76 8 9 Sunsets (Blks) R90 (13) 57kg Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young (Cranbourne) John Allen 3yo b c 06/10/20 Dundeel (NZ)-Waterloo Sunset (Fastnet Rock) BREEDER Fairway Thoroughbreds Owners A Kheir, J A O’Neill, J A K Racing, V Kheir, B A Secatore, Mrs R T Secatore, B D Nettlefold, D Edmonds, D P Juratowitch, Mrs S H Juratowitch, S A Lewin, M J Saadie, B Turner, Mrs L Lee, P R Rechter, Carty Racing, A K Racing, Group 1 Bloodstock, Sly Connection & Healey Bloodstock Navy Blue, Pale Yellow Spots, Halved Sleeves, Quartered Cap (dw) 9 Starts 2-2-1 $351,365 TECHFORM 82 Track 3:0-1-1 Dist 2:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 5:1-1-0 1st Up 2:0-0-0 2nd Up 1:0-1-0 1-12 DON Tue 29Aug23 1624 S5 MDN-SW J Allen (3) 57 $2.60f 2-Jefferson (NZ) 59.5 2.8L 1:41.14 2-9 FLEMm Sun 24Sep23 1800 G3 3YC&G-SWP J Allen (2) 56 $19 1-Gold Bullion (NZ) 57 0.4L 1:49.71R62 4-15 FLEMm Sat 7Oct23 1800 S5 SUPER IMPOSE-LR O P Bosson (15) 57 $12 1-Riff Rocket 57 6.5L 1:50.05R64 1-7 CAULm Sat 21Oct23 2000 G4 N ROBINSON-G3 J Allen (7) 57 $16 2-Riff Rocket 57 0.1L 2:05.50R64 3-16 FLEMm Sat 4Nov23 2500 G4 VIC DERBY-G1 J Allen (16) 57 $13 1-Riff Rocket 57 1.1L 2:37.38R80 Outside leader, quickened smartly, brave win late 0.1L N Robinson Group 3 over 2000m. Midfield one off, hit the front, gunned down late 1.1L Vic Derby Group 1 over 2500m. Likely to need the run. 10 Verdad R81 (3) 57kg Robbie Griffiths & Mathew de Kock (Cranbourne) Jye McNeil 3yo b g 10/10/20 Justify (USA)-Whistle Baby (Magnus) BREEDER Merricks Station Owners Mrs S G Griffiths, R D Griffiths T S G Brown, Ms S Gnanalingam, Mrs K J Pearce, C Macek, D A Kercher, C Cowley, A J Lalor, W P Enright, D Shirley, Thin String Racing (Mgr: P McRedmond) & Princeton Thoroughbred Stud (Mgr: C W Pearce) Hot Pink, White Crossed Sashes, Shield With Old English P Inside 6 Starts 1-2-1 $279,625 TECHFORM 87 Track 2:0-0-1 Dist 2:0-1-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 0:0-0-0 1st Up 2:1-0-1 2nd Up 1:0-1-0 2-10 M VmN Fri 29Sep23 1600 G3 STUTT STK-G2 B Mertens (3) 57 $3.90f 1-Griff 57 0.3L 1:36.00R64 6-15 CAULm Sat 14Oct23 1600 G4 CAUL GUINEAS-G1 B Mertens (14) 57 $21 1-Griff 57 4.4L 1:37.97R74 2-8 M Vm Sat 28Oct23 2040 G3 VASE-G2 B Mertens (5) 57 $2.45f 1-Apulia 57 2.0L 2:04.36R74 5-16 FLEMm Sat 4Nov23 2500 G4 VIC DERBY-G1 J McNeil (4) 57 $12 1-Riff Rocket 57 7.9L 2:37.38R76 3-13 FLEMm Sat 17Feb24 1400 G3 CS HAYES-G3 J McNeil (2) 56 $7.50 1-Riff Rocket 59.5 1.5L 1:22.32R78 In behind the speed, out sprinted, stuck on well 7.9L Vic Derby Group 1 over 2500m. Enormous effort to get so close to the winner when third 1.5L Cs Hayes Group 3 over 1400m. Great return. Yet to run a bad race. BLOODSTOCK ACE 11 Snow Patrol (NZ) R90 (7) 57kg Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr) (Cranbourne) Blake Shinn 3yo b g 20/08/20 Contributer (IRE)-O’Rocker (O’Reilly (NZ)) BREEDER B S, M J & Mrs R L Wallbank Owners Ace Bloodstock Racing Pty Ltd, S A Bira’m, Mangan Racing, P A Vawdrey, S P Hardwidge, C J Nicholls, M Wanzare, B W Grimley, S W Grimley, C S Racing, B Barba, A Miaoulis, N Miaoulis, J C Slattery, Mrs C M Slattery, A G Nelson, S J Kyriazis, Ace Club & Attaboy Red, White Ace Bloodstock Logo And Wording On Sides, White Sleeves, Red Stripe, White Cap 4 Starts 2-0-1 $218,790 TECHFORM 72 Track 1:0-0-0 Dist 0:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 1:0-0-1 1st Up 2:2-0-0 2nd Up 1:0-0-1 1-11 SANHm Wed 9Aug23 1300 G4 3Y MDN-SW D M Lane (8) 58 $9 2-Amigo 58 1.0L 1:18.07 3-5 SANHm Wed 6Sep23 1300 S5 3Y BM64 D M Lane (1) 60.5 $4.80 1-Southport Tycoon 59.5 3.5L 1:18.83R65 4-9 FLEMm Sun 24Sep23 1420 G4 3Y BM64 D M Lane (4) 60.5 $2.60f 1-Wolfy (NZ) 59.5 4.5L 1:24.53R65 1-8 CAULm Sat 10Feb24 1400 G4 AUTUMN STKS-G2 M Zahra (6) 57 $9 2-Southport Tycoon 57 0.1L 1:23.54R65 Behind leaders, bailed up 5-200m, forgive 4.5L at Flemington 3Y Bm64 over 1420m. Midfield, ideal cart in, stuck nose out 0.1L Autumn Stks Group 2 over 1400m. Sure to improve from the run. Top jockey on board. 12 Southport Tycoon R90 (4) 57kg Ciaron Maher (Cranbourne) Jamie Kah 3yo ch c 17/09/20 Written Tycoon-Ready to Rule (USA) (More Than Ready (USA)) BREEDER Daandine Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Owners Bennett Racing Pty Ltd (Mgr: N Bennett), R Menchise, Gaire Pty Ltd (Mgr: D Molloy), McEnnis Racing Pty Ltd (Mgr: M Ennis), M Broadhead, M Ellis, J Falcke, Mrs D Broadhead, Walnickiglider (Mgr: N Marshman), B Molloy, B Woonton & Bennett Ready to Rule (Mgr: N Bennett) Black, Orange Checks, Bennett Racing Logo, White Checked Sleeves, Checked Cap (w) 6 Starts 2-3-0 $250,250 TECHFORM 90 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 1:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 1:1-0-0 1st Up 2:1-1-0 2nd Up 2:1-1-0 1-5 SANHm Wed 6Sep23 1300 S5 3Y BM64 H T Coffey (3) 59.5 $3.40 2-Akicita 60 0.2L 1:18.83R63 2-9 CAULm Sat 23Sep23 1400 G3 GNEAS PREL-G3 H T Coffey (5) 56 $9 1-Steparty 57 0.1L 1:22.57R69 9-15 CAULm Sat 14Oct23 1600 G4 CAUL GUINEAS-G1 H T Coffey (4) 57 $21 1-Griff 57 5.7L 1:37.97R78 2-8 M Vm Sat 27Jan24 1200 G4 AUST STKS-G2 C Williams (2) 55 $5 1-Veight 55 0.2L 1:09.64R78 2-8 CAULm Sat 10Feb24 1400 G4 AUTUMN STKS-G2 D M Lane (5) 57 $2f 1-Snow Patrol (NZ) 57 0.1L 1:23.54R90 Settled midfield, worked home strongly 0.2L Aust Stks Group 2 over 1200m. Stalked speed, trucked up, nabbed post 0.1L Autumn Stks Group 2 over 1400m. Could be the forgotten horse this race. Maps for run of the race.