Eagle Farm

86 10 Eagle Farm 2 Maximum Output (Blks) R82 (3) 58.5kg Stuart Kendrick (Sunshine Coast) Michael Rodd 5yo b g All Too Hard-Max It Out (Northern Meteor) BREEDER Raffles Dancers (N Z) Pty Ltd Owners Kendrick Racing (Mgr: S Kendrick), LDM Racing (Mgr: C Wessel), G Keegan, P Sweeney, M Hughes, B Appo, Smeath Racing (Mgr: D Smeath), C Melville, R Carrett, Wessel Thoroughbreds (Mgr: C Wessel), M McLean, M Cain, D Bourke, D Rethamel, D Hillier, B Hooper, S Bourke & JMR Racing (Mgr: M Hooper) White, Royal Blue Stars, Royal Blue And White Stars Sleeves And Cap (wt) 32 Starts 6-6-11 $249,475 TECHFORM 94 Track 6:1-0-3 Dist 4:0-1-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 14:2-3-5 1st Up 6:1-4-0 2nd Up 6:1-0-4 1-9 E FMm Sat 30Sep23 1000 G4 BM75 B Wheeler(a) (9) 58.5(55.5) $10 2-Flaming Conquest 59.5 0.1L 56.86 R75 1-8 SCST Sun 15Oct23 1000 G3 BM78 J Franklin(a) (2) 59.5(56.5) $2.70 2-Kavak 59.5 1.5L 57.00 R79 5-8 RANDm Tue 7Nov23 1000 S5 4Y+ BM84 J B Stanley(a) (1) 58(56) $5 1-Quick Tempo 60.5 2.0L 57.86 R78 6-11 SCST Sun 18Feb24 1000 H10 BM85 B Wheeler(a) (11) 58.5 $19 1-Hakkai Maru 52.5 5.0L 59.32 R82 3-12 E FMm Sat 23Mar24 1000 G4 CL6 B Wheeler(a) (4) 57.5(55.5) $21 1-Bring Me Kash 55 2.0L 56.44 R82 Pushed forward to sit behind the speed but did little from there 5L at Sunshine Coast Bm85 over 1000m Heavy 10. Nicely positioned in the race and tried hard when running on into third 2L at Eagle Farm Cl6 over 1000m. 3 Nashira (Blks) R81 (14) 58.5kg Steven O’Dea & Matthew Hoysted (Eagle Farm) Nikita Beriman 5yo b g Zoustar-Aunty Betty (Encounter) BREEDER Kambula Stud Owners Viva Racing (M Lowe), P Bevan, Yesh Yesh Yesh (D Coulson), M Gilroy, A House, Tips and Beers (B Kanofski), J King, M Mckenna, A Mercer, P Placencia, Mrs K Readman, Pelican Pete (D Rossiter), The Ticklers (A Rossiter), A Tran, G Murray, A O’Halloran, P Robinson, B Greig, Ms K Murray & P Robinson Dark Green, Old Gold Horse Symbol, Striped Sleeves And Cap (tc) 18 Starts 5-3-3 $200,720 TECHFORM 97 Track 8:3-1-1 Dist 4:1-0-2 Trk/Dist 1:1-0-0 Wet 5:0-0-1 1st Up 5:1-1-1 2nd Up 4:1-1-0 5-8 E FMm Sat 16Sep23 1000 G4 CL6 B E Thompson (7) 54.5 $4.80 1-Hard To Say 56.5 2.1L 56.54 R76 3-11 E FMm Sat 14Oct23 1000 G3 HCP B E Thompson (6) 53 $3.80 1-Osamu 55 1.1L 56.83 R76 1-9 E FMm Sat 4Nov23 1200 G4 BM85 B E Thompson (8) 54.5 $9 2-Go Wandji 56.5 0.2L 1:10.14R77 3-10 SCSTm Sat 18Nov23 1200 G4 CL6-SW B E Thompson (9) 58.5 $20 1-The Face 53.5 2.4L 1:10.25R81 5-12 E FMm Sat 23Mar24 1000 G4 CL6 J H Huxtable (5) 57.5 $8 1-Bring Me Kash 55 2.2L 56.44 R81 Settled midfield, solid effort in straight 2.4L at Sunshine Coast Cl6-Sw over 1200m. Got back worse than midfield running on ok late into fifth 2.2L at Eagle Farm Cl6 over 1000m. Is a second-up winner. 