Ladbrokes Park

12 MRC.RACING.COM Stewards Report Race 2 De La Fayette Commenced a kw rdly. Held up until shifting out near the 200m to obtain clear running. bet365 Geelong 23/11/2021 I Am Enchanting Commenced awkwardly and lost ground. When the pace slackened in the middle stages was steadied off heels near the 500m. Held up passing the 200m. bet365 Geelong 23/11/2021 In Her Stride Bumped shortly after the start. Sportsbet-Ballarat 21/10/2021 Perceptive Vet reported it sustained a minor laceration to off hind fetlock. Terang 19/11/2021 Perpetual Grace Began awkwardly. Held up from the 300m to the 200m. Tactics queried. Mornington 18/11/2021 Pranceen Lost a near hind plate during the event. bet365 Park Kilmore 21/11/2021 Sudden Impacts Rdr said mount may be suffering from a respiratory issue. Post race vet exam revealed no abs. Tnr to report back. Bendigo 10/11/2021 Tempest Charm Bumped at the start. Laid in under pressure in the straight. SportsbetPakenham 25/11/2021 Valley Of Queens Restless in barrier, bounded as start was effected and missed start by 2L. Approaching 1000m eased off heels and then raced ungenerously with its head up in middle stages. Trainer notified a warning has been placed on filly’s record for its barrier manners. Rider could offer no explanation for performance. A post-race vet exam failed to reveal any obvious abs. Sportsbet-Pakenham 11/11/2021 Race 3 Bucks Slow to begin. Disappointed for a run 200m and changed course to obtain clear running.. Traralgon 28/11/2021 Countenanski Slow to begin. bet365 Geelong 14/11/2021 Moon Dog Slow to begin. Moe 08/11/2021 Ebony King Lost the near fore plate in running.Ladbrokes Park Lakeside24/11/2021 Five Ounce Slow to begin. bet365 Yarra Valley 27/11/2021 Legatus Slow to begin. Bendigo 25/11/2021 Only Human Raced greenly under pressure in straight. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside24/11/2021 Race 4 Abseiler Over raced in the early stages. Steadied off heels near the 600m. Laid inwards under pressure in the straight. The Valley 19/11/2021 Don’t Doubt Nic Post race vet check revealed no abnormalities. Raced wide throughout. Mornington 18/11/2021 Licorice Prince Began awkwardly, Mornington 18/11/2021 Express Master Rider reported too keen with blks. Lame left hind, vet cert required.Sale 24/10/2021 Gulf Of Aden Began awkwardly. After being caught wide in early stages was allowed to stride forward to obtain the lead near the 800m. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside24/11/2021 Ranmard Began awkwardly, then bumped. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside24/11/2021 Race 5 Annunciate Caught three wide without cover, allowed to stride and obtain the lead after passing the 1400 metres. bet365 Park Kilmore 21/11/2021 Project Gutenberg Performed below market expectations. Rider reported in his opinion the gelding may have not been suited by the weight of 63 ½ kg which it carried. A post race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. Bendigo 25/11/2021 Chestorius Laid out under pressure in the straight. Bendigo 25/11/2021 Glamdam Slow to begin. Moe 08/11/2021 Silk Jacket Raced in restricted room between 500m until 350m. Shortly after straightening was taken to the outside of a runner to improve. Bendigo 25/11/2021 Race 6 Lariat Raced wide and without cover throughout. The Valley 12/11/2021 Galaxy Keeper Rider reported it hung out throughout. Vet reported no abnormalities. The Valley 19/11/2021 Kuna Magic Held up from the 400m until the 100m. The Valley 19/11/2021 Kaniva Tactics queried. Apprentice rider reported instructions to ride forward but after beginning well from a wide draw elected to attempt to lead. Overraced near the 1000m. Bendigo 25/11/2021 Moose Jaw Commenced awkwardly. The Valley 19/11/2021 Little Miss Gutsaa Rdr lost use of nearside rein for a short distance near the 700m. Taken wider from the 250m to the 150m. Ladbrokes Park Lakeside17/11/2021