PATRON PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT DIRECTORS CHIEF STEWARD JUDGE Hon. George Souris AM John Sunderland Keith Googe Jim Rodger, Jonathon McTaggart, Heather Parry, Shaelee Welchman Jack Marshall Nathan MarƟn STARTER ASSISTANT STARTER AllenWicks Malcolm Hunt VETERINARY SURGEON RACE CALLER MRC GENERAL MANAGER MRC COURSE CURATOR RACECOURSE PHOTOGRAPHER MRC OFFICE Rose Bensley Racing NSW Veterinarian Phil Roberts Trevor Taylor Dominic Cooper Bradley Photos 02 6541 1699 RESTRICTED AREAS 1.REGISTERED PERSONS ONLY IN RESTRICTED AREAS (Trainers, Jockeys & Forepersons/Stable hands) Display your badge/idenƟficaƟon at all Ɵmes. 2. Dress RegulaƟons Casual Race Day are in General Admission Grounds. Are must be clean, neat and Ɵdy, in good repair and in good taste at all Ɵmes. 3. Patrons are not permiƩed to enter the race day stalls however you are welcome to view the horses from the fenced area and trainers are encouraged to bring the horses to the viewing area for the owners. If you are unable to see your Trainer from the fence, please ask MRC staff to help you. 4. Patrons, Owners and Sponsors are not permiƩed to enter the mounƟng enclosure. REGISTERED PERSONS ONLY 5. All Patrons are asked to respect the restricted areas for Jockey's, Trainers & Official Staff and always remain behind the barricades. 6. The Grandstand is available for seaƟng to view the racecourse and the race will be televised on the big screen for your convenience. Remember to social distance 1.5 meters from other persons. 7. Owners may visit the race club office to acquire a members area pass if available. 8. TAB & Bookmakers faciliƟes will be available. ATM is on course. 9. Hygiene Cleaners will be cleaning surfaces throughout the day. 10. Remember to social distance of 1.5 meters per person, pracƟce good hygiene always.