Eagle Farm

3 BOOKMAKERS’ MINIMUM WAGERS In accordance with Queensland Racing Local Rule 76, the Principle Authority prescribes a maximum bet amount, which a Brisbane Racing Club Bookmaker is required to accept and shall offer to accommodate the bettor to at least that amount. ALL RACE MEETINGS (Local & Southern Events) $1000 QUEENSLAND BOOKMAKERS’ ASSOCIATION BONDING SCHEME There shall be no obligation on the Queensland Bookmakers’ Association to honour any guarantees given in accordance with Section 143 of the Racing and Betting Act 1980-87 in respect of any lawful bet made under the Rules of Racing with Bookmakers registered with the Brisbane Racing Club unless the claimant gives the Committee written notification of the non-payment of such bet within thirty days of the making of the said bet. EACH WAY BETTING Bookmakers shall elect before each and every race whether they propose to bet WIN ONLY or EACH WAY. They shall indicate clearly on their board before setting their prices the elected mode of betting. They shall adhere to the elected mode of betting until the conclusion of betting on the said race. Bookmaker may, during the course of accepting bets, then elect - • If accepting “Win Only” bets, to accept “Win & Place” or “Each Way” bets from the time of such election to the cessation of betting on the race. • If accepting “Win & Place or “Each Way” bets, to accept “Win Only” bets from the time of such election to the cessation of betting on the race provided that the bookmaker shall make only one change during the course of accepting bets on the race. OWNERS INFORMATION Post race discussions with jockey and owners First to fifth – in the areas behind the barrier fencing of the place getter stalls Fifth to last – in the birdcage areas outside the jockeys rooms (N.B. only the jockey and trainer are permitted on the horse walkway areas) Dress code Persons attending the Birdcage or Mounting Yard must be dressed according to the Members Dress Code for that day. During the race Owners are permitted to watch the race from the Presentation Enclosure but must vacate immediately as the horses pass the post.