31 1 5 Either Oar (Blks) R79 (8) 54kg Ross McConville (Kembla Grange) Jye McNeil 6yo ch m Unencumbered-Lift All Boats (Commands) BREEDER Bowness Stud Owners Bowness Stud (Mgr:J North), Tullimbar Pty Ltd (Mgr: R Mc Conville), Wingnut Sports no 3 (Mgr: G Hannigan), A Joils, G Beames, R Scott, D Leary-Smith, N Mohanan, B Mackie, Mrs B Sparks, P M Tilden, Mrs K Tilden, Miss K Eastham, C J Moxey, M A Craig, J Chittendon, P G Cooper, A R Mahoney & G Tyler Royal Blue And White Checks, Royal Blue Cap (dw) 33 Starts 5-4-8 $381,935 TECHFORM 92 Track 1:0-0-0 Dist 9:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 14:1-2-3 1st Up 7:1-0-2 2nd Up 7:1-1-1 3-9 RHILm Sat 1Jul23 1300 G4 BM78 C Schofield (3) 56 $3.80 1-Windshadow 55 0.3L 1:16.55R74 1-9 RANDm Sat 30Dec23 1100 G4 F&M BM78 Z T Lloyd(a) (9) 58 $6.50 2-Dollar Magic 58.5 0.8L 1:02.89R74 3-10 RHILm Sat 13Jan24 1200 G4 F&M BM78 Z T Lloyd(a) (9) 60 $4.60 1-Diamond Dealer 59 3.1L 1:08.69R78 2-7 RANDm Sat 27Jan24 1200 S5 F&M BM78 J Del Frari(a) (1) 60(57) $4.40 1-Tashi 58 0.3L 1:11.18R78 7-8 RANDm Sat 17Feb24 1200 S5 TRISCAY-G3 Z T Lloyd(a) (7) 54 $11 1-Semana 57.5 4.0L 1:09.42R79 Keen in front, pinched break, brave 2nd 0.3L at Royal Randwick F&M Bm78 over 1200m Soft 5. Leader’s flank, pace too strong, tired 4L Triscay Group 3 over 1200m Soft 5. 6 Beour Bay R77 (7) 54kg Shane Nichols (Mornington) Daniel Stackhouse 5yo b m Cable Bay (IRE)-Manzanilla (Stratum) BREEDER Woodside Park Stud Pty Ltd Owners S P Nichols, T Buhagiar, Go Charlie Syndicate, P Schols, S Strachan, AM & BS Racing, K Coram, D Egan, D Foster, I Foster, Slightly Excessive Syndicate, M Black, T Burgess, A Foord, R Fiorelli, P Grant, A Hughan, C Kelly, T B B Racing (Mgr: T Blum) & Miss L M King Green, Gold Diamond, Armbands, White Cap (dw) 14 Starts 4-4-5 $223,990 TECHFORM 91 Track 1:0-1-0 Dist 2:1-0-1 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 9:2-2-4 1st Up 3:1-0-2 2nd Up 3:1-1-0 2-9 SANLm Wed 12Jul23 1400 S6 F&M BM70 C G Gaudray(a) (1) 60(58) $6 1-La Vina 56 0.8L 1:25.33R70 2-12 CAULm Sat 22Jul23 1400 G4 F&M BM70 T Stockdale (8) 60(58.5) $6 1-Hell Hound 59 0.2L 1:23.99R70 2-11 FLEMm Sat 5Aug23 1410 G4 MARES BM84 D Yendall (3) 54 $6.50 1-Starlight Scope 55 0.1L 1:23.59R70 1-8 CAULm Sat 19Aug23 1400 G4 F&M BM84 D Yendall (3) 54 $4 2-Anahita 55.5 0.1L 1:23.07R72 3-10 CAULm Sat 2Sep23 1400 G4 MARES BM84 C G Gaudray(a) (1) 56.5(54.5) $7 1-Nunthorpe 53.5 2.2L 1:24.07R77 Outside leader, quickened nicely, brave late, 1st 0.1L at Caulfield F&M Bm84 over 1400m. Fierce in the lead, good effort for 3rd 2.2L