Ladbrokes Park

13 MRC.RACING.COM Kanzai Hampered and eased near the 350m to avoid heels. Performed below market expectations. Rider could offer no explanation. A post race vet exam revealed no abs. Bendigo 14/04/2021 Carrier Buster Slow to begin. Bumped near the 250m. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside24/11/2021 Velours Bleu Rdr said mount travelled well however failed to respond to his riding. Post race vet exam revealed no abs. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside17/11/2021 Haveyouzeena Slow to begin. Raced four wide without cover. App rdr reported her mount raced flat. Tnr advised filly will now be spelled. A post-race vet exam no abs. Moe 24/06/2021 Changing Tracks Post race vet check failed to reveal any abnormalities. Mornington 18/11/2021 Race 7 Brasada Slow to begin and then shortly after the start was hampered. Held up for a short distance when racing close to heels near the 150m. Approaching the winning post, raced in restricted room over the concluding stages. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 24/11/2021 Secretly Awesome Began awkwardly. Approaching the 1200m raced in restricted room. Approaching the winning post, when laying out, shifted out. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 24/11/2021 Helmiton Rider stated after beginning well he elected to stride forward. Terang 19/11/2021 Next Ride Slow into stride. Held up when unable to obtain clear running from the 500m until near the 200m.Sportsbet-Pakenham 25/11/2021 Sea Crossing Near the 1200m got its head up on a number of occasions. bet365 Park Kilmore 21/11/2021 Shadow Prey Slow to begin. Severely checked off heels near the 600m. Hamilton 22/11/2021 Designs A post-race veterinary examination revealed a slower than normal recovery. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 24/11/2021 Shezadandi Raced wide and without cover throughout. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 17/11/2021 Buchan Hoaks Rider reported that she had hoped that the runners to her outside would have gone forward in the middle stages giving her cover, as being challenged during this period resulted in her mount failing to finish off. Donald14/11/2021 Larrikin Slow to begin. Raced four wide throughout. bet365 Geelong 23/11/2021 Race 8 Dominus Raced keenly in the early and middle stages of the event. Vet NVA. Morphettville 31/07/2021 Galactic Fury Rdr said mount failed to travel and was disappointing. Post race vet exam revealed no abs. The Valley 12/11/2021 Mark Of The Man Passing the 400m made a faulty stride and knuckled. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 24/11/2021 Adandiman Rdr said inst to be positive from start as horse had previously been slow to begin. Added intention was to settle handy however after beginning well with moderate tempo mount settled further forward. Tnr conf inst and intention had been to be forward last start however mount was slow to begin. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 17/11/2021 D’jumbuck Began awkwardly. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside24/11/2021 Reliable Dude Raced 3 wide without cover. Flemington 03/07/2021 Mrs Sippy Held up for clear running in the early part of the home straight. Near the 300m shifted out to obtain clear running and in doing so bumped another runner. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside 24/11/2021 Platini Prior to the start being effected the gates opened and the gelding cantered a short distance. Underwent a veterinary examination and was passed suitable to race. RR the gelding would be better suited to tracks with more give. bet365 Park Kilmore21/11/2021 Mister Yu Shu Slow to begin. Passing the 400m was steadied and shifted to the outside to obtain clear running. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside24/11/2021 Bezazzalled Near 500m raced in restricted room for short distance. Tatura 20/11/2021 Tonneofgrit Commenced awkwardly, shifted in and bumped. Raced keenly in the early stages. Rdr reported after being hampered at the start he was obliged to settle further back and in his opinion this was detrimental to its chances. A post-race vet exam revealed no abs. The Valley 19/11/2021 Stewards Report