Eagle Farm

55 Eagle Farm 5 21 Damiani 5EM R66 (11) 54kg Greg Ryan (Deagon) 5yo ch m Pride of Dubai-Motivation (USA) (Medaglia D’oro (USA)) BREEDER Aquis Farm Owners Mrs L A Ryan & G R Ryan Gold And Black Hoops, Red Cap 32 Starts 4-10-4 $161,905 TECHFORM 89 Track 5:0-0-1 Dist 3:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 2:0-0-0 Wet 8:0-1-2 1st Up 6:1-2-0 2nd Up 6:0-2-2 2-7 GCPT Sat 4Nov23 1200 Syn BM60 J Franklin(a) (7) 60(57) $9 1-Almighty Rising 58 4.5L 1:09.98R66 2-7 GCPT Sat 25Nov23 1540 Syn BM55 J Franklin(a) (2) 63.5(61.5) $1.60f 1-Kaboom 58 3.8L 1:33.29R66 2-6 GCPT Sat 16Dec23 1540 Syn BM60 J A Williams(a) (2) 61(59) $5.50 1-Avenue Of Stars 63 4.0L 1:35.92R66 3-9 E FMm Wed 27Dec23 1600 S5 BM68 M Harley (9) 57 $31 1-Bullion Boy 60 1.8L 1:36.75R66 15-15 GCSTm Sat 13Jan24 1300 G3 MM F&M A Jones (1) 55.5 $201 1-Lady Laguna 57 17L 1:15.20R66 Gave a great sight out in front but was run down for third 1.8L at Eagle Farm Bm68 over 1600m Soft 5. Handy the rail, giving ground from long way out 17.1L at Aquis Park Gold Coast Mm F&M over 1300m. Has won first-up, consider. 22 Fixated 6EM R66 (9) 52kg Robert Heathcote (Hendra) Bailey Wheeler (a2/52kg) 6yo br g Hinchinbrook-Gaze (NZ) (Cape Cross (IRE)) BREEDER Mrs M Murfitt Owners Mirunners Racing No. 1 (Mgr: D C Halpin) Grey, MiRunners Logo, Sky Blue Sleeves And Cap, Logo On Cap 37 Starts 5-6-6 $190,000 TECHFORM 95 Track 4:0-1-0 Dist 3:0-1-0 Trk/Dist 2:0-1-0 Wet 7:0-1-2 1st Up 7:0-1-1 2nd Up 6:0-1-1 8-13 SCST Sun 24Sep23 1200 G4 BM65 B Spriggs (13) 60 $17 1-Lost In Transit 59 4.2L 1:11.64R67 4-9 E FMm Sat 7Oct23 1200 G4 BM68 B Spriggs (9) 58 $9 1-Standing Order 59.5 1.4L 1:10.84R66 8-12 E FMm Sat 21Oct23 1400 G4 BM68 B Spriggs (12) 58 $5.50 1-Corfe Castle 55 4.4L 1:24.45R66 2-10 E FMm Sat 4Nov23 1400 G4 NMW T Marshall (1) 52 $3.50f 1-Boodua Romance 54 2.1L 1:22.85R65 7-12 E FMm Sat 23Mar24 1200 G4 BM68 J L Bayliss (8) 59 $17 1-Argyle Pink 59.5 1.2L 1:10.03R66 Handy the rail, edged out, ran home for 2nd 2.1L at Eagle Farm Nmw over 1400m. Got back in the running and did a great job to get so close 1.2L at Eagle Farm Bm68 over 1200m. Second-up. 23 Caderas 7EM R65 (13) 54kg Adam Campton (Gold Coast) 4yo b or br m Brazen Beau-She’s Got Speed (Speed ‘n’ Power (NZ)) BREEDER Mr S Pitts Owners W B Fornari, D Reed, J W O’hagan, Mrs M Lindemann, R Lindemann, R J Harvey, R L Orchard, Suliolla (Mgr: B Ollard), Magic Five All In (Mgr: V P P Tran), M J Robertson, Mrs L Davis, I C Young, Goldie Dreamers (Mgr: M H Killian), Mrs H L Jones, P A Lampard, P B Ross, N D Bendle & Cheers & Beers (Mgr: M Black, White Epaulettes With Royal Blue Outline, White And Royal Blue Striped Cap 8 Starts 3-0-2 $57,250 TECHFORM 94 Track 0:0-0-0 Dist 0:0-0-0 Trk/Dist 0:0-0-0 Wet 0:0-0-0 1st Up 3:2-0-1 2nd Up 3:1-0-0 1-5 GCPT Sat 7Oct23 1200 Syn CL1 S R Callow(a) (3) 56.5(54.5) $2.25f 2-Mission To Win 59 0.8L 1:10.19R58 6-9 SCST Sun 22Oct23 1300 G4 BM65 E P Lang(a) (3) 55.5(53.5) $3.60f 1-Fighting Idol 56.5 2.7L 1:17.68R62 1-9 GCPT Sat 24Feb24 1100 Syn BM62 E H Chaves (5) 57.5 $2.70f 2-Galaxy General 60 0.1L 1:04.85R61 5-10 GCSTm Sat 9Mar24 1100 G3 F&M-SWP E H Chaves (3) 55.5 $101 1-Chinny Boom 55.5 5.5L 1:01.66R64 3-6 GCPT Sat 23Mar24 1100 Syn BM62 J A Williams(a) (3) 59.5(58) $2.35f 1-I Am Voodoo 60 2.7L 1:03.87R65 Midfield, one-paced from the 400m when content with fifth 5.5L at Aquis Park Gold Coast F&M-Swp over 1100m. Nice positioned to threaten however no match for the first two when third 2.7L at Aquis Park Gold Coast Poly Bm62 over 1100m Synthetic. 24 Charlie’s Case 8EM R64 (8) 54kg Gary Duncan (Caloundra) 5yo b g Myboycharlie (IRE)-Perkipsey (Falbrav (IRE)) BREEDER Staghurst Pty Ltd Owners Mrs W M Duncan, M T Casey, G D Roberts, G R Matthews, M T Casey, N W Casey, D E Casey, T P Jones, R J Lillywhite, Mrs A Lillywhite, B J Marmin & Mrs J A Marmin Red, White Star, Sleeves And Cap (dw) 21 Starts 3-2-5 $125,848 TECHFORM 90 Track 5:0-1-1 Dist 8:1-0-3 Trk/Dist 3:0-0-1 Wet 5:2-1-1 1st Up 5:1-0-3 2nd Up 5:2-2-0 1-9 SCSTN Fri 5Jan24 1400 S7 CL2 M R Du Plessis (2) 60 $2.90 2-Kubwa 60 1.3L 1:24.88R62 5-15 SCSTm Sat 27Jan24 1400 G4 BM68 M R Du Plessis (4) 59 $7 1-Corfe Castle 58.5 1.7L 1:24.23R66 6-12 DOOMm Sat 10Feb24 1600 S5 BM68 M R Du Plessis (4) 59 $9 1-O’miss Behaving 57.5 1.5L 1:37.46R66 3-12 DOOMm Sat 24Feb24 1615 G4 BM75 M R Du Plessis (12) 55 $9 1-Tuhinga 59 0.6L 1:37.10R65 6-13 E FMm Sat 16Mar24 1600 G4 BM78 M R Du Plessis (13) 54 $16 1-Russian Warrior 54.5 2.7L 1:37.66R65 Will be winning soon after sailing home into third place 0.6L at Doomben Bm75 over 1615m. Did make up some ground in the straight for sixth but never threatened 2.7L at Eagle Farm Bm78 over 1600m.