Eagle Farm

67 Eagle Farm 9 6 Three Gongs R62 (6) 54kg Annabel Neasham (Eagle Farm) Bailey Wheeler (a2/52kg) 3yo b g 03/10/20 Bolt D’Oro (USA)-Rub Doubt (Not a Single Doubt) BREEDER Mr P L Bennett Owners M C A Tam, S F Wu, Y F Lee & K M L Ng Navy Blue, Pale Pink Epaulettes And Cap (dw) 3 Starts 2-0-1 $32,200 TECHFORM 97 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 1:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 2:1-0-1 1st Up 2:1-0-1 2nd Up 1:1-0-0 1-7 GRAF Wed 8Nov23 1200 S6 MDN-SW B Looker (5) 57.5 $10 2-Own Tomorrow 57 2.0L 1:11.60 3-5 IPSW Sun 21Jan24 1200 S7 3Y BM65 R Maloney (4) 58.5 $2.50 1-Laydownlily 56.5 1.3L 1:11.08R59 1-11 GATT Thu 8Feb24 1400 G4 CL2-SW J Guthmann-Chester (8) 57.5 $3.80 2-West Cork 60 0.1L 1:23.49R59 Nicely positioned to come into the race as winning chance but beaten into third 1.3L at Ipswich 3Y Bm65 over 1200m Soft 7. Settled on the pace and ran down the leaders to win 0.1L at Gatton Cl2-Sw over 1400m. 7 Westoak (1) 54kg Shaun Dwyer (Jnr) (Toowoomba) Taylor Marshall 3yo br g 27/10/20 Hellbent-Belscenica (Scenic (IRE)) BREEDER Sledmere Stud Pty Ltd Owners 360 Bloodstock PTY LTD , D Morrissey, Mrs V L Morrissey, S E Dwyer (Jnr), R Jackson, D F Lodge, Miss S Lyons, D Hall, M P Rookas, K R Green, P J Currie, R K Schmidt, K S Tully, Ms R L Loccisano, Mrs J H Sinclair, C Rogers, The Boss Hogs (Mgr: A L Roberts), T J Egan, B J Robson & G J Ryan Bottle Green, White Cross, Seams And Spot Cap 6 Starts 0-2-1 $15,890 TECHFORM 85 Track 1:0-0-0 Dist 1:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 0:0-0-0 1st Up 2:0-0-1 2nd Up 1:0-1-0 2-7 TWBAN Sat 26Aug23 1300 G4 3Y MDN D R McGillivray(a) (2) 58.5(55.5) $9 1-Avoid The Misstres 55 1.8L 1:21.66 5-8 E FMm Sat 2Sep23 1500 G4 3Y BM70 B E Thompson (1) 56 $21 1-Adelad 57 6.5L 1:32.09 6-10 DOOMm Wed 13Sep23 1350 G4 3Y MDN J H Huxtable (7) 57 $31 1-Booming Lad 58 2.6L 1:19.82 2-11 TWBAN Sat 30Sep23 1200 G4 3Y MDN K H Zechner (4) 57.5 $4.60 1-Beebee Dazzler 58.5 2.8L 1:13.97 3-10 DOOMm Wed 14Feb24 1110 G4 3Y MDN-SW D Thornton (1) 58 $16 1-Grand Meteor 56 2.2L 1:04.57 Held position to the line when runner-up after settling up with the leaders 2.8L at Toowoomba 3Y Mdn over 1200m. Fought hard over the final stages into third after sitting behind leaders 2.2L at Doomben 3Y Mdn-Sw over 1110m. Second-up. 8 Magic Island R62 (13) 53.5kg Robert Heathcote (Eagle Farm) Kyle Wilson-Taylor 3yo br f 08/09/20 Kermadec (NZ)-Magic Love (Magic Albert) BREEDER Mr R Whitten Owners R J Slade, W T Kochevatkin, M Calleja, W Frendo, I C Petrie, G L Morton, Mrs B R Morton, R D’Ademo, Mrs C Kohleis, Mrs J M Griffin, V Low, T J Howard, S Milsom, P Foyster, M J McBride, P Dixon, B R Lockett & Haveago (Mgr: R J Mitchell) White, Gold And Black Band, Black And Gold Stars Sleeves, Black Cap (t) 2 Starts 1-0-0 $38,750 TECHFORM 86 Track 2:1-0-0 Dist 0:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 1:0-0-0 1st Up 1:1-0-0 2nd Up 1:0-0-0 1-8 E FMm Fri 26Jan24 1200 G4 3YF MDN-SW M Rodd (2) 58 $2.40f 2-Grand Meteor 58 1.0L 1:12.23 9-13 E FMm Sat 17Feb24 1200 S7 CL1 M Rodd (12) 55(55.5) $7.50 1-Iron Grace 54.5 6.3L 1:11.16R62 Led and kicked strongly in the lane for the victory 1L at Eagle Farm 3Yf Mdn-Sw over 1200m. Created own luck going forward but couldn’t sustain that run late 6.3L at Eagle Farm Cl1 over 1200m Soft 7. Tongue tie goes on. 9 Miss Sha Blue R62 (3) 53kg Glenn Thornton (Gold Coast) Damien Thornton 3yo b f 24/09/20 Better Than Ready-Avenel (Scenic (IRE)) BREEDER Lyndhurst Stud Farm Owners Mrs L A Bratina, G I Waterhouse, R A & Mrs J A Hunter, R & Mrs K Macdonald Yellow, Pale Blue Butterfly Logo And Sleeves, Pale Blue Cap, Yellow Pom Pom (w) 4 Starts 2-0-1 $57,150 TECHFORM 95 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 1:0-0-1 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 2:2-0-0 1st Up 2:1-0-0 2nd Up 1:1-0-0 7-11 IPSWm Wed 4Oct23 1200 G4 3YF MDN-SW D Thornton (9) 57 $31 1-Try Everything 57 3.0L 1:11.06 1-8 LISM Sun 7Jan24 1120 S6 MDN-SW M Hellyer (6) 55.5 $6 2-Minto’s Power 59 0.8L 1:05.94 1-7 DOOMm Thu 1Feb24 1200 S7 3Y BM68 M R Du Plessis (6) 53.5 $17 2-Femme Fatale 58.5 0.1L 1:11.02R58 3-6 IPSWm Wed 21Feb24 1350 G4 3Y BM68 D Thornton (5) 60 $6.50 1-Laydownlily 58.5 1.8L 1:23.18R62 Fought off rivals to win after settling just off the speed 0.1L at Doomben 3Y Bm68 over 1200m Soft 7. No match for the winner but fought on boldly to hold third 1.8L at Ipswich 3Y Bm68 over 1350m.