Sunshine Coast

6 Stewards SUMMARY Race 1 High Cost 02/01/2022 Terang Trainer explained back in distance and grade benefit to performance. Bryneich 18/12/2021 Eagle Farm Bumped with LETHAL WARNING on jumping. Swan Island 19/02/2022 Aquis Park Gold Coast Slow to begin. My Best Effort 28/02/2022 Thangool Laid inwards in the home straight. Avoca 12/02/2022 Miles blundered shortly after the start. Travelled wide early stages. Metro Tramp 14/11/2021 Mount Perry Jumped outwards at the start and lost ground. Raced wide for the majority of the event. Shifted in near the 200 metres resulting in both HAVASHOUT and PURPOSEFUL MISS being tightened for room Zakheera 28/02/2022 Thangool Jumped away awkwardly. Race 2 King’s Counsel 05/02/2022 Aquis Park Gold Coast - As the gelding had not started in an extended period was examined by the veterinary surgeon prior to the event and passed suitable to race. Bumped near the 1500m and was forced wider. After being caught three wide in the early stages was allowed to stride forward by its rider to obtain a position outside the leader near the 1000m. Summit Special 12/02/2022 Newcastle Slow to begin. Huriwai 16/02/2022 Doomben After beginning only fairly was tightened shortly after the start losing ground. As a result of racing keenly improved onto heels near the 1000m and shifted wider. Consequently, raced in a three wide position with cover for the remainder. Lady Valentine 29/01/2022 Ipswich Slow to begin. Lyndall 17/02/2022 Ipswich Raced three wide for the majority of the event. Timstar 24/02/2022 Ipswich Slow into stride. Raced wide for the majority. Race 3 Makedon 30/10/2021 Eagle Farm Overraced in the early stages. Blackboots 13/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Began awkwardly and lost ground. Daunting Warrior 21/01/2022 Dalby Slow to begin before being tightened for room on jumping losing ground, consequently was under pressure early to maintain contact with the field. Raced wide for the majority. Rations 06/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Slipped on jumping and lost ground. Held up for clear running between the 500m and the 300m. Miss Too Fly 06/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Over-raced in the middle stages. Street Fighter 18/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Momentarily held up for clear running approaching the 400 metres. He’s the Deel 17/02/2022 Ipswich Slow to begin. Race 4 Cracking Thunder 09/02/2022 Ipswich Began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped, becoming awkwardly placed on heels soon after. High Way Warrior 01/02/2021 Dubbo Post-race vet exam revealed slow than normal recovery. Trainer was advised would be required to trial to steward satisfaction prior to next start. Master Tyler 16/02/2022 Doomben Jockey B Thompson reported the horse travelled strongly during the event and when asked to quicken did so for a short distance however peaked on its run late and, in his opinion, would derive a significant fitness benefit from today’s event when racing first up after a considerable spell. Script Writer 23/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Poly Track Bumped at the start and lost ground. Passing the 400m was obliged to alter course to the inside of DOWN AND AROUND to improve. Beauregard 08/05/2020 Aquis Park Gold Coast Tightened for room on jumping and shifted in inconveniencing a runner to its inside. Races wide for the majority of the race. Leored 17/10/2021 Sunshine Coast Slow to begin. Kaboom 06/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Jumped in at the start bumping with ENTERPRISE BELLA. Laid in under pressure in the early stages of the home straight. Hot Sauce 18/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Laid in upon entrance to the home straight and was then obliged to steady from the heels of LORD LOUISON which shifted out when not fully clear. The rider of LORD LOUISON, Adam Sewell was reprimanded pursuant to AR 131(a) for this incident. Rose Of Duporth 18/02/2022 Sunshine Coast Fractious prior to the start being effected. Reared at the start and lost ground. Radiant Romance 27/01/2022 Rockhampton Began awkwardly shifted inwards hampering another runner My Adeline 07/10/2021 IpswichOn arriving on-course slipped in the tie-up stalls, sustained a minor abrasion to the off foreleg, underwent a pre-race veterinary examination and was cleared to start. Bumped and taken in at the start. Raced three wide in the early stages. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare had bled from both nostrils for the first time. Under the provisions of AR79(4) representative for Trainer G Heinrich was advised MY ADELINE would be stood down from racing for a period of 3 months and must gallop 1000 metres in the presence of a Steward prior to its next race start. Calathiel 08/01/2022 Ipswich Bumped at the start. Over The Falls 12/02/2022 Toowoomba Bumped the inside running rail passing the 600m shifted out and bumped with another runner. Afroginasock 12/01/2022 Doomben Race three wide without cover throughout.