9 Stewards Report Race 1 GCTC & SCENIC RIM COUNCIL Class 2 Handicap 1650M Boston Of Tuffy A post race veterinary examination of the gelding revealed it to have been galloped on the near hind fetlock. MWBH 15/12/2023 Martini Dancer Began awkwardly. Raced keenly in the early stages. GCPT 16/12/2023 Surcote COT – to settle further forward, settled off pace. Began awkwardly & bumped near side gate. When quest re perf. rdr stated mount travelled comfortably in e&m stages however was under pressure to hold its position from 500m. Rdr stated mount only ground way to line & raced like a tired horse. Tnr advised she would assess gelding in coming days before making determination on immediate racing future. P/R vet no ab’s. LISM 22/12/2023 Enviable Near the 150m was had to be steadied when awkwardly placed between the heels of runners. A post-race veterinary examination did not reveal any abnormality.BLNA 04/12/2023 Masterplan Raced wide throughout. E FM 09/12/2023 The Khan (NZ) Bumped on jumping. Raced keenly in the early stages. Laid in under pressure in the early stages of the home straight. Momentarily hampered leaving the 100m when MORE TROUBLE shifted out under pressure. IPSW 09/11/2023 Indented Head Raced wide throughout GCST 09/12/2023 Googaz Began awkwardly and bumped another runner shortly after the start. CHIN 16/12/2023 Gracie Blue Raced wide throughout. Held up when close to heels over the concluding stages. GCST 09/12/2023 Newmarket Miss Near the 1600m was steadied when tightened for room. MWBH 15/12/2023 Lyndall When questioned in relation to the improved performance trainer stated that this is the first preparation for the mare in her stable. Trainer stated that the Lyndall has only competed on synthetic tracks which in her opinion may not have suited the mare. Trainer stated that the mare has recently had an addition of a one-eyed blinker which may have benefited the mare in today’s event. BLNA 04/12/2023 Race 2 WAYNE LACEY MEMORIAL BENCHMARK 60 Handicap 2450M Collection Point Began awkwardly and lost ground. Left a midfield trailing position passing the 1200m to reach the lead passing the 1000m. DOOM20/12/2023 Man Of Heart Slow to begin. TWBA 16/12/2023 Lizzie’s Pride (NZ) Held up for clear running for a short distance from the 400m-350m. TWBA 16/12/2023 Brief Sojourn Blundered on jumping. Near the 1300m, steadied from heels when the pace of the race slackened. Lost the near hind plate in running. KCOY 12/12/2023 Race 3 SHELDON FOGARTY MEMORIAL Class 4 Handicap 1200M Skiddaw Began awkwardly. IPSW 24/12/2023 Lightfast Commenced to race very wide from the 900m, before rounding the home-turn, failed to make the turn and subsequently almost made contact with the outside running rail before taking minimal competitive part in the event thereafter. In assessing the matter, Stewards considered that Apprentice Baker had shown inexperience in his ability to manage the gelding. TEXS 09/12/2023 Get What You Give Raced in restricted room between the 900m and a point leaving the 800m, having to be restrained. IPSW 15/12/2023 Majestics Request Slow to begin. DOOM08/12/2023 Smile Upon A Star Began awkwardly. Jockey E. Chaves reported his mount hung out from the 600m.GCPT 16/12/2023 Destiny’s Republic Shifted out away from heels passing the 700m. IPSW 15/12/2023 Race 4 TAB Maiden Plate 1100M Fly With You As the start was effected, reared and lost ground. GCPT 23/12/2023 Major Freestone Jumped out at the start and bumped PINKUS. Over-raced and obliged to steady from heels near the 500m.SCST 30/07/2023 Feeashin Moon Shifted in and bumped on jumping. Whilst racing greenly shifted out passing the 500m before shifting in. Laid in under pressure down the running. TWBA 02/12/2023 Hermanita Began awkwardly and shifted out making heavy contact with another runner. Held up for clear running when rounding the home turn before being bumped and forced near the 300m. IPSW 29/11/2023 Spirit Of Heath Slow to begin. Inclined to lay in under pressure in the home straight resulting in jockey P. Hammersley not being able to fully ride his mount out over the concluding stages. GCPT 11/11/2023 Laser Beam Began awkwardly. Apprentice J. Williams reported the gelding travelled well in the early and middle stages, however; when asked for an effort in the straight, did not respond and was disappointing. He added LASER BEAM may not have handled the synthetic surface. A post-race veterinary examination revealed the gelding to be exhibiting symptoms of mild heat stress. GCPT 16/12/2023 All About Lewis Bumped with WORTHY’S GIRL on jumping. KCOY 12/12/2023