Eagle Farm

75 Eagle Farm 10 14 Lady Le Da (Blks) R63 (9) 55.5kg Paul Jenkins (Sunshine Coast) Jim Byrne 4yo br or bl m Domesday-Marlene Adele (Holy Roman Emperor (IRE)) BREEDER Lucas Bloodstock Owners L K Wahlstrom, Miss A E Wahlstrom, D R Foster, R A Foster, D J Van De Velde, A J Whetton, G R Diamond, B H Christie & B Budge Gold, Black Quarters, Silver Fern, Black Sleeves, Gold Armbands, Quartered Cap (dw) 11 Starts 2-0-5 $106,125 TECHFORM 98 Track 3:0-0-1 Dist 4:1-0-1 Trk/Dist 2:0-0-0 Wet 5:1-0-3 1st Up 4:1-0-3 2nd Up 4:1-0-0 3-13 IPSW Fri 30Jun23 1350 G4 3Y BM65 M R Du Plessis (13) 56.5 $8.50 1-Thorpe 58 2.1L 1:20.80R64 7-11 SCST Sun 16Jul23 1400 S6 3Y BM65 M R Du Plessis (7) 56.5 $6.50 1-Sizzling Gal 52.5 2.6L 1:25.82R64 3-9 SCSTN Fri 5Jan24 1400 S7 CL2 J J Lloyd (4) 58.5 $2.70f 1-Charlie’s Case 60 1.5L 1:24.88R63 6-15 SCSTm Sat 27Jan24 1400 G4 BM68 J P L Byrne (7) 55.5 $7.50 1-Corfe Castle 58.5 1.9L 1:24.23R63 3-12 E FMm Sat 17Feb24 1400 S7 BM68 J P L Byrne (11) 55.5 $14 1-Seneschal (IRE) 57 1.9L 1:25.10R63 Well back, held up turn-100m, tough watch 1.9L at Sunshine Coast Bm68 over 1400m. Fantastic run home in the last part of the race for third after getting too far back 1.9L at Eagle Farm Bm68 over 1400m Soft 7. Each Way. 15 Smooth Torque R63 (14) 55.5kg Matthew Dunn (Murwillumbah) Ryan Maloney 4yo b or br m Sebring-Live to Dream (Snitzel) BREEDER Mr G Spratt Owners I J Corazzol, S D Basheer, D G Basheer & Lustre Lodge Thoroughbreds (Mgr: G C Spratt) Purple, Gold Treble Clef (dw) 11 Starts 2-1-3 $61,025 TECHFORM 98 Track 2:0-0-1 Dist 4:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 4:1-0-1 1st Up 3:0-0-2 2nd Up 2:0-0-1 6-12 BLNA Tue 15Aug23 1590 G4 BM58 B Looker (10) 57.5 $4.40 1-Spiele 54.5 1.7L 1:38.14R55 4-11 MWBH Fri 15Dec23 1200 G3 F&M BM58 M McGuren (10) 59.5 $5 1-Gerety 59 0.5L 1:10.41R55 3-8 E FMm Wed 3Jan24 1300 S6 F&M BM65 R Dolan (7) 56.5 $8 1-Tread Softly 60.5 0.4L 1:18.24R58 1-9 DOOMm Wed 24Jan24 1650 G4 BM62 R Maloney (5) 56.5 $1.65f 2-Gracie Blue 57.5 0.7L 1:40.64R59 4-12 DOOMm Sat 10Feb24 1600 S5 BM68 R Maloney (3) 55.5(56) $3.70f 1-O’miss Behaving 57.5 1.1L 1:37.46R63 Nice ride to come from behind the leaders to win 0.7L at Doomben Bm62 over 1650m. Had a chance to run on after a nice run however satisfied with fourth 1.1L at Doomben Bm68 over 1600m Soft 5. 16 Thesecondatportsea R63 (4) 55.5kg Jack Bruce (Deagon) Damien Thornton 4yo b m Churchill (IRE)-Bombay (Encosta de Lago) BREEDER Katom Owners Jack Bruce Racing (Mgr: J P Bruce), High Calibre Racing (Mgr: D Maguire), M J Cameron, D J Cawthorne, D Daft, D J Jones, B L Pace, G N Scharf, G C Sneesby, W A Turner, M Whelan, J A Wilson, R I Darrah, R Hamilton, Mrs P J Houchin, A Mackinnon, Mrs J M O’Keefe & S L Jimmieson Lime Green, Black High Calibre Racing Logo, Striped Sleeves, Quartered Cap (w) 15 Starts 2-2-2 $83,955 TECHFORM 96 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 1:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 8:2-0-1 1st Up 4:1-1-0 2nd Up 2:1-0-1 4-14 GEEL Fri 19May23 1300 S5 BM58 B Allen (4) 59.5 $6 1-Artrese (NZ) 61.5 0.8L 1:19.17R61 7-13 IPSW Fri 30Jun23 1350 G4 3Y BM65 S T Collett (10) 55 $14 1-Thorpe 58 3.8L 1:20.80R61 6-11 SCST Sun 16Jul23 1400 S6 3Y BM65 S T Collett (11) 54.5 $18 1-Sizzling Gal 52.5 2.4L 1:25.82R60 4-11 IPSW Fri 28Jul23 1666 G4 3Y BM65 S T Collett (9) 54 $5 1-Rocked 55.5 1.2L 1:40.35R59 1-14 DOOMm Sat 10Feb24 1350 S5 CL1 D Thornton (3) 56.5 $7.50 2-Quothquan 56.5 0.3L 1:20.93R59 Had a chance to run on after a nice run however satisfied with fourth 1.2L at Ipswich 3Y Bm65 over 1666m. Ran down the leaders and got the victory late 0.3L at Doomben Cl1 over 1350m Soft 5. Harder here. Place.