36 5 Doomben 2 Bitcoin Baby R80 (4) 60.5kg Chris Munce (Eagle Farm) Martin Harley 5yo b m Sooboog-Hard to Find (Elusive Quality (USA)) BREEDER Mr J J Starr Owners Mrs C L Munce, Fitch Racing (Mgr: B E Fitch), R J Gall, Ms B L Clark, Ms J A Fisher, Screw Loose Racing (Mgr: C C Bella), C S Bretag, J P Cameron, C Schembri, N T Boyle, Jaynmel Racing (Mgr: J Chandler), B J Mcpherson, WBC Racing (Mgr: N P Wood), Mrs E J McCoombes, C D McCoombes & L E Neven Royal Blue, White Southern Cross, Star Cap (dwc) 23 Starts 5-2-4 $254,575 TECHFORM 94 Track 2:1-0-0 Dist 7:2-0-2 Trk/Dist 1:1-0-0 Wet 14:3-1-3 1st Up 6:2-0-1 2nd Up 6:1-0-0 8-8 RANDm Sat 10Jun23 1200 G4 3&4Y BM78 A Adkins (5) 57 $31 1-Iowna Merc 56.5 8.7L 1:09.69R76 7-12 DOOMm Wed 20Sep23 1200 G3 CL4 K Wilson-Taylor (11) 59 $8.50 1-Beaux Rumble 56.5 2.8L 1:08.90R77 7-10 E FMm Sat 7Oct23 1200 G4 BM75 J H Huxtable (5) 57.5 $14 1-Pocket Full 57 3.7L 1:10.55R77 1-8 DOOMm Sat 28Oct23 1350 S5 F&M CL6 R Dolan (8) 59 $4.40 2-Motomiss 58 0.3L 1:21.11R75 7-11 SCSTm Sat 18Nov23 1400 G4 BM85 R Dolan (4) 55 $5.50 1-National Choice 58.5 3.4L 1:23.84R80 Jumped well, rounding the home turn got held up 0.3L at Doomben F&M Cl6 over 1350m Soft 5. Got back worse than midfield and was pushed along to make ground 3.4L at Sunshine Coast Bm85 over 1400m. Like chances back to this level. 3 Midnight In Tokyo R78 (2) 60kg Annabel Neasham (Eagle Farm) Bailey Wheeler (a2/52kg) 4yo b m Kobayashi-Orabelle (Casino Prince) BREEDER Aquis Farm Owners D J Mckenzie & Mrs M E Mckenzie Lime Green, Tangerine V, Tangerine Cap, Lime Green Pom Pom (wt) 12 Starts 3-1-1 $218,650 TECHFORM 95 Track 3:1-0-1 Dist 1:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 8:3-1-0 1st Up 4:1-1-1 2nd Up 3:1-0-0 5-12 RANDm Sat 8Apr23 1400 H8 S/PACIFIC-LR B Prebble (5) 54 $12 1-Razeta 53.5 4.2L 1:24.37R71 4-14 DOOMm Sat 22Apr23 1110 G4 MICK DITTMAN-LR T Sherry (7) 55 $41 1-Lady Laguna 55 1.8L 1:03.54R72 12-14 SCSTm Sat 6May23 1200 G4 GC GUINEAS-G3 T Sherry (2) 55 $26 1-Yellow Brick 57 4.4L 1:10.51R74 3-12 DOOMm Sat 28Oct23 1200 G4 BM78 D Thornton (5) 54.5 $2.80f 1-Outlawed 55 1.4L 1:09.64R74 1-8 DOOMm Sat 11Nov23 1200 S6 F&M BM78 D Thornton (3) 58 $2.40f 2-Glorious Ruby 57 1.0L 1:09.64R74 Outside leader, quickened nicely, no match, 3rd 1.4L at Doomben Bm78 over 1200m. Stormed home to win after getting well back in the running 1L at Doomben F&M Bm78 over 1200m Soft 6. Well placed to make it two in a row. 4 Too Much Class R75 (7) 58.5kg Jack Bruce (Sunshine