108 7 Redstone Well (IRE) R82 James McDonald (7) 57kg 5yo ch g Cotai Glory (GB)-Pingin Rua (IRE) (Papal Bull (GB)) Light Blue, Dark Blue Armband And Cap (dw) 13 Starts 3-3-1 $159,395 TECHFORM 95 Annabel Neasham (Warwick Farm) 1-14 LEOPm Thu 13Jul23 1810 G HCP A Hayes (7) 58(55) $8 2-Carracci (USA) 52.5 1.0L 1:54.22 5-9 RANDm Sat 6Jan24 1400 G4 BM88 A Hyeronimus (8) 57 $41 1-Excelladus 55.5 3.7L 1:21.65R82 2-6 RANDm Sat 27Jan24 1600 S5 BM88 K McEvoy (6) 57 $7.50 1-Glory Daze (IRE) 61 2.3L 1:37.09R82 Given time to balance up fifth after getting back early 3.7L at Royal Randwick Bm88 over 1400m. Settled back, ran on nicely 2.3L at Royal Randwick Bm88 over 1600m Soft 5. 8 Luvoir R81 Zac Lloyd (a0/48kg) (11) 56.5kg 7yo b or br g Deep Field-Marmi (NZ) (Lion Heart (USA)) Orange, Pale Blue Diamond, Striped Sleeves (dwtc) 46 Starts 8-7-4 $441,795 TECHFORM 94 Jason Attard & Lucy Keegan-Attard (Hawkesbury) 1-8 W FMm Wed 6Dec23 1200 G4 BM78 Z T Lloyd(a) (1) 57.5 $51 2-Testator Silens 59.5 0.7L 1:09.66R71 1-12 RANDm Sat 30Dec23 1400 G4 4Y+ BM78 Z T Lloyd(a) (12) 58.5 $21 2-Testator Silens 58.5 0.1L 1:22.39R75 6-12 RANDm Sat 27Jan24 1400 S5 CARRINGTON-LR T Schiller (2) 53 $21 1-Zou Tiger 54.5 6.9L 1:22.83R81 Out well to lead, breakaway by 10 len, held on 0.1L at Royal Randwick 4Y+ Bm78 over 1400m. Slow out, pushed up handy, no match late 6.9L Carrington Listed over 1400m Soft 5. Like chances back to this level. 9 Miracle Spin (GB) (Blks) R81 Jay Ford (10) 56.5kg 5yo b g Pivotal (GB)-Field of Miracles (IRE) (Galileo (IRE)) White, Mauve Checks, Green Sleeves And Cap (wc) 15 Starts 4-5-1 $300,790 TECHFORM 95 Matthew Smith (Warwick Farm) 5-11 RANDm Sat 16Dec23 1400 G4 CG&E BM78 J Collett (11) 59 $8 1-Felix Majestic 58 3.4L 1:22.02R76 1-8 RANDm Sat 30Dec23 1600 G4 BM78 J Collett (4) 59 $6.50 2-Louisville (NZ) 57.5 2.3L 1:34.66R76 5-9 FLEMm Sat 13Jan24 1600 G4 BM84 D M Lane (7) 58.5 $2.45f 1-Suparazi 59.5 3.4L 1:35.67R81 Back half, trucked up, runaway win 2.3L at Royal Randwick Bm78 over 1600m. Slow out, made early move, couldn’t sustain 3.4L at Flemington Bm84 over 1600m. Went poorly in Melbourne. Chance if gets back to best. 10 Louisville (NZ) (Blks) R79 Sam Clipperton (6) 55.5kg 5yo br g Redwood (GB)-Edie (Rock of Gibraltar (IRE)) Royal Blue, White Crossed Sashes (d) 13 Starts 3-6-3 $285,606 TECHFORM 96 Chris Waller (Rosehill) 2-8 RANDm Sat 30Dec23 1600 G4 BM78 T Berry (8) 57.5 $2.50f 1-Miracle Spin (GB) 59 2.3L 1:34.66R73 1-11 RHILm Sat 13Jan24 1800 