST Sun 10Sep23 1400 G4 BM65 B Wheeler(a) (7) 56.5(55) $5 1-Bowrider 58 0.4L 1:25.56R64 7-10 IPSWm Wed 27Sep23 1350 G4 BM68 B Wheeler(a) (9) 55(52) $12 1-Maid To Fit 56 1.2L 1:20.12R64 5-9 SCST Sun 22Oct23 1300 G4 BM65 S N Cormack (5) 56.5 $7 1-Fighting Idol 56.5 1.7L 1:17.68R64 3-13 SCSTN Fri 10Nov23 1400 G4 BM58 J A Williams(a) (1) 59.5(57.5) $2.90f 1-Ultimate Outcome 58 0.5L 1:24.27R63 Super job to make up many lengths from back in the field late for fifth 1.7L at Sunshine Coast Bm65 over 1300m. Sat on the pace and was only run down in the last 100m for third 0.5L at Sunshine Coast Bm58 over 1400m. 12 Tycoon Baby R64 (3) 53kg Lachie Manzelmann (Beaudesert) Angela Jones 5yo ch m Written Tycoon-Whistle Baby (Magnus) BREEDER Merricks Station Owners L S Manzelmann Dark Blue, Light Blue Star And Epaulettes, Dark Blue Sleeves, Light Blue Stars (dw) 18 Starts 5-1-6 $83,375 TECHFORM 94 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 9:2-1-4 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 2:1-0-0 1st Up 2:0-0-1 2nd Up 2:1-0-1 3-10 MKAY Sat 22Jul23 1300 G4 CL3-SW L J Tilley (10) 57 $7 1-Moenave 57.5 1.2L 1:15.93R65 6-16 TOWN Sun 6Aug23 1400 G4 F&M BM70 J B Murphy (12) 56.5 $10 1-Miss Seattle 60.5 3.4L 1:21.96R65 3-6 PRRE Sat 12Aug23 1400 G BM65 N A Seymour(a) (2) 58.5(57) $2.60 1-Supreme Prince 56 8.5L 1:22.49R64 10-11 BARC Sat 4Nov23 1100 G3 Qlty B L Johnson(a) (9) 56 $4.60 1-Haralben 56 2.6L 1:02.29R64 1-7 MKAY Thu 16Nov23 1200 G3 BM70 T M Fenlon(a) (4) 55 $4.40 2-Golden Athena 58 1.0L 1:09.91R64 Never gave up at any stage in what was an encouraging effort 2.6L at Barcaldine Qlty over 1100m. Nice ride to sit behind the speed and once clear finished off hard to win 1L at Mackay Bm70 over 1200m.