34 2 1 Scissor Step R84 (2) 63kg Tony & Calvin McEvoy (Ballarat) Jaylah Kennedy (a3/53kg) 5yo b or br g Toronado (IRE)-Watch Your Step (Sepoy) BREEDER Hesket Bloodstock Owners G Lyons, O Pedley, M J Davidson, Ms M Disch, S Disch, M G Morahan, Mrs E Pummeroy, A Pummeroy, J R Sutherland & Kildalton Park Racing (Mgr: D Gordon) White, Royal Blue Sides, White, Orange And Royal Blue Hooped Sleeves, Orange Cap (dw) 22 Starts 5-2-3 $518,065 TECHFORM 92 Track 2:0-0-0 Dist 7:3-1-1 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 9:2-1-1 1st Up 6:3-0-1 2nd Up 5:2-1-0 6-15 OAKBm Sat 8Apr23 1100 S5 HILLS RAILWAY-LR R J Hurdle (6) 60 $7 1-Taunting 54.5 5.0L 1:05.74R87 9-14 WNBL Wed 3May23 1200 H10 WANGOOM-LR M T Aitken (2) 54 $31 1-Outlaws Revenge 56 3.8L 1:13.01R86 6-11 FLEMm Sat 17Jun23 1000 G4 BM78 M J Lloyd (9) 63(61) $13 1-Rain Lord 54 1.5L 57.12 R84 6-6 MRPKm Sat 15Jul23 1000 S5 BM84 B Price (5) 60(58.5) $5.50 1-Pegasi 56 4.4L 58.49 R83 1-6 SANHm Wed 6Mar24 1000 G3 CG&E BM70 JK Kennedy(a) (4) 65(62) $8.50 2-Oracle Son 59.5 0.3L 58.12 R80 Reeled in quickly for 6th after having the early lead at Morphettville Parks over 1000m. Loomed as the winner and got to the lead when it mattered most at Sandown Hillside over 1000m. Is a second-up winner, does his best work on speed 2 Yulong Storm (USA) (Blks) R81 (LATE: Bechstein) (19) 61.5kg Nathan Hobson (Swan Hill) Madison Lloyd 8yo br or bl g Scat Daddy (USA)-Dreams of Fire (USA) (Dynaformer (USA)) BREEDER Flaxman Holdings Limited Owners N J Hobson, Snowcarmel (Mgr: Mrs K Parkinson), Mrs Q Q Zhang, B W Seabrook, C Townrow, Miss N A Rodda, Mrs S H Dowling, L J Wallis, L Mifsud, Mrs R E Hobson, R T Hobson, Ms S M Wallis, Mrs K G Balazs, Ms V K Spaans, R A Dowling & A P Hobson Red, White Band, Epaulettes, Armbands And Cap (dwtc) 40 Starts 8-4-6 $354,185 TECHFORM 89 Track 12:2-1-1 Dist 11:2-2-3 Trk/Dist 5:1-1-1 Wet 18:5-2-3 1st Up 6:1-0-0 2nd Up 6:1-0-1 3-16 FLEMm Sat 20May23 1100 S5 BM70 L N McNeil (12) 62.5(60.5) $17 1-Sigh 57 1.4L 1:04.33R75 2-14 FLEMm Sat 3Jun23 1100 S7 BM70 M J Lloyd (4) 62.5(60.5) $10 1-Senegalia 58.5 0.3L 1:05.17R75 1-13 SW H Fri 9Jun23 1200 S7 GOLD TOPAZ M J Lloyd (11) 54 $4.20f 2-Ocean Beyond (NZ) 57 1.3L 1:12.36R75 4-12 FLEMm Sat 1Jul23 1200 S5 ALL VIC SPRINT-LR M J Lloyd (6) 54 $11 1-Mnementh 56 3.0L 1:10.28R81 9-14 FLEMm Sat 15Jul23 1200 G4 BM84 M J Lloyd (1) 59(57) $19 1-Dance To Dubai 56.5 1.9L 1:09.83R82 Settled back, charged home late, excellent