80 10 1 Poland R88 (9) 62kg Gavin Bedggood (Cranbourne) Blake Shinn 6yo b g So You Think (NZ)-Sun Song (Desert Sun (GB)) BREEDER Orpheo Pty Ltd Owners Mrs K Flaherty, P D Green, R A Alexander, J Pauling, Mrs S K Guest, B Coopersmith, C Lawson, D P Sardelic, Mrs H J Singleton, P J Murray, S Rafferty, J P A Sist, L Dyer, S Blacow, I Fan, C Bougoure, Poland Racing, Last Five Percent, Mailbag Bloodstock & Hunter Graeber Racing Deep Navy, Mailbag Bloodstock Logo, White With Orange Spots Sleeves And Cap (dc) 26 Starts 2-3-4 $379,625 TECHFORM 96 Track 9:1-1-1 Dist 13:2-2-2 Trk/Dist 5:1-1-1 Wet 7:0-3-1 1st Up 7:1-1-0 2nd Up 6:0-1-1 2-8 CAULm Sat 8Jul23 1400 S6 BM100 W F Pinn(a) (1) 58(56) $5.50 1-Ulysses 52 0.1L 1:24.72R92 10-12 FLEMm Sat 5Aug23 1410 G3 BM100 B Shinn (9) 56 $4f 1-Edison 53.5 5.4L 1:22.86R92 5-14 CAULm Sat 2Sep23 1400 G4 BM100 J Childs (4) 55.5 $21 1-Devoted 50.5 1.9L 1:23.08R90 6-8 BRAT Fri 22Sep23 1600 G3 GOLD NUGGET J Childs (1) 57 $7.50 1-Ascension (GB) 58 7.1L 1:36.82R90 4-7 FLEMm Sat 13Jan24 1200 G4 STANDISH-G3 B Mertens (7) 54 $19 1-Sghirripa 54.5 5.8L 1:09.07R88 Sat behind the leader, had chance to improve, succumbed into sixth 7.1L at Ballarat Gold Nugget over 1600m. On the speed, grinding finish, fitter for run 5.8L Standish Group 3 over 1200m. Second-up. 2 Bullfinch (GB) R86 (3) 61kg Reece Goodwin (Pakenham OC) Jaylah Kennedy (a3/52.5kg) 7yo b g Kodiac (GB)-Thistle Bird (GB) (Selkirk (USA)) BREEDER The Rt Hon Lord Rothschild Owners R J Goodwin, C T Dyson, Saniuqa7 Racing (Mgr: M De Navi), B J Sporle, B Norton, T Murphy, B R Jamison, Simanna Racing (Mgr: S Jennings), C Di Iorio, A Di Iorio, J R Martin, J A Irvine, G Burton, C McCalmont, J Rhind, J Karantonis, D Barr, E O’Farrell, N Quinn & Sit and Steer Racing (Mgr: W Gadsden) Emerald Green, Purple Vee, White Sleeves And Cap (d) 31 Starts 5-4-6 $355,981 TECHFORM 95 Track 3:0-1-0 Dist 10:3-2-0 Trk/Dist 2:0-1-0 Wet 10:0-1-2 1st Up 8:1-0-0 2nd Up 6:3-1-0 2-10 E FMm Sat 2Sep23 1400 G4 TATTS MEMB CUP-LR D Thornton (2) 54 $11 1-Irish Songs 57 1.5L 1:22.96R90 5-8 DOOMm Sat 9Sep23 1615 G4 CL6-SW D Thornton (5) 57.5 $4.40 1-Shibli (GB) 57.5 3.8L 1:35.32R91 3-9 E FMm Sat 30Sep23 1600 G3 HCP J M Orman (4) 56 $4.40f 1-Shibli (GB) 54 1.1L 1:35.05R90 3-9 E FMm Sat 21Oct23 1600 G4 CL6 C Graham(a) (2) 61.5(59.5) $13 1-Cottee 54 2.4L 1:37.07R90 10-10 CAULm Sat 3Feb24 1100 G3 BM84 JK Kennedy(a) (8) 62(59) $201 1-Rey Magnerio 59.5 5.9L 1:02.27R88 Midfield rail, worked hard to get a clear run 2.4L at Eagle Farm Cl6 over 1600m. Weakened out of the race after doing a lot of chasing 5.9L at Caulfield Bm84 over 1100m. Warrants respect with second-up stats. 