at Caulfield Mares Bm84 over 1400m. Can run well fresh and has the early speed to be on the pace. 7 Girl (Blks) R75 (6) 54kg Leon & Troy Corstens (Flemington) Declan Bates 4yo b m Zoustar-Cavalry Rose (Charge Forward) BREEDER Emirates Park Pty Ltd Owners S P Morrissy, Mrs R J Morrissy, M D Stephenson, B L Riddle, J A Leonard, P Johnson, S J Bobbermen, D Sutton, S Chappell, T T Feduniw, J W Jarrett, R & C Legh Racing Pty Ltd (Mgr: R P Legh), Dick & Morrissy Racing (Mgr: S P Morrissy) & Flemington Bloodstock (Mgr: J G Sawford) Navy Blue, Gold Lightning Bolt, Gold And White Armbands, Gold Cap (w) 14 Starts 4-1-2 $131,775 TECHFORM 90 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 0:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 3:1-0-0 1st Up 3:1-0-0 2nd Up 3:2-0-0 2-10 SANHm Wed 20Sep23 1300 G4 F&M BM70 J McNeil (9) 57.5 $7.50 1-Glitzing 60 0.2L 1:18.22R65 3-8 SANHm Sun 1Oct23 1400 G4 MARES BM70 J McNeil (1) 58 $13 1-Wishlor Lass 61.5 2.7L 1:23.90R66 5-12 GEEL Wed 25Oct23 1400 G4 BM64 J McNeil (5) 59 $6 1-Jennipending 60.5 0.8L 1:24.89R66 1-10 BRAT Wed 14Feb24 1200 G3 BM64 B Shinn (8) 59 $2.90f 2-Rhapsody Chic (NZ) 59.5 2.5L 1:10.22R66 1-5 M VmN Fri 8Mar24 1200 G4 F&M BM70 B Shinn (1) 60 $1.55f 2-Matriarch Rose 57.5 0.3L 1:11.15R70 Settled on pace and proved far too good winning 2.5L at Ballarat Bm64 over 1200m. Edged out rivals to win after sitting on pace 0.3L at The Valley F&M Bm70 over 1200m. Keep progressing and can step up to a tougher task now. 8 Senegalia R75 (4) 54kg Ciaron Maher (Cranbourne) Celine Gaudray (a1.5/53kg) 5yo ch m Street Boss (USA)-Catechuchu (Catbird) BREEDER Mrs J Thomson Owners Halo Racing Services Pty Ltd (Mgr: C McKenna), Mrs J McKenna, Miss S Negre, E Knowles, Mrs C Knowles, A Makiv & Mrs L McGeoch Royal Blue, Lime Hoops, Hooped Cap (dwc) 18 Starts 4-2-3 $178,150 TECHFORM 90 Track 5:2-0-0 Dist 8:3-1-1 Trk/Dist 4:2-0-0 Wet 8:1-1-3 1st Up 4:0-0-2 2nd Up 4:1-2-0 1-14 FLEMm Sat 3Jun23 1100 S7 BM70 L Meech (2) 58.5 $10 2-Yulong Storm (USA) 60.5 0.3L 1:05.17R71 5-10 CAULm Sat 24Jun23 1100 S6 F&M BM84 W F Pinn(a) (6) 56(54) $5.50 1-Viviane 53 2.2L 1:06.27R76 10-11 FLEMm Sat 15Jul23 1000 G4 BM78 C Hefel (2) 57(55.5) $5.50 1-Najem Suhail 59 8.7L 57.02 R76 5-7 M VmN Fri 9Feb24 955 G4 BM78 J Kah (2) 57 $15 1-Bristler 55 3.4L 55.16 R76 4-5 FLEMm Sat 2Mar24 1100 G4 MARES HCP J Kah (2) 54 $17 1-Sans Doute 53.5 1.7L 1:04.88R75 Slow out, held up in straight, chased hard 3.4L at The Valley Bm78 over 955m. Just off the speed, out sprinted, not far away, OK 1.7L at Flemington Mares Hcp over 1100m.