Eagle Farm

11 Race 5 Rejoiced Laid in under pressure in the home straight. E FM 17/02/2024 Patton Hampered at the start. DOOM 14/02/2024 Siren Rock Laid in leaving the 300 metres, brushing the running rail.CRNS09/09/2023 Centrestone Approaching the 200m was obliged to alter course outwards. Approaching the 100m made contact with another rnr when improving into a run. KENS 31/01/2024 Renouf Held up rounding the home turn and had difficulty securing clear running until the 300mSCST 27/01/2024 African Daisy Raced keenly in the middle stages.RAND06/01/2024 Winston Smurfhill (NZ) Bucked shortly after the start and did so for some distance and took no competitive part in the event. E FM 03/01/2024 Hellavadancer Raced wide until leaving the 1000m. E FM 20/01/2024 Texas (NZ) Slow to begin. Raced wide with cover throughout. E FM 20/01/2024 Naval Trader Severely hampered on jumping, blundered and lost ground. Raced in restricted room over the concluding stages and was unable to be fully tested. DOOM 10/02/2024 Race 6 Quarantine Dreams (IRE) Began only fairly & then from outside barrier was shifted behind rnrs in early stages. Unable to be tested over concluding stages when held up behind another rnr. NCLE 27/01/2024 Drialle Slow to begin. E FM 27/12/2023 Quothquan Laid in leaving the 900m. Shortly thereafter, steadied from heels. Approaching the 600m when racing keenly, improved onto heels and was steadied. DOOM 10/02/2024 Transatlantic Leaving the 800m, laid out whilst over racing and clipped the heels of POWER OF THE BRAVE resulting in the colt blundering.DOOM 08/07/2023 Mister Jonno Protest 2nd vs. 1st alleged interference inside final 100m. Brushed near 75m & again approaching WP. Dismissed.WNBL 03/12/2023 Dark Tangent Slow to begin. Held up approaching the home turn. Jockey M. Harley reported at scale that the gelding failed to quicken when asked for an effort in the home straight and proved disappointing in its finished effort. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no apparent abnormalities. DOOM 17/01/2024 Seventies Hit Raced wide throughoutGCPT 17/02/2024 Victoria Roc (NZ) Lost n/hind plate. Bumped near the 600m when racing in restricted room. DOOM 01/02/2024 Miliarense pre-race vet exam on arrival at the barriers after contacting the gate leaving the enclosure and was passed fit to race. Bumped near the 1250m SCST 18/02/2024 Petersham Began awkwardly. Raced wide throughout. E FM 17/02/2024 Prado Slow to begin. SCST 11/02/2024 Deferential Over raced in the early and middle stages. Cast its off-fore plate in running. SCST 18/02/2024 More Love Blundered on jumping. Approaching the 1200m, bumped when attempting to obtain a position with cover. Shifted out under pressure over the final 100m. IPSW 15/02/2024 Unleash Laid out under pressure in the home straight. Performed below market expectations. Rider reported the gelding was not suited by the firmer track conditions. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities WARW15/01/2024 Reel Wild (NZ) Began awkwardly and lost ground. Cast its off-hind plate in running. SCST 11/06/2023 True Fairy Slow to begin. LISM 07/01/2024 Who Ordered Dafish Bumped on jumping WARW29/01/2024 Sir Leonidas Fractious in barriers. Laid in under pressure in the home straight E FM 07/02/2024 In Barcelona Raced wide early. Raced keen in the middle stages E FM 07/02/2024 Bringme Slow into stride and was under pressure early to maintain its position in the field. Lost a near-side hind plate in running. TWBA 17/02/2024