Sunshine Coast

6 Stewards SUMMARY Race 1 CELLAR MAINTENANCE AUSTRALIA Maiden Plate 1400m Cometti (NZ) Raced ungenerously from the 1000m-800m. Raced wide for the majority. TWBA25/02/2023 Lytablaze Began awkwardly, making heavy contact with CHICA LINDA. Over raced in the early stages and was checked from heels near the 1000m and continued to over race until passing the 600m. Again improved onto heels approaching the 400m and was checked to avoid the heels of the weakening BAGEEL, shortly afterwards shifted out and bumped with LOVEZELADYS. SCST 19/02/2023 Another Dazzler Slow to muster early speed and trailed the field throughout. A post-race Veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. Trainer N Hocking was advised that ANOTHER DAZZLER would not be permitted to start at TAB venues until such time as the gelding establishes improved forms at non-tab venues. IPSW 02/02/2023 Barnes Bumped on jumping. SCST 17/02/2023 Campione Slow to begin. IPSW 16/02/2023 Conti Held up rounding the home turn. SCST 12/02/2023 Oakfield Feather Shifted out on jumping, bumping COCO JEWEL. GCPT 18/02/2023 Twosey Threw its head in the air shortly after the start. SCST 12/02/2023 Brooklyn Dash Held up rounding the home turn. SCST 19/02/2023 Torque Espagna Crowded on jumping between HEAR HEAR, which jumped out and RENAULT which jumped in. SCPT 21/08/2022 Race 2 MASK EVENTS Maiden Plate 1400m Let’s Prosper Change of tactics: intention to be further forward. Led. Eased down over the final 200m. R Ex that the gelding was stepping up in distance from 1600m and despite travelling well simply failed to run out a strong 2200m in today’s Heavy 10 track conditions.HTON 13/09/2022 Mont Royal Slow to begin. E FM 22/02/2023 Victory’s Ghost Raced three wide throughout.SCST 23/09/2022 Chicane Fractious in the barriers. Raced in restricted room rounding the home turn and in the early part of the straight and near the 300m was obliged to steady from the heels of OUR DRUMMER which shifted out. SCST 17/02/2023 Lovezeladys Bumped heavily approaching the 400m. SCST 19/02/2023 Tokyo Bandit Began awkwardly and was slow into stride before being crowded and bumped. TWBA11/02/2023 Ultimate Outcome Raced keenly in the early stages. Lost off hind plate in running. SCST 07/10/2022 Wise Legend Raced wide throughout. IPSW 16/02/2023 Aynat Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. TWBA04/02/2023 Tikitiboo Slow to begin and checked when tightened between runners shortly after. Raced wide, without cover, throughout the early and middle stages. LISM 24/02/2023 Vadamoon (NZ) Near the 1100m whilst over racing shifted out bumping LOOSE UNIT. Held up rounding the home turn. IPSW 16/02/2023 Race 3 OUTFITS OF THE DAY Class 1 Handicap 1000m Our Rocketman Held up for clear running on entering the home straight until passing the 250m. SCST 03/02/2023 Duchess Rothesay Rider K Wilson-Taylor reported the horse felt awkward in its action when placed under pressure in the home straight. A post-race veterinary examination revealed lameness in the near hind leg. Trainer was advised DUCHESS ROTHESAY would require a veterinary clearance prior to its next race start. DOOM 13/07/2022 Sooblond Reared as the start was affected, making contact with the overhead partition and as a result was very slow to begin. Trainer N McCall was advised a warning would be placed on the mare’s barrier manners. Carried wider rounding the home turn when I’M A FOXY GIRL shifted out to improve. A post-race veterinary examination failed to reveal any abnormalities. SCST 05/02/2023 Stuck In A Dream When quest rdr stated he was inst to settle fwd with cover. Rdr stated he rode mount along in early stages & when no other rider was showing a clear intent to lead he elected to allow mount to work forward & hold lead, one off the fence, rather than ease back & risk being carried in onto inferior going on fence. Rdr mount travelled keenly in middle stages & failed to let down strongly on heavy track conditions down straight. Rdr added mount was particularly worked up prior to event. P/R vet exam revealed slow recovery & mild symptoms of tying up. GRAF 31/01/2023 The Rattlesnake Began awkwardly and lost ground. Hung in for the majority of the event and near the 500m shifted in despite the efforts of its rider resulting in DAWN COLOURS being crowded for room and having to be checked. SCST 11/09/2022 Martini Moment Began awkwardly. Raced three-wide without cover throughout. The near-side winker became semi-detached in running. Bumped near the 250m. SCST 05/02/2023 Elesprit Miss Restrained from heels near the 500m. Held up rounding the home turn until leaving the 300m. SCST 17/02/2023 Oakfield Blossom Slow to begin. GATT 23/02/2023 Motherlode slow to begin ROCK19/01/2023 Race 4 LOVE & PARTNERS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Class 2 Handicap 1400m Buon Acquisto (NZ) Slow to begin. Laid in when placed under pressure in the home straight. SCPT 23/10/2022 Moveitmoveit Passing the 600m when racing keenly, improved onto the heels of ALL STARS and shifted wider, then raced wide for the remainder. Inclined to lay in when placed under pressure over the final 200m.SCST 05/02/2023 Finsceal Stood flatfooted and lost significant ground. Trainer C. Munce was advised that a warning will be placed on the geldings’ barrier manners. Mr Munce advised Stewards that he intends to enact a gear change to have gelding start in a barrier blanket at its next start. SCST 28/01/2023 Pretty Little Lass Raced wide without cover until passing the 600m SW H 12/06/2022 Media Scandal Slow to begin. GRAF 10/02/2023 Tuscany Bound Held up for clear running from the home turn until leaving the 200m. Cast the off-fore plateSCST 17/02/2023 Leored Slow to begin. SCST 18/12/2022