100 stewards summary De Sonic Boom Slow to begin before then being hampered by another runner. Passing the 1000m was carried out by another runner and as a result made contact with the hindquarters of another runner. As a consequence, the filly raced in restricted room before being steadied shortly after. CAUL 18/11/2023 Coincide Rdr said mount may have come to end of preparation. Post race vet exam revealed no abs. Tnr to report back. M V 29/09/2023 Kadall Began awkwardly. KENS 14/02/2024 Chevron Began awkwardly. E FM 10/06/2023 Mansiere Held up when unable to obtain a clear run from the 500 metres and until passing the 300 metres. SALE 18/02/2024 Kahhof Raced wide in the early stages before being allowed to stride forward and settle outside the leader near the 800m. SANL 07/02/2024 Midnight Opal Shifted out on jumping and made contact. K GR 07/10/2023 West Of Dalby Began awkwardly, then bumped and lost ground. Near the 450m momentarily held up on heels. DOOM 02/12/2023 Race 8 Howden Australian Guineas 1600M Riff Rocket Laid out under pressure in the straight. FLEM 17/02/2024 King Colorado Brushed and carried wider near the 450m. FLEM 17/02/2024 Apulia Held up from the 500m until the 400m. FLEM 04/11/2023 Cap Ferrat The colt, which was reported byt he stable to have some mild inflammation above the near hock, was examined by the club veterinary officer and passed fit to start. Held up for clear running from the 400m and then ws inclined to lay in before being directed out and around the heels of another rnr near the 200m. Over the concluding stages again was inclined to lay in. RAND28/10/2023 Run Harry Run Slow to begin. Shifted in near 250m, bumped a runner and became unbalanced. R: mount did not feel comfortable in its action in the straight. P/R vet - no abs. Stewards follow up - Stable rep reported gelding pulled up well, with no abnormalities detected. FLEM 17/02/2024 Sunsets Change of tactics – If begins well, will be ridden more forward. Settled outside the leader CAUL 21/10/2023 Verdad Held up for clear running from the 450m until passing the 300m.FLEM 17/02/2024 Snow Patrol (NZ) Held up for clear running from the 500m until passing the 200m. When questioned, rider Damian Lane explained he was instructed to ride the gelding where comfortable in an attempt to gain cover. He stated that in the early stages when Grinzinger Belle, which is a noted leader and had drawn to his outside improved, he elected to restrain to settle behind Grinzinger Belle to gain cover. He stated that through the middle stages he believed that the leaders had slowed the tempo of the race and that upon straightening he gave thought to attempting to shift out to gain clear running, however Beauty R FLEM 24/09/2023 Southport Tycoon Slow to begin. M V 27/01/2024 Otago (NZ) Laid in under pressure in the straight. FLEM 13/01/2024 Hey Fat Cat Rider questioned. Began only fairly and did not muster natural speed, and when a favourable trailing position became available settled further back than intended.CAUL 24/02/2024 Vieste On jumping shifted out and bumped. CANT 16/02/2024 Mah Ali Between the 300m and 200m was held up and unable to be fully tested. CANT 16/02/2024 Race 9 TAB Blamey Stakes 1600M Bustler Bumped at the start. CAUL 10/02/2024 Atishu (NZ) Slow to begin. Bumped at the start. CAUL 10/02/2024 Future History (GB) COT - To be ridden more forward - Settled on pace. FLEM 07/11/2023 Muramasa Shifted out to improve passing the 800m and brushed a runner on several occasions. Post-race endoscopy of detected a degree of internal exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage which may have affected the gelding’s performance. A veterinary clearance will be required prior to racing again. CAUL 02/12/2023