11 Enterprise Fuse Raced wide, without cover, throughout the early and middle stages. MWBH 15/12/2023 Misty Gold Began awkwardly. KCOY 12/12/2023 Race 7 TAB FASTER VISION Maiden Plate 1400M Enterprise Success Bumped at the start and shifted out wider on the track. When asked to comment on the performance, jockey T. Brooker stated her mount never travelled well within itself. She added that the gelding trialled five days ago and, in her opinion, raced flat today and that ENTERPRISE SUCCESS would appreciate a step up in distance. NNGO 16/12/2023 Little Red Power Raced wide without cover throughout. GCPT 25/11/2023 Sea Of Cortez Restrained in the early stages after beginning well from the wide barrier to obtain a position with cover nearer the inside running rail. Consequently settled further back in the field than may have been expected. TWBA 16/12/2023 Snakeskin Shifted ground under pressure down the running. Raced wide for the majority. WARW 27/11/2023 Dee Stormed Approaching the 1100m, steadied when racing tight to the inside of O’POLLY.E FM 13/12/2023 To The World Bumped on jumping. LISM 22/12/2023 Whisky Tycoon Bumped shortly after the start. LISM 22/12/2023 Lady Deanne Hampered shortly after the start. Raced wide, without cover, from the 1000m. GRAF 26/11/2023 Mianda Shortly after the start became awkwardly placed in restricted room. IPSW 24/12/2023 Heroic Desire Bumped on jumping. TWBA 22/07/2023 Miss Orwell Bumped on jumping. Hung out from the 400m until entering the home straight. KCOY 12/12/2023 Swerves Blundered on jumping. MWBH 15/12/2023 Dustyiam Tightened for room shortly after the start GCPT 23/12/2023 Tavieslass (NZ) Slow into stride.KCOY 04/05/2023 Imposing Tiger Slow to begin. A post-race veterinary examination revealed no abnormalities. TEXS 09/12/2023 Race 8 GCTC TAB 2YO CALCUTTA JANUARY 13 BENCHMARK 65 Handicap 1400M Sir Lamorak (IRE) Slow to begin. DOOM20/12/2023 Edification slow into stride ROCK 21/11/2023 King Of The Desert Raced keenly when being restrained in an effort to obtain cover approaching the 1000m. Obliged to shift out and away from heels passing the 250m. TWBA 09/12/2023 Majestics Request Slow to begin. DOOM08/12/2023 Sukhbir Accidentally bumped the running rail near the 1300m when over-racing. GATT 12/11/2023 Breaking Ground Commenced awkwardly SANL 21/05/2023 Sleigh Queen Bumped on jumping. Raced keenly in the early stages. Laid in near the 1000m and continued to race keenly for a short distance thereafter. IPSW 09/11/2023 You Are King On jumping made contact with its near gate. NOWR 09/04/2023 Mychyna (NZ) Slow to begin. BLNA 04/12/2023 Bull Dimple Rum Rdr reported mount was inclined to over race early DOOM20/12/2023 Sienna’s Award Hung out and steadied from heels approaching the 800m and again near the 600m. IPSW 29/11/2023 Biggie Held up for clear running approaching the home turn. KCOY 12/12/2023 Race 9 HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM BRC Class 1 Handicap 1400M Badgers Nuts (NZ) Began awkwardly and bumped. Raced keenly passing the 900m. Shifted in and around heels passing the 150m before bumping leaving the 100m.TWBA 25/11/2023 Mount Zion Slow to begin. GCPT 19/08/2023 Nice Water Connections advised that it would be the intention to lead if circumstances permit. Raced in a forward position. GCPT 02/09/2023 Shades Of Louvre Underwent a pre-race veterinary examination having raced at Ipswich on 4 November 2023 and passed fit to start. KUMB 07/11/2023 Amisfield Slow to begin and raced at the rear of the field for the majority. WARW 17/06/2023 Bernmark Began awkwardly. Shifted wider passing the 700m and raced wide without cover for the remainder. KCOY 12/12/2023 Bie’res Rolled out marginally when under pressure in the home straight CHIN 16/12/2023 Helen’s Dream Over raced in the early stages of the event. Shifted in in its own accord at the 900m and brushed the running rail. IPSW 03/11/2023 Is Sweet (NZ) Bumped passing the 300m.GRAF 02/09/2023 Faithful Maryanne Raced wide without cover. Laid in under pressure in the home straight GCPT 23/12/2023 Tavieslass (NZ) Slow into stride.KCOY 04/05/2023 Stewards Report