Eagle Farm

13 Mahbaby Slow to begin. DOOM 10/02/2024 Kanazawa Shifted in under pressure from leaving the 200m. Raced wide throughout. SCST 02/02/2024 Jayanthi Momentarily held up for clear running when entering the home straight.DOOM 10/02/2024 Outlawed Held up rounding the home turn and shifted out after passing the 400m bumping with BEAU RUMBLE and forcing that horse wider. DOOM 28/10/2023 Princess Tenko Began awkwardly. When questioned regarding the performance of the mare and the tactics adopted, apprentice B. Wheeler advised Stewards that after beginning awkwardly, PRINCESS TENKO failed to muster speed and for this reason he was unable to secure a more forward racing position as anticipated. Apprentice Wheeler further added that he had considered remaining in a three wide position in the early stages, however he was of the opinion that if he had elected to stay in this position, he would have been forced to race three wide throughout, and for this reason he elected to take up a position mid DOOM 19/08/2023 Race 9 Sharp Dazzler Laid in under pressure in the home straight. E FM 17/02/2024 Hyde Park Shifted out on jumping and bumped. Rdr reported his mnt’s finishing effort was slightly disappointing, and he recommended to connections that they consider applying blinkers at its next race start. A post-race vet exam revealed the colt to be coughing with nasal discharge from both nostrils. Co-tnr was told a vet clearance, including an endoscopic examination, would be required prior to next race/trial. Vet Clearance received. RAND30/12/2023 Lissaro (NZ) Passing the 200m was bumped.E FM 03/02/2024 Meat Pie Artie Over raced during the early stages. Rdr lost use of inside rein over concluding stages. E FM 17/02/2024 Three Gongs Began awkwardly. GATT 08/02/2024 Westoak Bumped soon after the start. Bumped near the 900m. Soon after straightening, laid in and away from another runner and crowded runners to its inside. TWBA 30/09/2023 Magic Island Rdr reported at scale that the filly may have made a respiratory noise in running. Post race vet revealed slow recovery. E FM 17/02/2024 Crimson Warning Jockey L Tilley advised that, in his opinion, his mount struggled with the fast early pace. TWBA 17/02/2024 You Kay Squeeze Began awkwardly, bumped and lost ground. E FM 17/02/2024 Zin Zan Ready Hampered on jumping. Raced wide throughout. E FM 04/11/2023 Race 10 African Daisy Raced keenly in the middle stages.RAND06/01/2024 Hadouken A post-race vet exam revealed no apparent absSCST 27/01/2024 Schmoozer Shifted out on jumping and bumped another runner. E FM 17/02/2024 Seneschal (IRE) Raced wide. Laid out under pressure leaving the 200m was bumped. DOOM 01/02/2024 Five Crowns A post-race vet exam revealed no abnormalities.NCLE 17/02/2024 Bella Tivaci (NZ) Momentarily held up for clear running on entering the home straight. E FM 17/02/2024 Aldeenaary (IRE) Bumped at the start. Carried wider between the 250m and 100m when SPEED MAP laid out.DOOM 14/02/2024 Kinetic Began awkwardly. Had difficulty obtaining clear running in the early part of the home straight until leaving the 200m. Near the 50m was hampered. DOOM 10/02/2024 Northern Decree (NZ) Raced wide throughout. E FM 17/02/2024 Russian Mystic Tightened for room on jumping and lost ground DOOM 24/02/2024 Nippa’s Nightcap Slow to begin. Over raced leaving the 700m when the pace slackened. DOOM 14/02/2024 Lady Le Da Held up for clear run round home turn and continued to be held up for clear running until leaving the 100mSCST 27/01/2024 Smooth Torque Bumped approaching the finishing line by KINETIC which was taken out by GRANITE PRINCE.DOOM 10/02/2024 Thesecondatportsea Held up approaching the home turn. DOOM 10/02/2024