Eagle Farm

60 8 Eagle Farm 10 Northern Decree (NZ) (Blks) R63 (7) 57.5kg Robert Heathcote (Eagle Farm) Martin Harley 4yo br g War Decree (USA)-Catbird Kitty (Catbird) BREEDER R L Orr Owners E R J Kesler, Mrs J A Kesler-Wilson, Mrs J M Eagles, M Crabtree, M Beck, Mrs B Beck, G W Voller, M Thiess & Wilson Kesler Pty Ltd (Mgr: E R J Kesler) Watermelon, Teal Stars, Chevrons Sleeves And Striped Cap (wt) 14 Starts 2-2-0 $68,725 TECHFORM 91 Track 8:2-0-0 Dist 5:0-1-0 Trk/Dist 3:0-0-0 Wet 3:1-1-0 1st Up 5:2-0-0 2nd Up 3:0-1-0 2-10 DOOMm Wed 9Aug23 1350 G4 BM70 M Harley (6) 56.5 $4.20 1-Prime Asset 58 0.2L 1:20.83R65 9-12 DOOMm Sat 26Aug23 1615 G4 CL3-SW B E Thompson (11) 57.5 $13 1-Tidal Creek 56 3.3L 1:37.82R66 4-11 E FMm Wed 6Sep23 1849 G4 BM68 B E Thompson (9) 57.5 $4.80 1-Kokonotsu 58 2.1L 1:55.48R65 6-9 E FMm Sat 16Sep23 1600 G4 CL3-SW B E Thompson (4) 57.5 $8 1-Sebring Girl 52.5 3.9L 1:35.80R64 5-7 E FMm Fri 26Jan24 1400 S5 CL2 M Harley (4) 57.5 $5.50 1-Last Chance Saloon 59 4.3L 1:24.94R63 Slow out and had to be steadied, one paced 3.9L at Eagle Farm Cl3-Sw over 1600m. Held spot to the line for fifth and never a winning chance 4.3L at Eagle Farm Cl2 over 1400m Soft 5. Second-up. 11 Seneschal (IRE) (Blks) R62 (5) 57kg Stuart Kendrick (Sunshine Coast) Robbie Dolan 4yo b g Kingman (GB)-Blue Angel (IRE) (Oratorio (IRE)) BREEDER Paul Moloney Ltd Owners Mrs T Kendrick, P Waldren, G L Wilson, B F Mathewson, I J Corazzol, B N Burton, M R Clarke & J M Baker,Kratzie Racing No.63 (Mgr: D W Kratzmann),Kratzie Racing No.64 (Mgr: D W Kratzmann White, Old Gold Diagonal Hearts, Sleeves And Cap 8 Starts 1-2-1 $43,360 TECHFORM 95 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 2:0-0-1 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 4:0-1-0 1st Up 3:0-1-1 2nd Up 3:1-0-0 5-10 K GR Sat 27May23 1600 G4 MDN L Magorrian (1) 60 $5 1-Okataina (NZ) 59.5 4.9L 1:37.65 3-9 KENSm Wed 4Oct23 1400 G4 MDN-SW J B McDonald (8) 59 $9 1-Queen Of Dragons 54.5 1.6L 1:22.36 1-10 HAWK Thu 19Oct23 1500 G4 4Y+ MDN-SW K O’Hara (5) 59 $1.85f 2-Wild Canary 59 2.3L 1:30.06 2-8 SCSTN Fri 19Jan24 1200 H8 CG&E BM62 J M Orman (5) 60 $2.70ef 1-Bad Education 58.5 0.2L 1:12.44R62 7-11 DOOMm Thu 1Feb24 1350 S7 CL1-SW R Dolan (7) 60 $5.50 1-Snow Boum 58 4.0L 1:21.21R63 Pounced on the lead on the line but just lost when second 0.2L at Sunshine Coast Cg&E Bm62 over 1200m Heavy 8. Sat behind the leaders and appeared to have every chance 4L at Doomben Cl1-Sw over 1350m Soft 7. 12 All’s Fair R64 (13) 56kg Ben Hull (Gold Coast) Andrew Mallyon 6yo br m Warhorse (NZ)-Heart to Heart (Tale of the Cat (USA)) BREEDER Mr R Manson Owners R N Manson & Mrs J A Manson White, Purple And Teal Zig Zag Band, Purple Cap 23 Starts 3-4-4 $97,570 TECHFORM 94 Track 2:0-0-0 Dist 4:0-0-1 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 3:0-1-0 1st Up 5:0-0-0 2nd Up 4:1-0-1 1-9 GCPT Sat 5Aug23 1540 Syn CL2 R Jamieson (8) 56.5 $2.15f 2-Devine Falls 58 1.0L 1:32.72R60 3-12 DOOMm Sat 26Aug23 1615 G4 CL3-SW R Jamieson (1) 57 $51 1-Tidal Creek 56 2.0L 1:37.82R64 2-5 GCPT Sat 9Sep23 1900 Syn CL3 R Jamieson (3) 57 $3 1-Hadouken 59 0.3L 1:58.25R65 5-12 E FMm Sat 30Sep23 1820 G4 CL3 R Jamieson (6) 53 $14 1-Contribute (NZ) 54.5 2.6L 1:49.99R65 5-11 E FMm Sat 3Feb24 1200 G4 NMW R Jamieson (8) 54 $51 1-Burning Bell 50.5 4.2L 1:10.04R64 On pace, but couldn’t hold their ground 2.6L at Eagle Farm Cl3 over 1820m. Made up good late ground for fifth after being in an impossible position at the rear 4.2L at Eagle Farm Nmw over 1200m. Is a second-up winner. 13 Simply Refuse R64 (6) 56kg Jack Bruce (Sunshine Coast) Damien Thornton 4yo b m Pierro-Chandana (High Chaparral (IRE)) BREEDER Hook Logic Owners C Bennett, Mrs K Bennett, Flying Start Chandana (Mgr: C Bennett), R J Reed, K G Thwaites, Dr P G Bevan, Lifestylin 1 (Mgr: G P Cook), C Wood, S J Heal, P Milczarek, R P Jennings, P Winen, G K Finlayson, Mrs J Carracher, G D Berry & D J Keatinge White, Flying Start Syndications Logo, Black And Teal Checked Sleeves, Quartered Cap (dw) 3 Starts 2-0-0 $35,900 TECHFORM 92 Track 1:0-0-0 Dist 2:1-0-0 Trk/Dist 1:0-0-0 Wet 1:1-0-0 1st Up 1:1-0-0 2nd Up 1:1-0-0 1-15 SCST Sun 6Aug23 1400 S5 MDN J H Huxtable (8) 58 $9 2-Eight Cylinders (NZ) 58.5 0.5L 1:26.68 1-10 SCST Sun 27Aug23 1300 G4 F&M BM58 B E Thompson (8) 60 $2.70 2-Sizzling Gal 60 0.8L 1:18.99R60 4-10 E FMm Sat 16Sep23 1400 G4 F&M BM70 J H Huxtable (2) 56 $8 1-Poetic Drama (NZ) 57 3.4L 1:24.01R64 Won well after sitting off the pace 0.8L at Sunshine Coast F&M Bm58 over 1300m. Jumped ok, 3rd the inside, one paced 3.4L at Eagle Farm F&M Bm70 over 1400m.