101 Riddle Me That Began awkwardly. Raced wide without cover throughout. FLEM 17/02/2024 Captain Envious (NZ) Near the 1300m was steadied to avoid heels. CAUL 18/11/2023 Makram (IRE) Held up for clear running from the 500m until approaching the 200m. FLEM 17/02/2024 Berkeley Square Held up for clear running from the 500m to the 250m. FLEM 17/02/2024 Cadre Du Noir (USA) Made a faulty jump at the 12th obstacle and fell. A post race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to have a moderate chest haematoma. COLR13/08/2023 Carini (FR) Held up from the 400m until passing the 200m. Rider reported that his mount was not suited by the slow tempo, resulting in the gelding being unable to build momentum into the race. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no significant findings. CAUL 14/10/2023 Arale COT: To settle further forward; settled outside lead. Raced keenly in early stages & after being crossed by another rnr near 1000m, continued to race keenly for a short distance when being shifted to outside of heels. CANT 02/02/2024 Race 10 The Schweppes Plate 1400M Belle Plaisir (NZ) momentarily held up rounding the home turn MORP 06/05/2023 So Risque (NZ) Raced keenly in the early stages. Near the 1000m became awkward on heels and shifted out. FLEM 20/01/2024 Holbien R: mount was under pressure some distance from the finish. Vets: No abs. WERR 04/12/2022 Arran Bay COT - further back. Settled towards the rear of the field and raced wide without cover. FLEM 17/02/2024 Royal Mile Held up near the 300m to the 200m. CAUL 19/08/2023 He’s Our Bonneval (GB) Slow to begin. FLEM 17/02/2024 Reo Rdr reported, in his opinion, mare has not performed well this preparation. Tnr informed Stewards that Reo will now be spelled. Performed poorly. A post-race vet exam no abs. CRAN13/10/2023 Sandy Prince Raced wide without cover throughout. Vetted,cardiac arrhythmia. M V 23/12/2023 Beehunter Commenced awkwardly, making contact with a runner. Eased down over final 100m. Rider - the instructions had been to try to ride the horse prominently, albeit with cover, in a race today that appeared to have more genuine tempo. He added after the gelding began awkwardly, he was able to obtain a trailing position behind the eventual winner, however when that runner eased, he was shuffled back a position further than he had hoped. A post race veterinary examination revealed cardiac arrhythmia for the second occasion. M V 27/01/2024 Frigid Slow into stride. Raced three wide without cover until settling outside the leader passing the 600m. When questioned in relation to the riding tactics adopted today, rider reported that she was instructed to be in the first four. After being slow to begin, her mount overraced in the early stages, and when Yellow Sam was to her inside and overracing, she was hopeful of that mare striding forward, which would have enabled her to take up a position behind that horse. She added that Frigid continued to overrace and, in hindsight, best option would have been to allow her mount to stride forward. CAUL 23/09/2023 Thunder Point Rider reported when wide early elected to stride forward. SANL 31/01/2024 Wolves From a wide barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. CANT 05/01/2024