Are long running proud sponsors of the Penong Racing Club. They offer Fresh Seafood, excellent meals Upgraded quality accommodation, Ocean Views, Friendly Staff and of course Ice Cold Bevvies for you all to enjoy. Call 86252008 to make a reservation FASHION AT THE RACES PRIZES BEST DRESSED WOMENSWEAR $350 WOMENSWEAR RUNNER UP $100 MENS WINNER $150 MENS RUNNER UP $50 BEST MILLINERY $50 YOUNG MISS 13-17 $50 + $50 gift voucher Totally Board YOUNG MISS 13-17 R/U $50 YOUNG LAD 13-17 $100 YOUNG LAD R/U $50 JUNIOR GIRLS $30 voucher SPRYS NEWSAGENCY JUNIOR BOYS $30 voucher SPRYS NEWSAGENCY Sponsored by & The Penong Race Club, Totally Board, Spry’s Newsagency