G4 BM78 S Clipperton (1) 58 $2.40f 2-Floating 58 0.6L 1:47.98R74 3-9 RANDm Sat 27Jan24 2000 S5 BM88 S Clipperton (5) 55.5 $3.90 1-Floating 54 1.8L 2:04.73R79 Midfield rail, flat footed 400m came home too well 0.6L at Rosehill Gardens Bm78 over 1800m. Box-seated, worked home well 1.8L at Royal Randwick Bm88 over 2000m Soft 5. Three week freshen back in distance. Blinkers on. Huge chance. 11 Up And Under (FR) R79 (12) 55.5kg 4yo b h Lope de Vega (IRE)-Hibiscus (IRE) (Galileo (IRE)) Navy Blue, White Band And Go Racing Logo, Armbands And Cap 6 Starts 1-3-1 $95,679 TECHFORM 99 Chris Waller (Flemington) 5-9 CURRm Sun 2Jul23 2414 G IRISH DERBY-G1 M Sheehy (7) 58 $29 1-Auguste Rodin (IRE) 58 11L 2:33.24 2-16 GALWm Wed 2Aug23 2414 S MDN-SW T Hamilton (12) 71 $1.44f 1-Minella Mate (IRE) 73 1.8L 2:47.86 1-8 LEOPm Thu 17Aug23 1810 G MDN-SW M Sheehy (8) 61 $1.44f 2-This Songisforyou (USA) 64 0.1L 1:56.24 Encouraging work out for second 1.8L at Galway Mdn-Sw over 2414m Soft. Won narrowly 0.1L at Leopardstown Mdn-Sw over 1810m. 12 Buillt (Blks) R78 Tommy Berry (1) 55kg 4yo br g I Am Invincible-Caiguna (Dubai Destination (USA)) Green, Yellow Star And Armbands (dwc) 22 Starts 5-1-4 $343,075 TECHFORM 96 Chris Waller (Rosehill) 1-10 RANDm Sat 6Jan24 1600 G4 3&4Y BM72(71) J B McDonald (4) 58 $2.90f 2-Matusalem 55 1.7L 1:35.54R67 1-7 RHILm Sat 20Jan24 1500 G4 BM78 J B McDonald (2) 57 $3.50 2-Anythink Goes 56.5 0.3L 1:29.54R72 4-9 RHILm Sat 3Feb24 1350 G3 BM78 J Collett (4) 60 $9.50 1-Infatuation 54 3.4L 1:19.38R78 Back half, got going turn, too good 0.3L at Rosehill Gardens Bm78 over 1500m. Ran on nicely into fourth from midfield 3.4L at Rosehill Gardens Bm78 over 1350m. Performs well at this track/distance. Will be finishing hard. 13 Claim The Crown (IRE) R76 Tim Clark (14) 54kg 5yo b or br g Acclamation (GB)-Crown Light (GB) (Zamindar (USA)) Maroon, White Crossed Sashes, Yellow Armbands And Cap (dt) 14 Starts 3-0-3 $144,589 TECHFORM 92 Annabel Neasham (Warwick Farm) 11-14 E FMm Sat 3Jun23 1810 G4 BM90 R King (9) 53.5 $5.50 1-Trevelyan 53 6.6L 1:50.09R79 7-8 RHILm Sat 17Jun23 2000 G4 BM78 A Hyeronimus (1) 59.5 $21 1-Fawkner Park (IRE) 58.5 5.0L 2:04.50R77 3-7 RHILm Sat 20Jan24 1500 G4 BM78 J Parr (4) 59 $31 1-Buillt 57 2.7L 1:29.54R76 Midfield on rail, just found them to be too slick 5L at Rosehill Gardens Bm78 over 2000m. Poor start, plenty of traffic in straight unlucky 2.7L at Rosehill Gardens Bm78 over 1500m. Warrants respect with second-up stats.