Canterbury Park

12 Stewards Report Race 1 RANVET HANDICAP 1100M Limahuli Raced keenly in the early stages. Rider reported that the colt may have choked down. A post race veterinary examination revealed no significant findings. Follow up. CAUL 26/01/2024 Art’s Alive When being steadied to allow another rnr to cross, got its head up, shifted in and brushed the running rail near the 800m. RHIL 11/11/2023 Souad Slow to begin. Raced greenly under pressure in the home straight. Approaching the 100m when racing greenly shifted out towards SATIN STILETTO before being corrected by its rider. A short distance later whilst continuing to race greenly and shifted in and away from SATIN STILETTO which shifted in marginally at that point and as a result SOUAD contacted ACCELAR. E FM09/12/2023 Valabing Reared on jumping and lost ground. From a wide barrier then was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Raced greenly through the early and middle stages. Had difficulty obtaining clear running prior to the 200m. RAND 09/12/2023 And Found Shortly after start was crowded for room. From a wide barrier the filly then was shifted behind rnrs in early stages. In early part of straight laid out when placed under pressure & then leaving 200m was inconvenienced by another rnr, which shifted out. RAND 27/01/2024 Race 2 THE AGENCY REAL ESTATE HANDICAP 1900M Don Pedro Began awkwardly and shifted out. CANT 09/02/2024 Malabar Approaching the 900m got its head up when being steadied off heels. Approaching the 300m made contact with another rnr when improving to its inside. CANT 09/02/2024 Community Inclined to lay out when placed under pressure rounding the home turn. Shifted out again under pressure over the final 50m and made slight contact with another runner. NCLE 06/02/2024 Sunlord Rdr permitted to ride 0.5kg over allotted weight. Shifted behind runners in the early stages. KENS 17/01/2024 Tell The Future Slow to begin & then shortly after had to be eased to avoid heels of another rnr, after being bumped & carried out by another rnr. Shifted out under pressure from 100m to 50m. Rdr reported due to slow tempo set in early & mid stages, he was obliged to make a long sustained run from 600m as a result, was unable to finish off its race as expected. Std in his opinion, the gelding did not appreciate tight turning track. WYNG 28/01/2024 The Professor (NZ) Shifted out on jumping & bumped. Steadied near 1000m when racing keenly. When qst, rdr std mnt began well & when no other rnrs showed intent to lead, he was left in lead throughout early stages. Std leaving 1400m mnt overraced, so he elected to restrain to allow a rnr to cross, which he felt would give mnt best opportunity to settle. Std after being crossed near 1000m, mnt continued to race keenly & was held up for clear running from the 400m, but near 300m mnt was checked when disappointed for a run, & leaving 200m he shifted outwards to obtain clear running, whereby it ran to line well. NCLE 10/02/2024 Zip On By From a wide barrier was shifted behind rnrs in early stages. NCLE 27/01/2024 Steel Blaze From its outside barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. HAWK 13/02/2024 Race 3 TOYOTA FORKLIFTS HANDICAP 1200M Navy Blood Momentarily held up rounding the home turn until shifting outwards passing the 250m. WYNG 08/02/2024 Triskelion (NZ) Bumped on jumping. When qst, rdr std after initially being caught wide in early stages, passing the 900m he had to check mnt & shift wider after becoming awkwardly placed on heels. He std from this point his mnt continued to race wide without cover &, as he felt tempo of race was only moderate, he allowed it to stride forward to obtain lead, & once placed under pressure in home straight, it responded to riding fairly, but commenced to lay out, resulting in him having to stop riding & attempt to straighten it. Rdr was reminded of his obligation to ride mnt out fully to the line. GOSF 24/01/2024 Groundrush From the outside barrier was shifted behind runners in the early stages. NCLE 10/02/2024 Tellez (NZ) Was bumped on jumping. KENS 14/02/2024 Amoreaux Rdr permitted to ride 0.5kg over allotted weight. Shifted out on jumping & made contact with another rnr. CANT 02/02/2024 Llanddwyn Raced keenly in the early stages. W FM 07/02/2024 Bolero Belle Rdr reported the filly was making a slight respiratory noise through the latter part of the race, and in his view it may have displaced its palate. A post-race vet exam