3 Arran Bay R85 (14) 60.5kg Phillip Stokes (Pakenham OC) Sheridan Clarke (a3/52kg) 5yo ch g All Too Hard-Stolen Girlfriend (Canny Lad) BREEDER Dr A Jackson Owners A T Jackson, Mrs C M Jackson, B J Saundry & Mrs S M Saundry Yellow, Red Disc, Armbands And Cap (dwt) 24 Starts 5-6-2 $412,675 TECHFORM 93 Track 8:1-3-1 Dist 6:1-1-1 Trk/Dist 3:0-1-1 Wet 9:3-2-1 1st Up 5:0-1-1 2nd Up 4:3-0-0 6-8 M Vm Sat 26Aug23 1519 G3 4UP BM100 D Moor (1) 53 $8 1-Deny Knowledge (IRE) 52.5 4.6L 1:30.05R85 8-14 M Vm Sat 9Sep23 2040 G3 BM100 D Moor (9) 53 $9 1-Young Werther (NZ) 61.5 2.4L 2:05.96R84 2-8 BLLA Fri 29Sep23 2100 G4 BLLA CUP Z Spain (4) 54(54.5) $3.50 1-Brayden Star (GB) 56 1.5L 2:11.68R84 5-12 CAULm Wed 18Oct23 2000 G4 COONGY-G3 Z Spain (5) 54(54.5) $7.50 1-Muramasa 54 4.6L 2:01.21R85 4-10 MORPm Sat 4Nov23 1800 G3 JOHN LETTS-LR L J Neindorf (8) 56 $4.80 1-Pudding (NZ) 56 0.8L 1:48.18R85 Camped behind speed, got inside run, only fair 4.6L Coongy Group 3 over 2000m. Went forward to settle on the pace and was courageous 0.8L John Letts Listed over 1800m. Likely to benefit from the drop in grade. 4 Sir Davy R85 (13) 60.5kg Ciaron Maher (Ballarat) Ethan Brown 6yo b or br g Street Boss (USA)-Catechuchu (Catbird) BREEDER Mrs J Thomson Owners Halo Racing Services Pty Ltd (Mgr: C B Mckenna), Mrs J McKenna, A Makiv, Miss S Negre, J H Batchelor, W Cockram, H R Skene, T I M Joyce & J G Senior Royal Blue, Lime Hoops, Hooped Cap (dw) 21 Starts 6-4-2 $351,250 TECHFORM 86 Track 8:0-1-1 Dist 7:1-2-0 Trk/Dist 3:0-0-0 Wet 14:3-2-1 1st Up 5:1-1-1 2nd Up 4:0-2-0 10-13 FLEMm Tue 1Nov22 1800 S7 CUP DAY PLATE-LR E P Brown (13) 54 $7 1-Bartholomeu Dias (GB) 55 5.5L 1:51.74R93 8-13 FLEMm Sat 3Jun23 1400 S7 HCP B Mertens (10) 54.5 $13 1-King Magnus 58.5 3.9L 1:23.94R91 10-10 FLEMm Sat 17Jun23 1420 G4 HCP W F Pinn(a) (9) 54.5(52.5) $7.50 1-Not an Option 57.5 5.2L 1:25.19R91 6-8 CAULm Sat 8Jul23 1400 S6 BM100 H T Coffey (5) 56.5 $10 1-Ulysses 52 3.1L 1:24.72R89 9-12 M Vm Sat 29Jul23 1600 S5 BM100 L Meech (12) 53.5 $26 1-The Summit (FR) 55 8.2L 1:37.82R87 Settled midfield, boxed on well in the straight 3.1L at Caulfield Bm100 over 1400m Soft 6. Settled on speed, weakened before turn never in it 8.2L at The Valley Bm100 over 1600m Soft 5. Can win first-up.