88 stewards summary Race 1 Goodwood Trophy 2000M Flash Feeling (NZ) Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. CAUL 10/02/2024 El Soleado Rider reported after beginning well from wide took advantage of beginning and settled further forward than previuosly.CAUL 03/02/2024 Morty laid in under pressure in the straight. SBYN 02/02/2024 Akrotiri (NZ) When questioned regarding the apparent improved performance, trainer explained that the gelding’s run at its most recent start had merit and added that the plan had been to ride the gelding positive, albeit not with the intention to lead but rather to ensure the gelding had clear galloping room. She further added that was suited to being up in distance and having a favourable run in the lead. M V 27/01/2024 Crimson Light (NZ) Restrained shortly after the start from its wide gate to settle towards the rear of the field. Overraced in the early stages M V 27/01/2024 Star Vega (IRE) Slow to begin and then hampered. Had difficulty obtaining clear running CAUL 03/02/2024 Interlinked (NZ) Approaching the 600m was steadied after improving up onto heels. M V 27/01/2024 Race 2 Ronald McDonald House Charities Trophy 1100M Squad Raced keenly in the early stages. Rider reported when placed under pressure the gelding failed to respond and was disappointing. A post race veterinary examination revealed no significant findings. M V 27/01/2024 Wiggum Slow to begin and crowded after the start. Held up for clear running from the 500m and near the 250m was tightened for room. Was then able to secure clear running from the 200m. Rider reported his mount suffered interference at the start and settled further back than intended. He added that his mount was impeded at times in the straight, however he was satisfied with the manner in which the gelding closed its race off once clear. FLEM 20/01/2024 Chester Warrior Began awkwardly and shifted in. FLEM 13/01/2024 Bifrost (NZ) Held up for clear running from the 300m until passing the 100m. Lost the near fore plate in running. Rider was advised should’ve shifted wider to improve. CAUL 03/02/2024 Oracle Son Slow into stride. MORN 30/09/2023 Prairie Flower Restrained in the early stages. Rider penalised for returning to scale 1kg overweight. GEEL 06/01/2024 Big Watch Crowded for room near the 1000m. SANL 31/01/2024 Dollar Chaser Bumped at the start. FLEM 20/01/2024 Cute As Overraced in the early stages. Passing the 200m was eased inwards when awkwardly placed on heels CAUL 03/02/2024 Shoresy Tightened for room at the start. When racing keenly approaching the 600m got its head up when being restrained to avoid heels. Rider reported raced keen and failed to finish off. FLEM 03/06/2023 Southern Fire Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. Had difficulty obtaining clear running in the early part of the straight. Rdr said mount laid in under pressure. PAKM 01/02/2024 Race 3 TCL Talindert Stakes 1100M Wolfgang Fractious in barriers & vetted. Raced keen early. Rdr reported colt travelled well until placed under pressure round home turn where it put in an awkward stride and then failed to respond to riding from that point. Added had concerns with colt’s action behind. A post-race vet exam revealed no abs. Co-Tnr asked to report back on condition in ensuing days GCST 13/01/2024 Counteroffensive Bumped at startCAUL 03/02/2024 Aardvark Began awkwardly. Steadied off heels near the 500m. CAUL 18/10/2023 Little Stirrer Commenced awkwardly and bumped a runner. CAUL 16/12/2023 Race 4 Royal Ascot Plate 1600M Milton Park Near the 1200m was tightened for room, blundered and lost its rightful running when crowded. Raced four-wide without cover from the 1000m. FLEM 20/01/2024 Japanese Emperor (NZ) Slow to begin. CAUL 03/02/2024 Turbeau RE the gelding travelled well in the early and middle stages; however when placed under pressure did not respond and was disappointing GAWL 06/01/2024