Sunshine Coast

Stewards SUMMARY Race 5 RESI HOMES PTY LTD BENCHMARK 58 Handicap 1000M Kernel Boom Passing the 900m steadied to avoid heels IPSW 03/02/2024 Shajaea Began awkwardly and bumped. SCST 18/02/2024 Frappes Raced very keenly when attempting to be restrained in the early stages. Raced wide throughout. Laid out when placed under pressure approaching the 200m. SCST 14/01/2024 Ciccone Inconvenienced and obliged to shift wider over the concluding stages. DOOM 14/06/2023 Daintree Dreaming Leaving the 1000m, raced ungenerously for a short distance when attempting to restrain for cover. Raced wide throughout. E FM 03/01/2024 Prince Of Sooview Began awkwardly and bumped IN BARCELONA. SCST 10/09/2023 Tow The Line Near the 300m, when racing in restricted room, was tightened and as a consequence lost its rightful running. GCPT22/07/2023 Queen’s Secret Lost its off hind plate. SCST 26/12/2023 Top Bird Began awkwardly. MWBH 04/02/2024 Ready To Torque Raced wide. GCPT09/09/2023 Curry Legend Began awkwardly. Raced ungenerously in the early and middle stages CRNS19/08/2023 Platinum Lies Began awkwardly E FM 26/01/2024 You Ess Ess Are Began awkwardly. Raced wide for the majority. Raced very wide rounding the hometurn and in the home straight in and effort to secure the better going. WARW 29/01/2024 Race 6 SYMONS LAXON RACING BENCHMARK 68 Handicap 1200M Bandit A post-race vet exam revealed no abnormalities. E FM 03/02/2024 Bad Education Hampered after the start. E FM 03/02/2024 Halfahope Hampered after the start. E FM 03/02/2024 Kerchak (NZ) Began awkwardly and shifted in. Laid out under pressure over the concluding stages DOOM 12/01/2022 Piece Of Turf Hampered on jumping. Lost its near fore plate. SCST 26/12/2023 Destiny’s Republic Crowded near the 500m. Hung in, despite the efforts of its rider, leaving the 200m hampering THIS IS ONE. IPSW 15/02/2024 Aswaat Slow into stride. Raced wide from the 600m. E FM 06/09/2023 Unlikelyoccurrence At the start from the wide barrier restrained to a rearward position closer to the rail. Bumped the running rail passing the 1200m. After passing the 800m improved onto heels and had to be restrained before shifting out and racing wide from that point onwards. SCST 02/02/2024 Valley’s Sister Steadied from heels near the 1700m. Over raced for a short distance near the 1300m. DOOM 08/03/2023 Hooks (NZ) Raced wide and without cover throughout the early and middle stages. BLNA 25/01/2024 Jukebox Glow After beginning awkwardly, was bumped heavily. DOOM 10/02/2024 Race 7 TAB QTIS Three-Year-Old Maiden Handicap 1200M Capital Cee Bumped after the start. E FM 03/02/2024 Capital Chase Hampered shortly after the start. Raced keen early. Leaving the 800m, commenced to over race, improved onto heels & checked. GCST06/01/2024 Price Cost Bumped on jumping. SCST 11/02/2024 Ready To Pardon Shifted in on jumping bumping ENCUBIERTO causing the rider to become unbalanced momentarily. SCST 11/06/2023 Westoak Bumped soon after the start. Bumped near the 900m. Soon after straightening, laid in and away from another runner and crowded runners to its inside. TWBA 30/09/2023 Dayu Near the 1100m had to be steadied off heels. Rdr reported it was his intention to settle in a prominent position, however after beginning only fairly his mnt then failed to muster sufficient speed to obtain a prominent position, therefore elected to find a position with cover towards the rear of the field. A post-race vet exam revealed no abnormalities. CANT19/01/2024 Allumeur Held up approaching and rounding the home turn.SCST 13/10/2023 Araminta Momentarily held up for clear running leaving the 300m. GATT 08/02/2024 Rosefinch Jumped out at the start. When asked to comment on the performance rider J Orman stated the horse travelled comfortably during the race however failed to let down when placed under pressure in the home straight. A post-race veterinary examination revealed ROSEFINCH to be steeping short in its action. DOOM 13/09/2023 Suite Secret Inclined to over race for a short distance approaching the 900m.SCST 29/10/2023 Grape Expectations Raced wide throughout. SCST 29/10/2023 Major Freestone Raced wide throughout. Approaching the 100m, bumped on the hindquarters and became unbalanced. Apprentice C. Graham reported that her mount was inclined to lay out for the majority of the event. GATT 08/02/2024 My Spirit Slow to begin. IPSW 18/01/2024 Phyliss Slow to begin. DOOM 14/02/2024 Better Be Brief Slow to begin. IPSW 04/10/2023 Typhoon Tip Became very awkward placed on heels on jumping and was obliged to restrain. Raced keenly leaving the 800m. Raced wide for the majority of the event. WARW 29/01/2024 Queen Of Dark Raced keenly when being restrained in an effort to obtain cover near the 800m. E FM 06/09/2023 Moonlight Kicks Raced wide throughout. SCST 14/01/2024