Eagle Farm

73 Eagle Farm 8 5 Caprice Des Dieux (FR) R85 (17) 56kg Stephen Lee (Ballina) Martin Harley 6yo br or bl g Declaration Of War (USA)-Neko (FR) (Dansili (GB)) BREEDER S.A.S. Iei, S.C.E.A. Des Prairies Etc Owners OnTrack Caprice Des Dieux No 2, G Katos, P A Palmer, Hon. G J Williamson, Dr D A Worthley, T Foster, Mrs N E Ross, J Kolovos, W Burrows, P A Bailey, G X Ryan, D Preston, M Shelley, P Ivanovski, A Beresford, G Edwards, Bayles Girls Racing, Loose Muscle, OnTrack Caprice Des Dieux & Money Trails Racing Gold (w) 16 Starts 5-1-0 $191,286 TECHFORM 92 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 3:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 10:5-1-0 1st Up 5:1-0-0 2nd Up 4:2-0-0 1-6 LSOm Sun 16Oct22 1950 S 4UP ALLOW S Maillot (1) 60 $1.50f 2-Belharra (FR) 53.5 4.0L 2:09.30 8-10 RHILm Sat 12Aug23 1400 G4 SPRINGPREV R King (2) 53 $31 1-Pericles 59.5 4.5L 1:22.81R87 11-11 RHILm Sat 26Aug23 1400 G4 BM100 J B Stanley(a) (6) 55(52) $19 1-Vreneli 54.5 3.6L 1:24.05R87 7-7 RANDm Sat 16Sep23 1600 G4 BM88 J B Stanley(a) (4) 59(56) $15 1-Strait Acer 55 3.9L 1:35.12R86 7-12 GCSTm Sat 9Mar24 1800 G4 Qlty M J Cahill (6) 57 $61 1-Red Top 52 5.2L 1:47.88R86 Sat outside leader, weakened 250m out 3.9L at Royal Randwick Bm88 over 1600m. Always doing the chasing after displaying no early speed 5.2L at Gold Coast Qlty over 1800m. Crying out for a wet track. 6 Stuck With You (NZ) (Blks) R84 (3) 55.5kg Matthew Dunn (Murwillumbah) Kyle Wilson-Taylor 8yo b g Roc De Cambes (NZ)-Taupaki Flight (NZ) (British Banker (CAN)) BREEDER G P Boland Owners O T I Racing (Mgr: T F Henderson), L C R De Souza, Travaglini Racing (Mgr: G Travaglini), Triton Lennox, K Silom, T W J Jocumsen, Mrs T Joel, Ms A Freeman, Dr S A Costello, J A Kennedy, K J Dyer, P K Goodwin, G A Howard, T R Black, A J C Pianta, R V Keeley, Mrs K M Jocumsen & D Cicciarelli Navy Blue And Gold Hoops, White Sleeves And Cap (wc) 42 Starts 10-3-2 $322,305 TECHFORM 97 Track 7:1-0-0 Dist 7:1-0-1 Trk/Dist 3:1-0-0 Wet 17:4-3-0 1st Up 6:1-0-0 2nd Up 6:1-1-0 12-13 E FMm Sat 23Dec23 1400 G4 BM85 B Shinn (10) 60.5 $21 1-Freedom Rally 56 9.7L 1:23.20R86 9-12 BLNA Thu 25Jan24 1590 S6 BALLINACUP M McGuren (8) 60 $21 1-Without Revenge (GB) 59 7.4L 1:35.78R92 9-10 DOOMm Sat 10Feb24 1600 S6 BM78 J D Molloy(a) (1) 63.5(60.5) $91 1-Anythink Goes 58.5 7.9L 1:36.83R85 10-13 DOOMm Sat 24Feb24 1615 G4 HCP J L Bayliss (8) 54 $101 1-Sea Raider 53 6.2L 1:36.34R84 4-12 GCSTm Sat 9Mar24 1800 G4 Qlty K Wilson-Taylor (3) 56 $26 1-Red Top 52 1.2L 1:47.88R84 Weakened out of the race after doing a lot of chasing 6.2L at Doomben Hcp over 1615m. Led, kicked but run down late to just miss a place 1.2L at Aquis Park Gold Coast Qlty over 1800m. Proven here at this track/distance. 7 Red Wave R83 (19) 55kg Tony & Maddysen Sears (Toowoomba) Robbie Dolan 5yo b g Red Dazzler-Sandy Shore (Sandpit (BRZ)) BREEDER Mr R J Webster Owners Mrs J M Webster & Ms M L Sears Yellow, Brown Hooped Sleeves, Black Cap (t) 35 Starts 5-6-7 $462,750 TECHFORM 99 Track 10:1-2-2 Dist 2:0-1-0 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 11:0-2-3 1st Up 7:0-0-1 2nd Up 7:2-0-0 2-9 E FMm Sat 21Oct23 2212 G4 BM90 C Graham(a) (7) 55(53) $4.40 1-Dark Dream 57.5 0.4L 2:17.49R81 3-13 DOOMm Sat 2Dec23 2000 S6 HCP R Dolan (1) 52.5 $5 1-Knight’s Choice 55.5 1.2L 2:02.40R82 2-11 DOOMm Sat 30Dec23 2020 S6 SHOOT OUT Qlty R Dolan (9) 52 $11 1-Princess Rhaenys 52 0.9L 2:04.75R82 5-10 GCSTm Sat 9Mar24 1700 G4 CL6 R Dolan (1) 60 $6 1-Goldeel 53.5 2.7L 1:42.94R83 4-11 E FMm Sat 23Mar24 1600 G4 HCP R Dolan (4) 52 $7 1-Daytona Bay 57 1.5L 1:35.29R83 Got back worse than midfield running on ok late into fifth 2.7L at Gold Coast Cl6 1700m. Just failed to bridge the gap on the leaders when a nice fourth 1.5L at Eagle Farm Hcp 1600m. Racing well but barrier makes this tough. 8 Star Of Michelin R83 (7) 55kg Stuart Kendrick (Sunshine Coast) Angela Jones 7yo b g Jet Spur-Conca Bella (Show a Heart) BREEDER Showtime Breeding Pty Ltd Owners Showtime Breeding (Mgr: J M Cutts) White, Black Quarters, Orange Cap (wt) 41 Starts 8-3-1 $426,825 TECHFORM 91 Track 19:5-3-1 Dist 7:0-1-1 Trk/Dist 3:0-1-1 Wet 10:1-1-0 1st Up 6:0-1-0 2nd Up 6:1-0-0 10-11 E FMm Sat 4Nov23 1400 G4 Qlty J L Bayliss (5) 57.5 $61 1-Ekaterina 57 5.0L 1:23.20R87 10-12 SCSTm Sat 18Nov23 1600 G4 MOOLOOLABA CUP T Marshall (7) 54 $61 1-Dune Forty Five 55.5 3.9L 1:36.29R86 4-6 SCSTN Fri 5Jan24 1600 S7 HCP J L Bayliss (5) 59.5 $9 1-Sneak Preview 60 3.1L 1:38.20R84 5-9 SCSTm Sat 27Jan24 1800 G4 BM85 J L Bayliss (6) 59 $41 1-Sneak Preview 60 1.0L 1:52.93R83 9-11 E FMm Sat 23Mar24 1600 G4 HCP S T Collett (11) 54 $31 1-Daytona Bay 57 4.6L 1:35.29R83 Bombed start, best closer too late 1L at Sunshine Coast Bm85 over 1800m. Raced up on the pace but capitulated when the pressure was on 4.6L at Eagle Farm Hcp over 1600m.