4 Release The Beans (Blks) R80 (12) 57.5kg Robert Heathcote (Eagle Farm) Damien Thornton 5yo b g Spill the Beans-Career (New Approach (IRE)) BREEDER Jadesea Pty Ltd Owners First Light Racing Pty Ltd, Mrs D A Keeley, G W Foster, Dr D B Hummelstad, K Beutel, Miss C E L Richards, Gattrat Connections &Chrisco’s Kitchen Navy Blue, Gold And White Crescent, Gold Cap (wtc) 25 Starts 5-2-5 $400,851 TECHFORM 90 Track 14:2-1-4 Dist 8:1-0-4 Trk/Dist 6:1-0-3 Wet 4:1-0-0 1st Up 6:1-0-3 2nd Up 5:1-0-1 3-14 E FMm Sat 29Jul23 1400 G4 BM85 B Thornton (4) 56 $5 1-Canadian Dancer 53.5 1.0L 1:24.02R80 2-8 DOOMm Sat 26Aug23 1350 G4 CL6-SW D Thornton (7) 57.5 $4 1-Viminele 52 0.8L 1:19.28R80 4-12 TWBAm Sat 23Sep23 1300 G3 CL6-SW B Thornton (10) 57.5 $12 1-Chatty Lady 55.5 3.0L 1:18.44R80 4-10 E FMm Sat 7Oct23 1400 G4 CL6 B Thornton (5) 56.5 $5.50 1-Preach 51.5 2.6L 1:23.24R80 8-8 DOOMm Sat 28Oct23 1350 G4 CG&E CL6 M Harley (3) 58.5 $4.40 1-Preach 56 7.7L 1:20.09R80 Back and wide, closed nicely in leader’s race 2.6L at Eagle Farm Cl6 over 1400m. Shuffled back, failed to quicken, poor run, last 7.7L at Doomben Cg&E Cl6 over 1350m. Has won first-up, consider. 5 Millane R78 (11) 57kg Tony Gollan (Eagle Farm) James Orman 4yo b or br g Zoustar-Fireworks (Snitzel) BREEDER Fairway Thoroughbreds Owners Rosemont Stud, Fairway Thoroughbreds, S Hedge, Iskander Racing & Breeding, Ms D Koureas, A Koureas, Symmteck, Glentree Racing, P Carrick, Qatar Bloodstock Ltd, G Johnson, G Guest, Musk Creek Farm, Matha Bloodstock, Longwood Racing, R Chapman, P Johnson, Sandhurst Bloodstock 4, B Murray & S Farrell Red, White Gatecrasher, Half Navy Sleeve With Gold Victorian Alliance Logo (wc) 15 Starts 2-1-3 $253,900 TECHFORM 96 Track 4:1-1-1 Dist 9:1-1-2 Trk/Dist 4:1-1-1 Wet 4:2-0-1 1st Up 5:2-0-1 2nd Up 4:0-0-1 9-12 DOOMm Sat 28Oct23 1200 G4 BM78 J M Orman (9) 57 $3 1-Outlawed 55 6.1L 1:09.64R75 7-10 SCSTm Sat 18Nov23 1200 G4 CL6-SW R Maloney (6) 58.5 $11 1-The Face 53.5 3.7L 1:10.25R74 1-7 E FMm Sat 17Feb24 1200 S7 CG&E BM78 R Maloney (5) 57.5 $2.90f 2-Plundering 57.5 0.4L 1:10.88R74 6-8 E FMm Sat 2Mar24 1200 G4 CL6-SW R Maloney (3) 58.5 $2.10f 1-Kanazawa 54 1.8L 1:10.34R78 3-11 E FMm Sat 23Mar24 1200 G4 CG&E BM78 J M Orman (1) 60 $2.80f 1-Ovidius 56.5 1.1L 1:09.83R78 One out one back, boxed on well in straight 1.8L at Eagle Farm Cl6-Sw over 1200m. Big effort to finish the race off well for third after getting back in-running 1.1L at Eagle Farm Cg&E Bm78 over 1200m.