Sunshine Coast

Stewards SUMMARY Race 5 SUM YUNG GUYS BENCHMARK 65 Handicap 1000m Oakfield Target Inclined to pull in the middle stages. Passing the 600m became held up on heels and was unable to improve until shortly after straightening. BLNA 29/06/2023 Baiyka Laid in under pressure in the home straight. SCST 17/09/2023 Nipotino Shifted out on jumping and bumped heavily. When questioned, rdr reported with his mnt carrying a big weight, when placed under pressure rounding the home turn, it failed to respond to riding and weakened from the 300m, and in his opinion may have come to the end of its preparation. A post-race vet exam revealed no abs. Tnr advised the gelding will now be spelled. SCNE 12/05/2023 Xerri Approaching the 200m, laid in under pressure, momentarily tightening HAMILTON HILL. IPSW 27/09/2023 Your Too Good Began awkwardly and bumped with ROYAL NICCI, before shifting in and hampering BARONESSA. IPSW 28/04/2023 Capital Reign Raced wide and without cover throughout the event. Laid out under pressure approaching the 600m. IPSW 27/09/2023 Wine Not Roses Held up early before being obliged to shift in and away from heels of MOUETTE to obtain clear running. IPSW 27/09/2023 Zoumeteor When asked to comment, Jockey T. Marshall stated his mount weakened when placed under pressure in the home straight and was disappointed in its finishing efforts. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have a slow post-race recovery. E FM 15/07/2023 Amore Veloce Jockey B Thompson reported that in his opinion the mare did not appreciate todays track conditions. IPSW 17/05/2023 Cabrinella Began awkwardly. Whilst racing keenly leaving the 600m, became very awkwardly placed on the heels of PIANIST which crossed was not fully clear, bumped the running rail and lost ground. IPSW 27/09/2023 Miss Cinnamoncider Became awkward and shifted wider on the track after passing the winning post on the first occasion. KCOY 29/06/2023 Smashingplates Raced wide throughout. SCST 10/09/2023 Sir Carter Raced wide throughout. SCST 29/09/2023 Snow Boum Began awkwardly. DOOM 24/05/2023 Race 6 FINCIERGE NOOSA CUP BENCHMARK 78 Handicap 1000m Bugalugs Raced keenly on heels from the 700m for a short distance thereafter. TWBA 23/09/2023 Kavak Raced wide throughout. SCST 29/09/2023 Maximum Output Raced wide for the majority. E FM 30/09/2023 Flaming Conquest Began awkwardly. Laid out under pressure over the concluding stages. IPSW 15/09/2023 Dare To Share Blundered shortly after the start. GYMP 19/08/2023 Beast Mode Laid out under pressure over the final 200m, shifting out passing the winning post momentarily hampering WARRIORESS. E FM 06/09/2023 Never Paid Passing the 500m when attempting to improve, improved onto the heels of RED RUBY and as a result shifted out, contacting THE VOWELS, resulting in NEVER PAID having its hind quarters bumped and becoming unbalanced. Momentarily inconvenienced passing the 200m when racing in restricted room to the inside of RED RUBY which shifted out to improve. E FM 30/09/2023 Luskin Hero Approaching the 800m commenced to over race when being restrained to allow ORIENTAL PRINCESS to cross and lead. DOOM 09/08/2023 Kirra Lass Began awkwardly. IPSW 27/09/2023 Pacific Vampire Began only fairly and then from a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Near the 200m was inconvenienced. GOSF06/05/2023 Lime Soda Raced wide. Rider reported an abnormal respiratory noise and during a subsequent post- race veterinary examination it was disclosed to QRIC Veterinarian G Silvestri by trainer Mark Currie that LIME SODA was a 4/5 Roarer which is clinically referred to as Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy. Mr Currie was charged and pleaded guilty pursuant to AR105 (1)(b) in that as the trainer of LIME SODA after having received a veterinary diagnosis of a condition he failed to report this condition that being Recurrent Laryngeal Neuropathy which may affect the horse’s performance in a race when LIME SODA was nomDOOM 01/02/2023 Baiyka Laid in under pressure in the home straight. SCST 17/09/2023 Air Marshal Slow to begin. GRAF 26/09/2023 Race 7 NOOSA HEADS SLSC BENCHMARK 60 Handicap 1600m Loose Unit Laid in under pressure in the home straight. SCST 17/09/2023 Saddles Slow to begin and unable to muster speed in the early stages. Raced wide from the 700m. BDST 02/10/2023 Spiele Inconvenienced passing the 800m when RISING PACIFIC shifted out after improving onto heels. Raced wide for the remainder of the event. DOOM 13/09/2023 Wicked’n’ Lovin’it Raced wide in the early stages. SCST 17/09/2023 Contreras Slow to begin. Checked after improving onto heels near the 800m. Momentarily hampered near the 50m. LISM21/09/2023