WITH PERMISSION OF VIETNAM VETERANS ASSOCIATION REDCLIFFE SUB-BRANCH INC Vietnam Vets I can’t know the tears and never the fears That only a war can bond. I can’t walk the road nor share the load Up there to the Great Beyond. But I have real respect for you did protect A freedom we all share. You fought with a pride so we could reside With family who love and care. Australia is free thanks to people like thee Though you carry the baggage of war. For you returned to your homes and like old garden gnomes Were silent of what you saw. And through autumn years reunion still sears Images now so surreal. And as old soldiers die your memories deny What your mind so longs to conceal. It’s you who I toast, you veterans who host A history, hard, rich and rare; And I’ll stand to give for as long as I live True thanks to you who dare. Reserved for The Redcliffe Vietnam Veterans’ Association Vietnam Vets Doug Morris 23102003 October 2003