10 Romeus Slow to begin. Hung out when rounding the home turn. Lost the near hind plate in running. IPSW 29/11/2023 Mister Laid out near the 800m. GOON 09/09/2023 Kelanoa Raced wide throughout. SCST 03/09/2023 Game Of Thronum Approaching the 1000 metres got its head up when being restrained to avoid the heels. Steadied off heels near 900m PAKM 09/02/2023 Van D’oro Began awkwardly. Bumped passing the 1150m. TWBA 16/12/2023 Race 5 TAB WE’RE ON RATINGS BAND 0 - 58 Handicap 1100M Better Than Booze Inconvenienced shortly after jumping. Held up for clear running entering the home turn. KCOY 12/12/2023 Bulsara Raced wide throughout. Held up for clear running approaching the home turn. KCOY 12/12/2023 Palace Keys Bumped passing the 600m. Bumped on the hindquarters approaching the 200m. TWBA 09/12/2023 Surcote COT – to settle further forward, settled off pace. Began awkwardly & bumped near side gate. When quest re perf. rdr stated mount travelled comfortably in e&m stages however was under pressure to hold its position from 500m. Rdr stated mount only ground way to line & raced like a tired horse. Tnr advised she would assess gelding in coming days before making determination on immediate racing future. P/R vet no ab’s. LISM 22/12/2023 Annakuri Tightened for room at the start. Approaching 600m commenced to race keen and then awkwardly placed to inside of heels, before then being steadied and shifted out across that runner’s heels near the 500m. GCPT 02/12/2023 I Love This Hippy Slow to begin. Began to over race approaching the 800m and shifted out off heels passing the 700m forcing JAIN wider on the track. Raced wide for the remainder of the event. EIDS 07/10/2023 Jackson On Time Began awkwardly and lost ground GCST 09/12/2023 Orsetto Raced wide for the majority. TWBA 09/12/2023 Toute Sweet Approaching the winning post, laid in and steadied from heels IPSW 23/11/2023 Side Show Sally Began awkwardly. E FM 02/09/2023 Aunty Hazel Laid in marginally on entering the home straight and became awkwardly placed on heels, having to be eased. Laid in under pressure in the home straight. TWBA 29/07/2023 Miss Zermatt Laid in under pressure in the home straightGCST 09/12/2023 It’s Hells Bells Began awkwardly. KCOY 25/11/2023 Pharma Boom Slow to muster early speed. GCPT 25/11/2023 Gertanie Vetted pre-race after arriving late on courseGCST 09/12/2023 Top Bird After beginning very well and being caught wide in the early stages was permitted to stride forward and lead the event from the 1100m. SCST 10/12/2023 Confirm Nor Deny In the straight, laid in under pressure. GCPT 16/12/2023 Race 6 GCTC $1.6M RACEDAY JANUARY 6 Maiden Plate 1400M American Phireball Slow to begin. BDGO 08/10/2023 Ideelic Began awkwardly. Laid out under pressure in the home straight GCPT 07/10/2023 Marlee’s Zander Raced wide throughout. SCST 01/12/2023 Seventies Hit Raced wide during the early stages. E FM 09/12/2023 Panda Drum Over raced to the lead in the early stages and refused to settle during the middle stages causing its rider significant difficulties. Laid out under pressure in the home straight.SCST 01/12/2023 Tuqiri Began awkwardly & bumped another runner. When quest re perf. rdr stated mount, which was having its 1st race start, raced greenly throughout e&m stages, behind a fast tempo, & he was required to continually encourage it along to hold a rearward position. Rdr stated that he did not test his mount over final 200m when a beaten horse. A post race veterinary examination of the gelding did not reveal any abnormality. MWBH 15/12/2023 Destiny’s Dancer Bumped on jumping. Overraced, and raced greenly, in the early and middle stages. Hampered and carried wider approaching the 200m. LISM 22/12/2023 Love On Display Momentarily crowded on entering the home straight. TWBA 09/12/2023 Smash It Maddi Rider stated it had to work hard from the wide gate and failed to finish the race off. He added it may be better suited to being ridden more conservatively. Vet reported no abnormalities. S CK 31/01/2023 Effie’s Joy Inclined to lay out down the straight.MWBH 15/12/2023 Midnight In Austin Bumped on jumping being taken wider and bumping with SMOKIN MATCH. Restrained in the early stages in an attempt to obtain a position with cover nearer the inside running rail. Was unable to do so and consequently raced wide for the majority. IPSW 15/12/2023 Wassa Near the 300m was tightened for room and checked when racing between OCEAN HONOUR and DARE I SAY which shifted out despite the efforts of its rider. DOOM08/12/2023 Wewon Lunged at the barriers prior to the start being effected and as a result was slow to begin and lost ground. Over raced very badly in the early and middle stages. Approaching the 600m shifted out in an attempt to improve where there was questionable room between LUCIFER THE CAT and BOOG’S BOY and was checked as a result.SCST 17/12/2023 Stewards Report