Coast) Ben Thompson 6yo b m Smart Missile-Skyline Blush (Northern Meteor) BREEDER Gooree Park Stud Pty Ltd Owners Dynamic Syndications Racing, S B Troughton, Mrs K Tew, G Tew, C A Reid, Ms L M Beaumont, D A Simpson, S P Loane, The Yoh Club, NR Evans, M Safranko, D I Hollyman, P S Chiu, Mrs M Bennett, M Moullakis, A Pino, Grape Boys Racing, Menzalunki Racing & L Seminara White, Dynamic Syndications Logo, Red Cap (d) 24 Starts 6-3-3 $155,650 TECHFORM 90 Track 2:0-0-1 Dist 2:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 8:0-1-1 1st Up 4:0-1-0 2nd Up 3:1-1-0 5-10 DOOMm Wed 21Sep22 1650 H8 BM72 B E Thompson (7) 56 $3.50f 1-Alderman 54 2.9L 1:41.11R70 2-12 E FMm Sat 1Oct22 1800 G4 BM75 B E Thompson (6) 54.5 $9 1-So Dapper 57.5 0.8L 1:50.31R70 1-9 E FMm Wed 26Oct22 1600 G4 BM70 B E Thompson (7) 57.5 $4f 2-Villaden (NZ) 55 1.0L 1:36.67R71 3-9 DOOMm Sat 12Nov22 1600 G4 CL6 M R Du Plessis (7) 54 $11 1-Drive A Deel 55.5 0.6L 1:34.90R75 7-13 E FMm Sat 10Dec22 1600 G4 BM80 J P L Byrne (11) 54.5 $10 1-Irish Playboy 58.5 3.0L 1:35.86R75 Slowly away circled field super finale for third 0.6L at Doomben Cl6 over 1600m. Slowly away, wide off midfield but attacked line 3L at Eagle Farm Bm80 over 1600m. First-up. 5 April In Augusta R74 (12) 58kg Kelly Schweida (Eagle Farm) Cejay Graham (a2/50kg) 4yo ch m Spieth (NZ)-A Little Prayer (Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)) BREEDER Mr M Farmer Owners G A Betts, G P Corcoran, K S Swindail, T D Dall’Osto, D Kemp, R Chesini, G Govan, C D Hay, J Bolton, Mrs K M Swindail, Mrs H Swindail, A Craig, C J Betts, Mrs S Goldie, B H Goldie, L J A Nelson & T Armit Orange, Purple Cap (dwt) 18 Starts 4-2-2 $162,525 TECHFORM 91 Track 2:1-0-0 Dist 3:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 6:1-2-2 1st Up 3:0-0-0 2nd Up 3:1-0-1 1-12 E FMm Wed 16Aug23 1200 G4 BM68 C Graham(a) (1) 54(52) $6 2-Saddle Boy 54.5 0.4L 1:10.67R61 1-11 E FMm Wed 6Sep23 1200 G4 BM65 C Graham(a) (5) 57.5(55.5) $8 2-Very Intoxicating 58.5 1.3L 1:11.21R66 4-13 TWBAm Sat 23Sep23 1200 G4 F&M BM75 L Cassidy (4) 56.5 $8 1-Outlawed 55 1.6L 1:11.83R70 14-15 E FMm Sat 14Oct23 1300 G4 CL3-SW C Graham(a) (14) 57(55) $7 1-Blakmax 57.5 4.4L 1:17.04R70 1-11 E FMm Sat 4Nov23 1300 G4 BM70 C Graham(a) (9) 56.5(54.5) $16 2-No Going Back 58.5 1.7L 1:16.24R69 Backward, advanced but faded quickly 4.4L at Eagle Farm Cl3-Sw over 1300m. Led, ridden upside down, worked beautifully 1.7L at Eagle Farm Bm70 over 1300m. Could upset the lot of them.