run 3L All Vic Sprint Listed over 1200m Soft 5. Behind leader, stuck on gamely late in run 1.9L at Flemington Bm84 over 1200m. Can win first-up. 3 Midtown Boss R78 (17) 60kg Matt Laurie (Mornington) Mark Zahra 4yo ch g Street Boss (USA)-Midtown (Manhattan Rain) BREEDER Noorilim Park Thoroughbreds Owners Eales Racing Pty Ltd (Mgr: L E Eales), Ballcourt Dream (Mgr: A P Harding), R90 Racing (Mgr: A E Stafford), Red Hot Racing (Mgr: D Corboy), B M Wilson, G J Porter & Plodalong-Shocking (Mgr: P Podbury) Black, Orange Checked Sash, Checked Cap (wc) 10 Starts 3-5-1 $231,400 TECHFORM 98 Track 3:1-1-1 Dist 5:1-3-0 Trk/Dist 2:1-1-0 Wet 4:1-1-1 1st Up 4:2-0-1 2nd Up 3:1-2-0 2-13 FLEMm Sat 3Jun23 1100 S7 3Y-Qlty B Shinn (3) 55.5 $3.80 1-Legio Ten 53 0.3L 1:04.34R70 1-8 FLEMm Mon 1Jan24 1100 G4 BM70 D W Stackhouse (3) 60.5 $2.05f 2-Mornington Glory 59 2.5L 1:02.89R71 2-10 CAULm Sat 3Feb24 1100 G3 BM84 D W Stackhouse (2) 56.5 $1.85f 1-Rey Magnerio 59.5 0.4L 1:02.27R77 2-9 CAULm Sat 24Feb24 1100 G4 BM84 D W Stackhouse (8) 57 $2.60f 1-Twin Perfection 57.5 0.8L 1:03.56R78 2-6 M VmN Fri 8Mar24 1200 G4 BM78 M Zahra (2) 60 $2.15f 1-Johnny Rocker 56 1.0L 1:10.09R78 3wide with cover, worked home strongly, good 2nd 0.8L at Caulfield Bm84 over 1100m. Settled just off the pace and hit the line nicely for second 1L at The Valley Bm78 over 1200m. Consistent performer, looking to go one better 4 Big Watch (Blks) R77 (6) 59.5kg Michael Moroney (Flemington) Celine Gaudray (a1.5/53kg) 4yo b or br g Shamus Award-Golden Sally (Bon Hoffa) BREEDER Mr J R Hoban Owners J R Hoban Sky Blue, Black Sleeves And Red Cap (wtc) 14 Starts 4-3-3 $220,215 TECHFORM 94 Track 4:2-0-0 Dist 3:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 2:1-0-0 Wet 5:1-1-2 1st Up 3:0-1-1 2nd Up 2:0-1-0 3-12 CAULm Sat 22Jul23 1200 G4 3Y HCP D Bates (7) 55 $9.50 1-Va Via 56.5 1.5L 1:09.36R66 2-7 SANHm Wed 10Jan24 1000 G3 BM64 C Hefel (7) 61(59.5) $2.80f 1-Face The Jury 55.5 0.1L 57.15 R66 6-10 SANLm Wed 31Jan24 1300 G3 BM70 B Shinn (4) 58.5 $3.40 1-Master Montaro 60 1.9L 1:17.83R67 1-12 FLEMm Sat 17Feb24 1100 G4 BM70 J Mott (7) 58.5 $6.50 2-Ouroboros 61.5 0.3L 1:04.55R67 1-11 FLEMm Sat 2Mar24 1200 G4 BM78 J Mott (11) 57 $5.50ef 2-Ivan’s Hero 57 0.1L 1:11.47R72 From rear, once clear charged from 300m to victory 0.3L at Flemington Bm70 over 1100m. Off speed, hard fought win in blanket finish 0.1L at Flemington Bm78 over 1200m. Chasing a hat- trick here, can be versatile