5 6 EYE SEE THINGS 25/02/2022Canterbury Park When qst re riding early & mid stages, rdr std instructed to ride mnt prominently. Std he formed view ground towards outside rail as being superior, & since mnt had drawn outside barrier, he elected to shift towards outside rail with a view of allowing it to cross to inside rail near 700m. Added from 1000m he had to make some use of mnt to cross to inside near 700m. When qst re sectional set between 1000m & 800m, rdr std mnt lost concentration when racing wide & had to urge it along. Added after crossing to rail mnt did not handle Heavy 10 track & this was main reason for tiring final 100m. 8 FINALLY REALISE 9/02/2022 Warwick Farm Rdr reported he was instructed to ride mnt in a forward position. Std after beginning only fairly he was obliged to make significant use of mnt in early stages to comply with instructions. Std after obtaining prominent position he contemplated allowing a rnr to cross his mnt, but when it maintained its position to his outside he allowed his mnt to improve & share lead from the 700m. Added mnt came under heavy pressure rounding home turn & tired badly in the straight, which he attributed to the amount of work it did in early stages. A post-race vet exam revealed gelding to be slow to recover. 9 CAVALIER CHARLES 13/02/2022NowraWas a little slow to begin. Raced in tight room for some distance passing the 1100m. Laid in passing the 300m. 10 HARD CORE 12/02/2022Tumut Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. Made the crossing at the 1400m awkwardly. 11 BEEP TEST 25/02/2022Canterbury Park Rdr std the filly travelled reasonably through the early and middle stages, however, as soon as it came off the bridle near the 600m, it floundered in the going and, in his opinion, its performance was due to its inability to handle the heavy track. A post-race vet exam revealed no abnormalities. Tnr representative subsequently reported satisfaction with the post-race condition of the filly. 13 SIFU 13/02/2022NowraRaced wide throughout. 14 EMMA’S GIFT 19/02/2022Wagga Blundered on jumping. Qst re the fast early tempo, apprentice rdr stated she was instructed to begin prominently and obtain cover if able, but prevent restraining mnt as it can over-race & pull hard when being restrained. Rdr std mnt blundered on jumping & lost ground, she then commenced to pressure mnt to obtain forward position & did not restrain mnt to prevent it over racing & as a result was three wide no cover. Rdr was adv in such circumstances she must take reasonable measures to attempt to restrain mnt to obtain cover. Race 5 - 3:01PM TAB FEDERAL RIHARNA THOMSON MEMORIAL HANDICAP (1200 METRES) 1 HOW DO YOU SLEEP 6/10/2021 Rosehill Gardens Raced keenly in the middle stages and leaving the 800m was steadied from heels. 4 FINITE 4/03/2022 Dubbo Raced wide without cover throughout. Raced greenly when placed under pressure. Post-race vet exam poor recovery. Vet cert required. 5 MY GIRONA 12/11/2021Canterbury Park Shifted out on jumping. 7 KEYNES TIME 19/02/2022Wagga A pre-race veterinary examination of the gelding, which was late arriving on course, deemed it suitable to race. The explanation tendered by trainer for the gelding arriving late on course was accepted. Shortly after the start, shifted in and bumped. 8 MARKOVA 1/06/2021 Sapphire Coast Some-time after the race, the veterinary officer was required to examine and treat the filly which was displaying signs of colic. Trainer reported the following day, that a further examination by his stable veterinarian satisfied the stable that the filly was recovering well. Vet clearance req. Received 9 VAAROOM 16/10/2021Wagga Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. Passing the 100m had to be steadied. When questioned regarding the performance, rider could offer no tangible explanation. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. 10 GIDDY UP GIDLEIGH 27/02/2022AlburySlow to begin. Over-raced throughout the early and middle stages. 11 GRAVY TRAIN MAGPIE 25/02/2022Canberra Slow to begin. 14 AREEBA SPIRIT 19/02/2022Gosford On jumping was hampered, carried inwards & bumped a runner. 15e REDHAIR’N’FRECKLES 24/12/2021Wagga Raced keenly in the middle stages. Race 6 - 3:41PM AFFINITY CONSTRUCTIONS AUSTRALIA QUALITY OPEN SPRINT (1000 METRES) 1 THE FACE 2/11/2021 Royal Randwick COT: To be ridden further forward; settled outside the leader. Rdr std mnt raced flat today and was disappointed in the manner in which it finished the race off. A post race vet exam revealed no abs. Co-tnr confirmed the gelding will now be spelled. 2 LANCASTER BOMBER 19/02/2022Flemington Held up from the 200m until the 50m. 3 ON THE LEAD 18/12/2021Royal Randwick Rdr permitted to ride 1kg over the allotted weight. When questioned re performance, rdr std from an inside barrier his mnt was obliged to race on the rail inside other rnrs. Std mnt was not suited by racing in this position as it is proven to race best when given clear and uninterrupted running wider on the track. A post-race vet exam revealed the gelding to have lost its near fore plate. 4 ROYAL WITNESS 16/02/2022Kensington Shifted out near the 300m and bumped. 5 DUCHESS 16/02/2022Kensington Passing the 150m was bumped on the hindquarters and became unbalanced. When rdr was switching his whip through to the right hand passing the 200m, it became entangled in his reins which prevented him from being able to use the whip for the remainder of the race. 7 KEY LARGO 15/01/2022Rosehill Gardens Began awkwardly, shifted out and made contact with another runner. From a wide barrier then was shifted behind runners in the early stages. Raced keenly in the early stages and near the 900m was steadied from heels. At the 700m was again steadied from heels. 8 LOOK ONLY 9/02/2022 Warwick Farm Rounding the home turn was awkwardly placed inside the heels of another rnr, then had difficulty securing clear running until approaching the 250m. 9 MISS TWILIGHT 27/02/2022AlburyRaced three-wide throughout. 10 THE UNKNOWN FACTOR 26/01/2022Wagga Missed the start 2L. 11 DUAL ESCAPE 18/02/2022Canterbury Park Raced wide and without cover throughout the event.