STEWARDS REPORT Race 1 LADBROKES SAME RACE MULTI BENCHMARK 55 Handicap 800M Boston City Made the home turn awkwardly and shifted wider. Raced wide throughout. IPSW 06/01/2024 Devilicious Slow to begin. Underwent a post-race veterinary examination which identified some mild upperrespiratory sounds but failed to reveal any significant abnormalities. TWBA25/11/2023 Cheval De Course Began very awkwardly. Over-raced throughout the early stages. Leaving the 800m, directed onto heels and obliged to steady. Continued to over-race thereafter. BELL 06/01/2024 Hero’s Trinket Began only fairly and subsequently settled further back than may have been expected. Held-up for clear running rounding the home-turn. Raced in restricted room over the concluding stages. Rider stated the mare failed to travel throughout the event and proved slightly disappointing. TEXS 09/12/2023 Rising Spirit Commenced to hang out form the 600m and continued to do so for the remainder of the event, resulting in the rider being unable to fully test the mare in the home straight. KCOY 11/01/2024 Day Time Martinis Raced wide in the early stages. Shifted wider on the home turn. GYMP 28/10/2023 Saturday Glory Slow to begin. Severely check from heels near the 900m. KCOY 04/06/2023 Craiglea Laki Laid out rounding the home turn and over the final 200m. THAN 13/01/2024 Massabielle Began awkwardly. Bumped VIVA AMERICANA and lost ground as a result. Raced wide throughout. Hung out on the home turn. GYMP 28/10/2023 The Waiting Man Bumped heavily at the start and lost ground. Improved onto heels approaching the 300m and had to be steadied resulting in the gelding becoming unbalanced. KCOY 11/01/2024 Bet Lucy Began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped. Raced keenly in the early stages. Laid-out rounding the hometurn. BELL 06/01/2024 Lively Lass Leaving the 700m, tightened for room. TEXS 09/12/2023 Dee Jay Cee Began awkwardly and bumped. Over-raced throughout the early stages of the event. BELL 06/01/2024 Mussel Lines Bumped soon after the start with CHAIRLIFT. BBRG 07/11/2023 Race 2 KILCOY EXCHANGE HOTEL BENCHMARK 50 Handicap 1500M Elizano Over-raced throughout the early and middle stages. Became awkwardly placed on the heels leaving the 200m and was obliged to steady before shifting wider.TWBA01/01/2024 Basil’s Bow Held up for clear running approaching the home turn. NNGO16/12/2023 Soobpurb Dancer Hampered on jumping and lost ground. SCST 07/11/2023 Cash Artist Began awkwardly. Approaching the 100m, bumped and became unbalanced for several strides when another runner marginally shifted in whilst attempting a narrow run between that runner and the running rail. BELL 06/01/2024 Sock’emsid Change of tactics, more conservative in the early stages. Ridden accordingly. SCST 31/12/2023 Bie’res Rolled out marginally when under pressure in the home straight CHIN 16/12/2023 Hell Of A Prince Shifted in under pressure in the home straight and brushed SEERESS approaching the 100m. KCOY 11/01/2024 Power Glider Bumped heavily at the start with rider becoming momentarily unbalanced and consequently lost ground. DOOM 10/01/2024 Whistle Hoff Became awkwardly placed on heels leaving the 400m and was obliged to steady. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the mare to have lost its off-fore plate in running. TWBA01/01/2024 Disconcerted (NZ) Approaching the 1000m, steadied and lost ground when crowded STAN 21/10/2023 Rye Dee Oh Raced wide without cover. GCPT 16/12/2023 Bambalam Raced wide throughout. SCST 14/01/2024 Amisfield Hampered shortly after the start and became awkward at heels. Approaching the 1400m steadied when tightened for room DOOM 10/01/2024 The Brumby Had to be momentarily steadied near the 250m when SRINI shifted off the heels of TOY BLAZE to obtain clear running. Whilst stewards were mindful of the racing manners of TOY BLAZE in this incident, jockey J. Huxtable (SRINI) was nonetheless reminded to exercise more care when shifting in similar circumstances. ROCK 01/12/2023 Birkin Black Over-raced in the early and middle stages of the event. SCST 31/12/2023 Whistlin’ Arrow Raced wide throughout. NNGO16/12/2023 Buddy’s Tale Began awkwardly. Laid out passing the winning post on the first occasion taking NOT A FAT BOY and POWER PACK wider. GATT 12/11/2023 Race 3 BUTLER MCDERMOTT LAWYERS AUSTRALIA DAY CUP BENCHMARK 60 Handicap 1200M Substitution Reared as the start was effected and lost ground. Trainer was advised a warning would be placed on the gelding’s record. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. BELL 06/01/2024 Doctor Teekay Began only fairly. Raced keenly on heels approaching the 1000m when the pace slackened. BELL 06/01/2024 Mr Vista When the paced slackened in the middle stages over raced onto heels near the 700m and had to be restrained before shifting out, inconveniencing FIVE OXFORD. DOOM 08/12/2023 Kuzco Lad Jumped out at the start. NNGO16/12/2023 Mr Brose Over raced in the early stages when being restrained in an attempt to find cover, however when unable to do so, raced wide throughout. SCST 19/01/2024 Best Song Slow to begin. Held up for clear running in the early part of the home straight. ROCK 09/01/2024 Heart Of Marble Began awkwardly.WARW 15/01/2024 Witch Day Over raced during the early stages. Leaving the 1100m, commenced to over race when being steadied to allow SATASHI to cross. Held up for clear running when awkwardly placed on heels at the 300m, shifted out and bumped ATLANTIC ROYAL. SCST 16/07/2023 Sarodec Slow to begin. Raced keenly in the early stages and as a result was shifted wider on the track passing the 900m. SCST 23/07/2023