Canterbury Park

18 EMERGENCY PROCEDURES The safety and comfort of patrons at Australian Turf Club venues is of paramount importance. The Club has developed comprehensive procedures to deal with any unexpected emergency situation that may arise. Our staff are trained in dealing with emergencies and evacuations. Should an emergency situation arise, the alarm system will be heard over three stages: (1) Fire Alarm Bell – (RINGING SOUND). This notifies the Fire Brigade; (2) Alert Alarm – (WHOOP – WHOOP – WHOOP SOUND). This will be heard on each floor to notify Emergency Wardens to stand by and prepare for possible evacuation. (3) Evacuation Alarm – (WHOOP – WHOOP – WHOOP SOUND). This notifies ALL occupants to leave via the nearest safety exit under the supervision of the Emergency Wardens. On hearing the alert alarm, patrons are requested to remain calm and prepare to follow instructions from the Emergency Wardens. Cloak room items will be secured for you to collect after the situation is over. Mobility impaired patrons, including hearing and sight impaired patrons, should make contact with an Emergency Warden as they may need a “buddy” to assist in the evacuation in the evacuation. On hearing the evacuation alarm, the Wardens will usher you to the Safe Assembly Area so it is essential that you follow their instructions. Unless you are instructed otherwise, the Safey Assembly Area are: In the event of an emergency, please remember: (1) Listen carefully to the alarm tones; (2) Follow the directions of the Emergency Wardens; (3) Move quickly and quietly to the designated Safe Assembly Areas. EMERGENCY ASSEMbLY AREA A: The area behind the Main Grandstand bounded by the Administration Offices, the Main Grandstand and the Main Entrance Turnstile Building; and EMERGENCY ASSEMbLY AREA b: The grassed area in front of the Main Grandstand.