11 Race 5 Chatty Lady Bumped after start. Laid in under pressure in the home straight.E FM21/10/2023 Bitcoin Baby Held up rounding the home turn. Approaching the 300m, shifted out to improve and bumped MOTOMISS. DOOM 28/10/2023 Midnight In Tokyo Over raced in the early stages. Restrained after improving onto heels approaching the 600m. Held up for clearing running on entering the home straight. DOOM 11/11/2023 Too Much Class Jumped awkwardly. Raced wide throughout. E FM 10/12/2022 April In Augusta Raced wide throughout. Bumped on the hind quarters leaving the 400m and a short distance later was again contacted on the hind quarters and became unbalanced. E FM 14/10/2023 Motomiss Extremely slow to begin. Leaving the 700m shifted three wide to improve when the pace of the race was only steady. Approaching the 300m was bumped by BITCOIN BABY which shifted out to improve.DOOM 28/10/2023 Zoukina Raced in restricted room between the 200m and 100m. BLNA 01/10/2023 Tojaki Laid in under pressure in the home straight. DOOM 11/11/2023 Miss Tambo Began awkwardly. Raced wide throughout.DOOM 01/11/2023 Sizzling Gal Jumped in at the start.SCST 22/10/2023 Tycoon Baby Lost her off hind shoe in the run. MKAY16/11/2023 Race 6 Porky Began awkwardly. Raced wide for majority. Commenced to over race near the 1350m before being allowed to stride forward by its rider and reach a position outside the leader near the 700m. Lost near hind plate. DOOM 15/11/2023 Talk Time Raced in restricted room approaching the 1400m point. Continued to race keenly at heels until the 1100m. DOOM 28/10/2023 Carbonetti (IRE) Began awkwardly. E FM 15/07/2023 Happisburgh Began awkwardly. Over raced when being restrained in the early stages to secure a position closer to the rail. Held up rounding the home turn approaching the 100m, attempted to secure clear running to the inside of PRIVATE BANEKR however was disappointed when that runner shifted in under pressure resulting in HAPPISBURGH having to be checked and contacting the hind legs of PRIVATE BANKER.DOOM 15/11/2023 Never Give Up Began awkwardly and shifted in. Shortly after the start shifted out and away from PRIVATE BANKER. Approaching the 100m, was taken in by DARK CHILL before becoming awkward at that’s runners’ heels and shifting wider to obtain clear running. DOOM 15/11/2023 Spill The Secret Began awkwardly. IPSW 26/10/2023 Zaher (NZ) Jockey B. Thompson reported it wasn’t his intention to settle in such a forward position however after beginning well he elected to allow the gelding to stride forward rather than being caught wide in the early stages. E FM 14/10/2023 Champagne Pop Began very awkwardly and lost ground. Laid out and raced ungenerously between the 800m and the 400m.SCST 29/10/2023 Prefer Us (NZ) Shifted out under pressure over the final 100m. SCST 29/10/2023 Tojaki Laid in under pressure in the home straight. DOOM 11/11/2023 Brave Maso Laid out over the concluding stages.SCST 10/11/2023 Madame Odette Raced wide throughout. E FM 04/11/2023 Shezadandi Lost right fore plate in running.DOOM 11/11/2023 Wicked’n’ Lovin’it Held up approaching the home turn. SCST 10/11/2023 Race 7 Comrade Rosa Held up for clear running upon entering the home straight until approaching the 100m. DOOM 11/11/2023 Extremist Laid in under pressure over the concluding stages. DOOM 11/11/2023 Better Get Set Travelled wide and without cover for the majority of the event. GRAF 12/07/2023 Ekaterina Laid out under pressure before being corrected by its rider approaching the 100m. E FM 04/11/2023 Eagle Nest Shortly after the start made contact with another rnr.KENS 01/11/2023 Winside Held up for clear running rounding the home turn.SCST 18/11/2023 Chatty Lady Bumped after start. Laid in under pressure in the home straight.E FM21/10/2023 Self Indulgent At the 300m had to be steadied when placed in restricted room between INASEC which shifted out and TYPHOON TAAVI which laid in. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. DOOM 08/07/2023 Glorious Ruby Jumped away awkwardly. DOOM 11/11/2023 Deep Rouge Bumped after the start. E FM 07/11/2023 Race 8 Scallopini Raced wide throughout E FM 10/06/2023 Startantes Slow to begin. FLEM 07/10/2023 Holyfield Began awkwardly. Over raced in the early stages of the event. Raced wide throughout. DOOM 11/11/2023 Irish Songs Slow to begin and hampered shortly after jumping. Over raced in the early stages of the event. Became awkwardly placed on the heels of COMRADE ROSA over the concluding stages of the event.DOOM 11/11/2023