3 Emergency Procedures at Thoroughbred Park You should take your immediate effects and proceed quickly (do not run). In the event of an emergency, please remember: 1. Listen carefully to the public address system, 2. Follow the directions of the Wardens and staff, 3. Move quickly to the designated Safe Assembly Areas. The safety of all who attend Race meetings and functions at Thoroughbred Park is of paramount importance. Canberra Racing Club staff are trained to effectively manage any emergency should one arise. Should an emergency situation occur, the course broadcaster will sound the alert over the public address system and issue instructions to all patrons. On hearing the instructions; patrons are requested to remain calm and prepare to follow further instructions from the Emergency Wardens. Emergency Wardens will be easily identifiable as they will be wearing coloured helmets. Mobility impaired patrons, including hearing and sight impaired, should make contact with an Emergency Warden as they may need a “buddy” to assist them. On hearing the evacuation instruction, the Wardens will usher you to the safe assembly areas, so it is essential that you follow their instructions. Unless you are instructed otherwise, the safe assembly areas are as shown below. Safe Assembly Areas A The grassed area inside the main entrance behind the public toilets. B In front of the storage sheds C The course proper (grass track) in front of the saddling enclosure. Accessed through the saddling enclosure. D For horse stall patrons, the area formerly known as the jockeys car park, which is at the back of the stalls but down next to (but not on) the course proper.